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Chamber of Deputies of Chile


Chamber of Deputies of Chile

Chamber of Deputies of Chile
Cámara de Diputados de la República de Chile
54th National Congress
Coat of arms or logo
Marco Antonio Núñez[1]PPD
Since March 17, 2015
First Vice-President
Patricio Vallespín[2]Christian Democratic
Since March 17, 2015
Second Vice-President
Denise Pascal Allende[3]Socialist
Since March 17, 2015
Seats 120
Political groups

Government (New Majority) (67)
     Christian Democratic (21)
     Socialist (16)
     Party for Democracy (15)
     Communist (6)
     Social Democrat Radical (6)
     Citizen Left (1)
     New Majority's Independents (2)
Opposition (Chile Vamos) (47)

     Independent Democratic Union (29)
     National Renewal (15)
     Political Evolution (1)
     Chile Vamos' Independents (2)
     Independent (3)
     Amplitude (2)
     Liberal (1)
Length of term
4 years
Binominal System
Last election
November 17, 2013
Meeting place
Chamber of Deputies
National Congress of Chile

The Honourable Chamber of Deputies of the Republic of Chile (Spanish: Cámara de Diputados) is the lower house of constitution.

It comprises 120 members called honorable deputies (H.D.), who are elected to four-year terms, by direct universal suffrage, from 60 two-member electoral districts. Deputies must: be aged at least 21; not be disqualified from voting; have finished secondary school or its equivalent; and have lived in the corresponding electoral district for at least two years prior to the election.

Chile's congressional elections are governed by a unique binomial system that rewards coalition slates. Each coalition can run two candidates for each electoral district's two Chamber seats. Typically, the two largest coalitions in a district divide the seats, one each, among themselves. Only if the leading coalition ticket out-polls the second-place coalition by a margin of more than two-to-one does the winning coalition gain both seats.

The Chamber of Deputies meets in Chile's National Congress located in the port city of Valparaíso, some 120 km west of the capital, Santiago. The Congress building in Valparaíso replaced the old National Congress, located in downtown Santiago, in 1990.


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Political composition (2014-2018)

Affiliation Members %
Chile Vamos (coalition) 49 40.83
Independent Democratic Union 29 24.16
National Renewal 16 13.33
Independent 4 3.33
New Majority (coalition) 67 55.83
Christian Democrat Party 21 17.5
Party for Democracy 15 12.5
Socialist Party 15 12.5
Communist Party 6 5.00
Social Democrat Radical Party 6 5.00
Independent 4 3.33
If You Want It, Chile Changes (coalition) 1 0.83
Liberal Party 1 0.83
Independent deputies 3 2.50
Total 120 100.00
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Current Chamber of Deputies Composition
Color Key:   = Nueva Mayoría   = Chile Vamos   = If You Want It, Chile Changes
  = Independent

Deputies (2014-2018)

Region District Deputy Party
Arica y Parinacota 1 Luis Rocafull López PS
Arica y Parinacota 1 Vlado Mirosevic Verdugo PL
Tarapacá 2 Hugo Gutiérrez Gálvez PCCh
Tarapacá 2 Renzo Trisotti Martínez UDI
Antofagasta 3 Marcos Espinosa Monardes PRSD
Antofagasta 3 Felipe Ward Edwards UDI
Antofagasta 4 Marcela Hernando Pérez PRSD
Antofagasta 4 Paulina Núñez Urrutia RN
Atacama 5 Lautaro Carmona Soto
(First Vice-President, March 11, 2014–present)
Atacama 5 Daniella Cicardini Milla Ind.
Atacama 6 Yasna Provoste Campillay PDC
Atacama 6 Alberto Robles Pantoja PRSD
Coquimbo 7 Raúl Saldívar Auger PS
Coquimbo 7 Sergio Gahona Salazar UDI
Coquimbo 8 Daniel Núñez Arancibia PCCh
Coquimbo 8 Matías Walker Prieto PDC
Coquimbo 9 Jorge Insunza Gregorio de las Heras PPD
Coquimbo 9 Luis Lemus Aracena PS
Valparaíso 10 Andrea Molina Oliva UDI
Valparaíso 10 Christian Urízar Muñoz PS
Valparaíso 11 Gaspar Rivas Sánchez RN
Valparaíso 11 Marco Antonio Núñez Lozano PPD
Valparaíso 12 Arturo Squella Ovalle UDI
Valparaíso 12 Marcelo Schilling Rodríguez PS
Valparaíso 13 Joaquín Godoy Ibáñez AMPL
Valparaíso 13 Aldo Cornejo González
(President, March 11, 2014–present)
Valparaíso 14 Rodrigo González Torres
(Second Vice-President, March 11, 2014–present)
Valparaíso 14 Osvaldo Urrutia Soto UDI
Valparaíso 15 María José Hoffmann Opazo UDI
Valparaíso 15 Víctor Torres Jeldes PDC
Santiago 16 Patricio Melero Abaroa UDI
Santiago 16 Gabriel Silber Romo PDC
Santiago 17 Daniel Farcas Guendelman PPD
Santiago 17 Karla Rubilar Barahona Ind.
Santiago 18 Cristina Girardi Lavín PPD
Santiago 18 Nicolás Monckeberg Díaz RN
Santiago 19 Karol Cariola Oliva PCCh
Santiago 19 Claudia Nogueira Fernández UDI
Santiago 20 Joaquín Lavín León UDI
Santiago 20 Pepe Auth Stewart PPD
Santiago 21 Maya Fernández Allende PS
Santiago 21 Marcela Sabat Fernández RN
Santiago 22 Felipe Kast Sommerhoff EP
Santiago 22 Giorgio Jackson Drago Ind.
Santiago 23 Cristián Monckeberg Bruner RN
Santiago 23 Ernesto Silva Méndez UDI
Santiago 24 José Antonio Kast Rist UDI
Santiago 24 Jaime Pilowsky Greene PDC
Santiago 25 Claudio Arriagada Macaya PDC
Santiago 25 Ramón Farías Ponce PPD
Santiago 26 Camila Vallejo Dowling PCCh
Santiago 26 Gustavo Hasbún Selume UDI
Santiago 27 Daniel Melo Contreras PS
Santiago 27 Tucapel Jiménez Fuentes PPD
Santiago 28 Guillermo Teillier del Valle PCCh
Santiago 28 Pedro Browne Urrejola AMPL
Santiago 29 Osvaldo Andrade Lara PS
Santiago 29 Leopoldo Pérez Lahsen RN
Santiago 30 Leonardo Soto Ferrada PS
Santiago 30 Jaime Bellolio Avaria UDI
Region District Deputy Party
Santiago 31 Juan Antonio Coloma Álamos UDI
Santiago 31 Denise Pascal Allende PS
O'Higgins 32 Issa Kort Garriga UDI
O'Higgins 32 Juan Luis Castro González PS
O'Higgins 33 Ricardo Rincón González PDC
O'Higgins 33 Felipe Letelier Norambuena PPD
O'Higgins 34 Javier Macaya Danús UDI
O'Higgins 34 Alejandra Sepúlveda Orbenes Ind.
O'Higgins 35 Sergio Espejo Yaksic PDC
O'Higgins 35 Ramón Barros Montero UDI
Maule 36 Roberto León Ramírez PDC
Maule 36 Celso Morales Muñoz UDI
Maule 37 Germán Verdugo Soto RN
Maule 37 Sergio Aguiló Melo IC
Maule 38 Pedro Pablo Álvarez-Salamanca Ramírez UDI
Maule 38 Pablo Lorenizini Basso PDC
Maule 39 Romilio Gutiérrez Pino UDI
Maule 39 Jorge Tarud Daccarett PPD
Maule 40 Ignacio Urrutia Bonilla UDI
Maule 40 Guillermo Ceroni Fuentes PPD
Bío Bío 41 Carlos Abel Jarpa Wevar PRSD
Bío Bío 41 Rosauro Martínez Labbe RN
Bío Bío 42 Loreto Carvajal Ambiado PPD
Bío Bío 42 Jorge Sabag Villalobos PDC
Bío Bío 43 Cristián Campos Jara PPD
Bío Bío 43 Jorge Ulloa Aguillón UDI
Bío Bío 44 José Miguel Ortiz Novoa PDC
Bío Bío 44 Enrique van Rysselberghe Herrera UDI
Bío Bío 45 Marcelo Chávez Velásquez PDC
Bío Bío 45 Clemira Pacheco Rivas PS
Bío Bío 46 Manuel Monsalve Benavides PS
Bío Bío 46 Iván Norambuena Farías UDI
Bío Bío 47 José Pérez Arriagada PRSD
Bío Bío 47 Roberto Poblete Zapata Ind.
La Araucanía 48 Jorge Rathgeb Schifferli RN
Araucanía 48 Mario Venegas Cárdenas PDC
La Araucanía 49 Fuad Chahin Valenzuela PDC
La Araucanía 49 Diego Paulsen Kehr RN
La Araucanía 50 Germán Becker Alvear RN
La Araucanía 50 Rene Saffirio Espinoza PDC
La Araucanía 51 Joaquín Tuma Zedan PPD
La Araucanía 51 José Manuel Edwards Silva RN
La Araucanía 52 Fernando Meza Moncada PRSD
La Araucanía 52 René Manuel García García RN
Los Ríos 53 Bernardo Berger Fett RN
Los Ríos 53 Iván Flores García PDC
Los Ríos 54 Gonzalo Fuenzalida Figueroa RN
Los Ríos 54 Enrique Jaramillo Becker PPD
Los Lagos 55 Sergio Ojeda Uribe PDC
Los Lagos 55 Javier Hernández Hernández UDI
Los Lagos 56 Fidel Espinoza Sandoval PS
Los Lagos 56 Felipe De Mussy Hiriart UDI
Los Lagos 57 Marisol Turres Figueroa UDI
Los Lagos 57 Patricio Vallespín López PDC
Los Lagos 58 Jenny Álvarez Vera PDC
Los Lagos 58 Alejandro Santana Tirachini RN
Aysén 59 David Sandoval Plaza UDI
Aysén 59 Iván Fuentes Castillo Ind.
Magallanes 60 Juan Enrique Morano Cornejo PDC
Magallanes 60 Gabriel Boric Font Ind.
  • ^ Elected as Nueva Mayoría independent.
  • ^ Elected as RN, but quit the party in January 2014.
  • ^ Elected as Alianza independent.

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