Christopher Barden

Christopher Barden
Born 1954
Residence Edina, Minnesota
Profession attorney, psychologist
Political Affiliation Republican Party of Minnesota
Alma mater University of Minnesota
University of California
Harvard Law School
R. Christopher Barden (born 1954) Ph.D., J.D., L.P. is a psychologist and attorney who lives in Edina, Minnesota. He served as the director of the National Association for Consumer Protection In Mental Health Practices (NACPMHP) from 1995-2005. In 2005, the NACPMHP merged into the Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health (CSMMH), a national health care consumer protection agency whose members include physicians, scientists and researchers.[1]



Barden was educated at the Institute for Child Development at the University of Minnesota, receiving his B.A. Summa Cum Laude, Distinguished Graduating Senior Award, in 1976. He attended graduate school at the University of California in Berkeley, the University of Minnesota, and the Palo Alto V.A./Stanford University Medical Center, where he interned, receiving his Ph.D. in Child and Adult Clinical Psychology in 1982. He later attended Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, receiving his J.D. cum laude in 1992. He became a licensed psychologist in Texas in 1984 and in Minnesota in 1988. He has been a licensed Minnesota attorney since 1992, and a certified Minnesota mediator since 1994.[2]


R. Chris Barden, Ph.D., J.D., L.P. has worked as a psychologist, attorney, and expert witness working in the fields of child psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology, psychiatry, surgery, and pediatrics. Barden has participated as an attorney or consultant in dozens of lawsuits against "recovered memory" therapists.[3] In 2006, Barden drafted an amicus curiae brief to the California Supreme Court signed by nearly 100 international experts in the field of human memory emphasizing the lack of credible scientific support for repressed and recovered memories.[4]

Barden has published in journals and texts in child psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology, psychiatry, surgery, pediatrics, and law. He has testified as an expert witness in psychology, law, and scientific methodology in federal and state courts. Barden has also helped draft and enact successful national health care legislation mandating emergency medical systems for children.[5]

Barden has prosecuted or participated in multiple cases involving suits by patients against their psychiatrists for harm received during therapy.

Psychiatric Malpractice Cases

Barden has participated as an attorney, consultant, and expert witness in multiple malpractice lawsuits against therapists, and has spoken out against therapies such as “repressed and recovered memory therapies,”[6] “rebirthing therapies”[7] and “holding therapies.”[8]

Hamanne v. Humenansky (1994)

Barden represented V. Hamanne in her suit against her former psychiatrist, Diane Humenansky, for implanting false memories of child abuse using “repressed memory therapy.”[9][10] Expert witnesses Dr. Elizabeth Loftus and Dr. Richard Ofshe testified that repressed memory therapy was unsupported by scientific evidence and dangerous.[9] The jury awarded Hamanne $2.6 Million for pain and suffering, lost earnings, and medical expenses.[11]

Carlson v. Humenansky (1996)

Barden also represented E. Carlson in her suit against Dr. Humenansky for using “repressed memory therapy.[12]

Burgus v. Braun (1997)

Barden represented P. Burgess in her malpractice suit against Dr. Bennett Braun. Burgess claimed that Braun’s use of repressed memory therapy and his diagnosis of “multiple personality disorder” caused them severe emotional, psychological, and financial harm. The case was settled in 1997 for a record $10.6 Million.[13]

Political Campaign

On April 28, 2010, Barden announced that he would seek the Republican Party of Minnesota's endorsement for Attorney General of Minnesota.[14] He received that endorsement at the party's state convention on April 29, 2010, and lost his challenge to incumbent Attorney General Lori Swanson in the November 2010 general election.[15]


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