Charm city devils

Charm City Devils
Origin Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Genres Hard rock
Years active 2007–present
Labels eOne/Fat Lady Music
Eleven Seven Records
Associated acts SR-71
Child's Play
Members John Allen
Anthony Arambula
Jason Heiser
Victor Karrera
Nick Kay

Charm City Devils is a hard rock band from Baltimore, Maryland. The band was founded by singer/song writer and former Child's Play and SR-71 drummer John Allen and includes bassist Anthony Arambula, drummer Jason Heiser, and guitarists Victor Karrera and Nick Kay (also of Child's Play).


The band was first signed to Eleven Seven Music in 2009. After signing with Eleven Seven Music, Mötley Crüe bassist and Eleven Seven Music chairman, Nikki Sixx, suggested the band's current name Charm City Devils.

Their debut album Let's Rock-N-Roll was released in 2009. The band released two singles from their debut album: "Let's Rock n' Roll (Endless Road)" and "Best of the Worst". They were named BEST NEW ROCK BAND by iTunes for 2009.[1] "Let's Rock n' Roll (Endless Road)" reached #28 on Billboard' s Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

On January 25, 2012 Charm City Devils announced the release of a new single,[2] a cover of "Man Of Constant Sorrow," from their forthcoming release "Sins" on new label Fat Lady Music. "Man Of Constant Sorrow" reached #20 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

The band's sophomore album Sins was released April 10, 2012. Sins was recorded at Sound Kitchen Studios in Nashville and produced by Grammy-winning producer Skidd Mills.

"Unstoppable" was used by WWE as the official theme song to the returning No Way Out 2012 pay-per-view event,[3] and reached #34 on Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks.



  • John Allen - lead vocals (2007-present)
  • Victor Karrera - guitar, backing vocals (2007-present)
  • Nick Kay - guitar, backing vocals (2007-present)
  • Anthony Arambula - bass guitar, backing vocals (2007-present)
  • Jason Heiser - drums (2007-present)


Let's Rock-N-Roll

Track listing

  1. "Let's Rock-N-Roll (Endless Road)" 3:03
  2. "House Fire" 3:12
  3. "10,000 Miles" 3:19
  4. "Best Of the Worst" 3:41
  5. "True Love (Hell Yeah)" 3:46
  6. "Money" 2:45
  7. "One Day" 3:30
  8. "Almost Home" 3:43
  9. "Night Is Dark" 3:45
  10. "Pour Me" 3:39
  11. "Burn Baby Burn" 2:18


Track listing

  1. "Spite" 3:33
  2. "Unstoppable" 3:20
  3. "Man Of Constant Sorrow" 3:43
  4. "Still Alive" 3:45
  5. "Walk Away" 3:20
  6. "Devil Is A Woman" 3:31
  7. "Start It Up" 3:30
  8. "Love N War" 3:20
  9. "Blame" 3:21
  10. "Problem" 2:46
  11. "All You'll Ever Need" 4:11
  12. "Doorstep" 4:25


  • 2009 Let's Rock n' Roll (Endless Road) 28 Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks
  • 2009 Best of the Worst
  • 2012 Man of Constant Sorrow 20 Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks
  • 2012 Unstoppable 34 Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks


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