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Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame

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Title: Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: American Veterans for Equal Rights, Frank Galati, Jeannette Howard Foster, Queer studies, LGBT history in Illinois
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Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame

The Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame is an institution founded in 1991 to honor persons and entities who have made significant contributions to the quality of life or well-being of the [2] It currently has no physical facility but maintains a website, which allows anyone to visit the Hall of Fame at any time.[3][4] The Hall of Fame holds an annual installation ceremony for new members. Posters of previous inductees have also been exhibited at the James R. Thompson Center, which is the principal state government building in Chicago; at the Illinois State Library in Springfield; and at the Gerber/Hart Library, an LGBT institution in Chicago.

As of 2014, the Hall of Fame's inductees include: [5]

1991 Ortez Alderson [Posthumous]
1991 Jon-Henri Damski [Now Deceased]
1991 James W. Flint
1991 Gay Chicago Magazine
1991 Renee C. Hanover [Now Deceased]
1991 Howard Brown Health Center
1991 Judith S. Johns [Friend of the Community]
1991 Carol A. Johnson
1991 William B. Kelley [Board Member]
1991 Marie J. Kuda
1991 Charles "Chuck" Renslow
1991 Adrienne J. Smith, Ph.D. [Now Deceased]
1991 Maxsonn "Max" C. Smith
1991 Richard B. Turner
1992 Gary Chichester, HOF Board Co-Chair [Board Member]
1992 Ann Christophersen
1992 Thom Dombkowski [Now Deceased]
1992 Henry Gerber [Posthumous]
1992 Richard Lee Gray
1992 Vernita Gray [Now Deceased]
1992 Peg Grey [Now Deceased]
1992 Pearl M. Hart [Posthumous]
1992 Horizons Community Services
1992 Harley McMillen [Now Deceased]
1992 Scott McPherson [Now Deceased]
1992 Metropolitan Sports Association (MSA)
1992 Dom "Etienne" Orejudos [Posthumous]
1992 Mary D. Powers [Friend of the Community]
1992 Daniel Sotomayor [Posthumous]
1992 Valerie Taylor [Now Deceased]
1993 Ad Hoc Committee of Proud Black Lesbians and Gays
1993 Robert Sloane Basker [Now Deceased]
1993 E. Kitch Childs, Ph.D. [Posthumous]
1993 Jerrold Cohen [Posthumous]
1993 Robert T. Ford [Now Deceased]
1993 Richard Garrin
1993 Jeff Graubart-Cervone
1993 Joel Hall
1993 Nancy Lanoue
1993 Rev. Sid L. Mohn, D. Min.
1993 Mountain Moving Coffeehouse for Womyn and Children
1993 Kathy Osterman [Friend of the Community][Posthumous]
1993 Richard W. Pfeiffer
1993 Linda S. Rodgers
1993 Ron Sable, M.D. [Now Deceased]
1993 Bruce C. Scott [Now Deceased]
1993 Marge Summit
1993 Joanne E. Trapani
1993 Al Wardell [Now Deceased]
1994 Robert J. Adams [Now Deceased]
1994 Tracy Baim
1994 George S. Buse [Now Deceased]
1994 James A. Bussen [Now Deceased]
1994 Lori Cannon [Friend of the Community]
1994 John Chester
1994 Chicago House and Social Service Agency
1994 Samuel F. Davis, Jr. [Posthumous]
1994 Adrienne J. Goodman [Friend of the Community]
1994 Earnest E. Hite, Jr. [Now Deceased]
1994 Bruce Koff
1994 Ellis B. Levin [Friend of the Community]
1994 Lionheart Gay Theatre Company
1994 Open Hand Chicago
1994 Gregory A. Sprague [Posthumous]
1994 Elizabeth E. Tocci [Now Deceased]
1994 Steven F. Wakefield
1995 Caryn Berman [Now Deceased]
1995 Samson Chan [Posthumous]
1995 T. Chris Cothran [Now Deceased]
1995 Sarah Craig [Posthumous]
1995 Frontrunners Frontwalkers Chicago
1995 Jean V. Hardisty
1995 Nick Kelly
1995 Dawn Clark Netsch [Now Deceased][Friend of the Community]
1995 José Pena
1995 Queer Nation Chicago
1995 David B. Sindt [Posthumous]
1995 Armando L. Smith
1995 James Monroe Smith [Now Deceased]
1995 Thomas M. Tunney
1995 Yvonne Zipter
1996 Jacqueline Anderson
1996 Bailiwick Repertory's Pride Series
1996 Jack Delaney
1996 Gerber/Hart Library and Archives
1996 Arlene Halko [Now Deceased]
1996 Gregory "Greg" Harris
1996 Frankie Knuckles [Now Deceased]
1996 Tony Midnite [Now Deceased]
1996 Mary Morten - HOF Board Co-Chair [Board Member][Committee Member]
1996 Ifti Nasim [Now Deceased]
1996 Charlotte Newfeld [Friend of the Community]
1996 Norm Sloan
1996 Tiffani St. Cloud
1997 Toni Armstrong Jr.
1997 Miguel Ayala
1997 Roger "RJ" Chaffin [Now Deceased]
1997 James C. Darby
1997 Dignity Chicago
1997 Ida Greathouse [Friend of the Community][Posthumous]
1997 John Hammell [Posthumous]
1997 Rick Karlin
1997 Corinne J. Kawecki
1997 Larry McKeon [Now Deceased]
1997 David G. Ostrow, M.D., Ph.D.
1997 Mary Ann Smith [Friend of the Community]
1998 Carrie Barnett
1998 Thomas R. Chiola
1998 Laurie J. Dittman
1998 Jeannette Howard Foster, Ph.D. [Posthumous]
1998 Jorjet Harper
1998 Arthur L. Johnston
1998 Ira H. Jones [Posthumous]
1998 Clifford P. Kelley [Friend of the Community]
1998 Dorothy Klefstad [Friend of the Community]
1998 LesBiGay Radio
1998 Renae Ogletree [Now Deceased]
1998 Dean Robert Ogren
1998 Victor A. Salvo, Jr.
1998 Modesto "Tico" Valle
1998 Luule Vess
1999 Ava Allen
1999 John J. Balester
1999 David Brian Bell [Posthumous]
1999 Randy Duncan
1999 Rick Garcia
1999 Lorraine Hansberry [Posthumous]
1999 Derrick Allen Hicks [Now Deceased]
1999 Billie Jean King
1999 Lesbian Community Cancer Project
1999 Adrene Perom [Now Deceased][Friend of the Community]
1999 Norman L. Sandfield
1999 Gregg Shapiro
1999 Jesse White [Friend of the Community]
1999 Phill Wilson
2000 ACT UP/Chicago
2000 Association of Latin Men for Action
2000 Lorrainne Sade Baskerville
2000 Henry Blake Fuller [Posthumous]
2000 Chicago Chapter Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)
2000 Phil A. Hannema [Board Member]
2000 Sarah Lucia Hoagland
2000 Nancy J. Katz
2000 Danny Kopelson
2000 Patricia S. McCombs
2000 Helen Shiller [Friend of the Community]
2000 Rene A. Van Hulle, Jr. [Now Deceased]
2000 Israel Wright, HOF Secretary [Board Member]
2001 Lora Branch
2001 Robert Castillo
2001 Chicago Gay Men's Chorus
2001 Keith Elliott
2001 Sara Feigenholtz [Friend of the Community]
2001 Frank Goley [Posthumous] and Robert Maddox [Now Deceased]
2001 Chuck Hyde
2001 Antonio David Jimenez
2001 Michael A. Leppen
2001 Ellen A. Meyers
2001 Kathryn Munzer
2001 Studs Terkel [Now Deceased][Friend of the Community]
2002 Affinity Community Services
2002 Evette Cardona
2002 C. C. Carter
2002 Jim Gates
2002 Louis I. Lang [Friend of the Community]
2002 Mattachine Midwest
2002 NAMES Project Chicago Chapter
2002 Charles Edward Nelson II
2002 Mona Noriega
2002 Christina Smith
2002 Lauren Sugerman
2003 Angel Abcede
2003 About Face Theatre
2003 AIDS Legal Council of Chicago
2003 Buddies’ Restaurant and Bar
2003 Chef Tania Callaway [Posthumous]
2003 Armand R. Cerbone, Ph.D.
2003 Chicago Black Lesbians and Gays
2003 R. Sue Connolly
2003 Robert Bonvouloir Foster [Posthumous]
2003 The Graham Family [Friend of the Community]
2003 Tonda L. Hughes, Ph.D., R.N.
2003 Patricia M. Logue
2003 John Pennycuff [Now Deceased]
2003 Laurence E. Spang, D.D.S.
2003 DJ Sheron Denise Webb
2003 Albert N. Williams
2004 Roger Brown [Posthumous]
2004 Christopher Clason [Posthumous]
2004 Charles E. Clifton [Posthumous]
2004 Frank Galati
2004 Ralph Paul Gernhardt [Now Deceased]
2004 Suzanne Marie Kraus
2004 Lincoln Park Lagooners
2004 Mulryan and York, Attorneys at Law
2004 PFLAG/Chicago [Friend of the Community]
2004 Julio Rodriguez
2004 Nan Schaffer, D.V.M.
2004 Terri Worman
2005 Alexandra Scott Billings
2005 Megan Carney
2005 Aldo Castillo
2005 John D'Emilio
2005 Equality Illinois
2005 Merry Mary [Now Deceased][Friend of the Community]
2005 Mike McHale
2005 Jim Pickett
2005 The Rev. Juan Reed
2005 Carol Ronen [Friend of the Community]
2005 C. Michael Savage [Posthumous]
2005 Catherine Sikora
2005 Lawrence E. Sloan [Posthumous]
2005 Test Positive Aware Network
2006 Margaret Anderson and Jane Heap [Posthumous]
2006 Congregation Or Chadash
2006 Jacques Cristion [Posthumous]
2006 Richard M. Daley [Friend of the Community]
2006 Marigold Bowl [Friend of the Community]
2006 Jill M. Metz
2006 Charles R. Middleton, Ph.D.
2006 Edward Negron
2006 Laird Petersen [Now Deceased]
2006 Sidetrack
2006 Star Gaze
2006 Richard M. Uyvari, HOF Treasurer [Board Member]
2007 American Veterans for Equal Rights (AVER)
2007 Dr. David Blatt and Dr. David Moore
2007 Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun [Friend of the Community]
2007 Robbin Burr
2007 Chicago 2006, Inc.Gay Games VII
2007 Tarrina Dikes
2007 Martin Gapshis [Now Deceased]
2007 Jeffrey E. McCourt [Posthumous]
2007 Dr. Carlos T. Mock
2007 Dr. David Moore and Dr. David Blatt
2007 Chilli Pepper
2007 A Real Read
2007 Karen C. Sendziak
2007 Patrick Sheahan
2007 Harold Washington [Friend of the Community][Posthumous]
2007 Vera Washington
2008 Jane Addams [Posthumous]
2008 Suzanne Arnold
2008 Artemis Singers
2008 Kevin G. Boyer
2008 Michal Brody, Ph.D.
2008 Sam Coady
2008 The Rev. Gregory R. Dell [Friend of the Community]
2008 Katherine (Kit) Duffy [Friend of the Community]
2008 Eddie Dugan [Posthumous]
2008 Murray Edelman, Ph.D.
2008 Stephen (Wanda Lust) Jones [Posthumous]
2008 Joe La Pat [Posthumous]
2008 Jesus Salgueiro and Art Smith
2008 Guy Warner
2009 AIDS Foundation of Chicago
2009 Paula Basta
2009 Lou Conte
2009 Lori A. Cooper
2009 Marcia J. Lipetz, Ph.D.
2009 Amy Maggio
2009 Joey McDonald
2009 Mike Quigley [Friend of the Community]
2009 Frank M. Robinson [Now Deceased]
2009 Jane M. Hussein Saks
2009 Zaida Sanabia
2009 Patrick Sinozich
2009 Marilyn Urso, R.N. [Now Deceased][Friend of the Community]
2009 Jorge Valdivia
2010 Claudia Allen
2010 American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois [Friend of the Community]
2010 Asians & Friends – Chicago
2010 Chicago History Museum
2010 Dan Di Leo [Posthumous]
2010 Scott Free
2010 Bob Gammie [Now Deceased]
2010 International Mr. Leather
2010 E. Patrick Johnson
2010 David Ernesto Munar
2010 Achy Obejas
2010 Paul G. Oostenbrug
2010 Jose R. Rios
2010 The Rev. Stan Sloan
2010 Mark E. Wojcik
2011 Paul Adams [Posthumous]
2011 Greg Cameron
2011 Antonia “Tata” Flores [Posthumous]
2011 Grant Lynn Ford
2011 Robert Garofalo, M.D.
2011 Good Shepherd Parish Metropolitan Community Church
2011 Ted Grady
2011 Marcia Hill
2011 Tony Jackson [Posthumous]
2011 Jenner & Block LLP [Friend of the Community]
2011 Owen Keehnen
2011 Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles
2011 The Night Ministry [Friend of the Community]
2011 Brett Shingledecker
2011 Jon Simmons [Posthumous]
2012 Minister Lois L. Bates [Posthumous]
2012 Chi-Town Squares
2012 Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus
2012 St. Sukie de la Croix
2012 Sanford E. Gaylord
2012 William W. Greaves, Ph.D.
2012 Keith R. Green
2012 Mark Ishaug
2012 David Orr [Friend of the Community]
2012 Proud to Run, Chicago
2012 Bill Pry
2012 Chuck Rodocker
2012 Heather C. Sawyer
2012 Laura S. Washington [Friend of the Community]
2012 Honey West
2013 Gaylon Alcaraz
2013 James L. Alexander
2013 James L. Bennett
2013 Jorge Cestou
2013 Rocco J. Claps
2013 Rudolph Johnson, Jr. [Posthumous]
2013 Lambda Legal - Midwest Regional Office
2013 Lee A. Newell II
2013 Paté
2013 Andrew Patner
2013 POW-WOW
2013 Laura Ricketts
2013 Neil Steinberg [Friend of the Community]
2013 Burr Tillstrom [Posthumous]
2013 Brenda Webb [Friend of the Community]
2013 David Zak
2014 Gerald Arpino [Posthumous]
2014 Jennifer Brier
2014 Kelly Cassidy
2014 Terry Cosgrove
2014 Christina Kahrl
2014 Edward Mogul
2014 Out & Proud in Chicago
2014 Lisa Marie Pickens
2014 Debra Shore
2014 Silk Road Rising
2014 Ross A. Slotten, M.D.
2014 Heather A. Steans [Friend of the Community]
2014 Lucretia Clay-Ward [Friend of the Community]
2014 Bennet Williams [Posthumous]
2014 Clarence N. Wood [Friend of the Community]

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