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Chonbuk National University

Chonbuk National University
Motto Liberty, Justice, Creativity
Established 1947
President Geo-suk Suh
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Undergraduates 17,169
Postgraduates 5,467
Location Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
Colors Maroon, blue, light blue
Mascot Leopard
Chonbuk National University
Hangul 전북대학교
Hanja 全北大學校(國立)
Revised Romanization Jeonbuk Daehakgyo
McCune–Reischauer Chŏnbuk Taehakkyo

Chonbuk National University (Acronym: CBNU; Korean, 전북대학교, Jeonbuk Daehakgyo) is a national research university founded in 1947, located in Jeonju, South Korea. As the flagship national university for the Jeollabuk-do province (Chonbuk means Jeonbuk for Jeollabuk-do), Chonbuk National University has been ranked 501–550th in the world by QS Top Universities Ranking in 2010.[1]


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Chonbuk National University was founded in 1947, following the liberation of the Republic of Korea, by the Provincial fund within the framework of the Korean national university system; it is one of 10 Flagship Korean National Universities.

CBNU has grown to 15 colleges, seven graduate schools, and three professional graduate schools.

CBNU's Jeonju campus provides approximately 30,000 students and 2,000 faculty and staff members with educational, research and support facilities. CBNU maintains cooperative programs with international educational institutions, and more than 500 international students are enrolled in its degree programs, in addition to around 100 international researchers.


  • 1947 Provincial Iri Agricultural College was founded
  • 1951 Five more colleges were established; Provincial Iri Agricultural College was renamed as Chonbuk National University(CBNU)
  • 1952 Graduate School was established
  • 1970 Graduate School of Business Administration was established
  • 1970 College of Medicine was established
  • 1971 College of Education was established
  • 1975 CBNU Hospital was established
  • 1976 Graduate School of Education was established
  • 1976 A High School Affiliated to the College of Education was established
  • 1980 College of Dentistry was established
  • 1981 Graduate School of Public Administration was established
  • 1984 Graduate School of Environmental Studies was established
  • 1987 College of Art was established
  • 1988 College of Veterinary Medicine was established
  • 1989 Specialized Graduate School of Industry & Technology was established
  • 1991 College of Human Ecology was established
  • 1992 Specialized Graduate School of Agricultural Development was established
  • 1993 Specialized Graduate School of Industrial Technology was established
  • 1994 CBNU Hospital transformed into a public corporation
  • 1994 Specialized Graduate School of Industry & Technology established
  • 1996 CBNU Social Education Center was opened
  • 1997 CBNU Samsung Cultural Center was opened
  • 1999 Student Service Center was opened
  • 2002 Specialized Graduate School of Legal Affairs was established
  • 2003 Translation and Interpretation Service Center was opened
  • 2003 Industry-Academy Cooperation was established
  • 2004 Specialized Graduate School of Dental Medicine was accredited
  • 2005 College of Nursing and Specialized Graduate School of Dentistry was established
  • 2005 Specialized Graduate School of Medicine was granted
  • 2006 Hunsan Geonji House (guesthouse) was opened
  • 2006 CBNU Seongwon Law Library was opened
  • 2007 CBNU Legal Support Center was opened
  • 2008 Law School was preliminarily granted by the government
  • 2008 Merged with Iksan College and opened as Iksan Campus

Undergraduate studies

College Of Agriculture and Life Sciences: Agricultural biology, agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, animal biotechnology, animal science, bioenvironmental science, bioindustrial machinery engineering, crop production & technology, food science & technology, forest resources, horticultural science, Landscape architecture, wood science & technology

College of Arts: Dance, fine arts, industrial design, Korean traditional music, music

College of Commerce: Accounting, business administration, economics, international trade

College of Education: Biology education, chemistry education, earth science education, education, English education, ethics education, geography education, German education, history education, Korean education, Mathematics education, physical education, physics education, social science education, social studies education

College of Engineering: Aerospace engineering, architectural engineering, architecture, biochemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, electronic and communications engineering, electronic engineering, electronic materials engineering, energy-chemical engineering, environmental engineering, healthcare information engineering, healthcare system engineering, industrial and information systems engineering, industrial electrical engineering, information engineering, information materials science & engineering, infrastructure civil engineering, mechanical design engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgical system engineering, mineral resources and energy engineering, nano–bio mechanical system engineering, nanochemical engineering, polymer-nano science & technology, precision mechanical engineering, textile engineering, urban engineering

College of Environmental and Bioresource Sciences: Bioresource and biomaterial engineering, environment landscape architecture design, environmental biotechnology, food resource marketing economics, food science & biotechnology, oriental medicine resources

College of Humanities: Archaeology and cultural anthropology, Chinese language and literature, English language and literature, French language and literature, German language and literature, history, Japanese language and literature, Korean language and literature, library and information science, philosophy, Spanish–Latin American language and literature

College of Human Ecology: Child studies, clothing and textiles, food science and human nutrition, housing environmental design

College of Law: Law

College of Social Sciences: Journalism & mass communication, political science & diplomacy, psychology, public administration, social welfare, sociology

College of Natural Sciences: Biology, chemistry, earth & environmental science, mathematics, molecular biology, physics, pre-veterinary, science studies, semiconductor science & technology, sport science, statistical informatics

College of Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary Medicine

General graduate school

  • Arts/Physical Education: Dance, fine arts, industrial design, Korean music, music, physical education
  • Engineering: Aerospace engineering, architecture & urban engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, environmental engineering, industrial engineering, materials engineering, mechanical design, mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering, mineral resources and energy engineering, polymer nano engineering, precision mechanical engineering, semiconductor engineering, textile Engineering
  • Humanities/Social Sciences: Accounting, administration, archaeology & cultural anthropology, business administration, Chinese language & literature, economics, education, French literature, German language & literature, history, international trade, Japanese language & literature, journalism & communications, Korean language & literature, Korean social ethics, German language education, Korean language education, law, library & information science, philosophy, political science, psychology, social science, social studies education, social welfare
  • Interdisciplinary: Advanced organic materials engineering, bio-active material science, bio-industrial and precision machinery engineering, bio-process engineering, clinical speech pathology, cognitive science, English education, healthcare engineering, hydrogen and fuel cells engineering, image engineering, information & communication, information electronic materials engineering, information security engineering, intelligence vehicle system engineering, international cyber trade & area study, mechatronics engineering, nano science and technology, nano semiconductors and displays, radiation science & technology, renewable energy engineering, science/technology/culture, technology and public policy
  • Medicine: Dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine
  • Natural Sciences': Advanced Gerontological Nursing, Advanced Hospice Nursing, Advanced Oncological Nursing, Agricultural Biology, Agriculture Chemistry, Agriculture Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Animal Resources and Biotechnology, Bio-industrial Machinery Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Science, Food Science & Technology, Forestry, Home Economics, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Mathematics, Nursing, Physics, Science Education, Science Studies, Statistical Informatics, Wood Engineering

Specialized Graduate Schools

  • Graduate School of Agricultural Development: Agricultural development
  • Graduate School of Business Administration: Accounting, business administration, industrial economics, trade
  • Graduate School of Dentistry: Dentistry
  • Graduate School of Education: Adolescent education & guidance, agricultural education major, biology education, chemistry education, Chinese language & literature education, clothing & textiles education, commerce education, computer science education, early childhood education, earth science education, educational administration, educational methodology, educational psychology, English language education, environmental education, ethics education, fine arts education, food preparation education, geography education, German language education, history education, home economics education, Japanese language education, Korean language education, library and information science education, mathematics education, music education, nursing education, philosophy education, physical education, physics education, sino-Korean education, social education, Spanish language education
  • Graduate School of Environment: Architecture environment, environmental engineering, environmental planning
  • Graduate School of Industrial Technology: Industry technology, information technology
  • Graduate School of Information Science: Archives management, computer information, environment information, genetics information, library and information, management information, statistics information
  • Graduate School of Law (Law School)
  • Graduate School of Legal Affairs: Civil law, corporate law, criminal private law, labor & welfare law, law of real estate, local government law, medical law, tax law
  • Graduate School of Medicine (Medical School): Anatomy, biochemistry, forensic medicine, immunology, medical education, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, physiology, preventive medicine and public health, anesthesiology and pain medicine, biomedical engineering, dermatology, diagnostic radiology, emergency medicine, internal medicine, laboratory medicine, nuclear medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, otorhinolaryngology, pediatrics, plastic and reconstructive surgery, psychiatry, radiation oncology, rehabilitation medicine, surgery, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, urology
  • Graduate School of Occupational Health: Health management, industry health
  • Graduate School of Public Administration: Journalism, local government, public administration, social welfare

See also

External links

  • Official school website, in Korean


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