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This article is about the municipality in Manipur, India. For its namesake district, see Churachandpur district.
Country  India
State Manipur
District Churachandpur
 • Total 4,570 km2 (1,760 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 2,74,143
 • Density 60/km2 (200/sq mi)
 • Official Paite
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 795128
Telephone code 03874
Vehicle registration MN 02
Sex ratio 1034 females per 1000 males /

Churachandpur, originally & locally known as Lamka, town is the district headquarters of Churachandpur district in Manipur. "Due to its commercial origins, Churachandpur is the most multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan hill town in Manipur. During WW II, Churachandpur did not escape Japanese bombing; but it enjoyed about five decades of quiet and peaceful progress in the post-War period. Especially during the 1970s and '80s, Churachandpur was an "island of peace" which exerted a magnetic pull for many moneyed investors seeking good profit.


Churachandpur district boasts a high literacy rate of 74.67% (2001 Census), above the state literacy average of 68.87% and the Indian average of 64%.


The town is served by a combination of state government high schools, competitive private schools and Central Government run Higher Secondary Schools namely.

Lalpuithluai Foundation School is one of the few schools in CCpur district to offer Computer Science as an additional subject.[1] In fact, Lalpuithluai Foundation School is one of the very few school in India to introduce Tablets in place of traditional textbooks with the objective of taking learning to a new level. [2] Most of the schools are affiliated to Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BSEM). Jawahar Novodaya Vidhyalaya (Tuinom), St. Paul's Institute (New Lamka) and Rayburn High (New Lamka) are the three schools in Lamka which are affiliated to CBSE. Mount Olive Elementary School Simveng has a unique reputation of imparting basic education to children below the age of 5 using Multimedia technology in all their Kindergarten Classes.

Young Learners High School, situated in between Lower Lamka and Rengkai is one of the best Preparatory school in the district. Starting from a small Prep Class of about 30 students by Mrs Ramsiemzo Joute now wed to Elder Haulienhlu Tusing, the school has develop into a good high school and every year its Matriculation exam record is one of the highest in the district. [3] Rengkai Govt Higher Secondary School at Rengkai is the best government run higher secondary school in the district. Among other Higher Secondary school worth mentioning are Vision Academy, Bethany Higher Secondary School, Sielmat Higher Secondary School and Assemblies of God Higher Secondary School.


Churachandpur has two government degree colleges - Churachandpur College, Lamka College and Rayburn College. Affiliated to Manipur University, all the local colleges offer several Three Year Degree (TDC) courses in science and liberal arts. Bethany Christian College is the oldest among private colleges in Churachandpur. Rayburn College, Sielmat Christian Higher Secondary School, VK Tawna College, Mangminthang College of Arts & Commerce, Bethany Christian College are some of the private Institutions that impart education at the Higher Secondary Level. it is a place where different ethnic groups of people are living together.


Lamka has a vibrant press and media - be it print, audio-visual or electronic media.

The Manipur Express Daily Newspaper, started in 1981 and currently printing more than 10,000 copies daily in Paite language, is the largest newspaper in Lamka. Another newspaper published in Lamka, The Lamka Post, also prints around 10,000 copies daily in Paite language. These two dailies, with their own special Sunday Supplements are the largest in the District. Other newspapers in Lamka include Hmasawnna Thar (Hmar), Sikni-Eng (Mizo), Nisin Thuhiltu (Vaiphei), Zogam Today (Zou), etc.

Several monthly magazines in tribal languages are also published in Lamka - Voice of the Hills (Thadou), Zingvalpa (Thadou), Tongdam (Paite), The Lamka Chronicle (Paite), Tongluang (paite ), Vanglai (Simte), Chollha (Thadou), Sawrtui (Hmar), Laizon Digest (Thadou), Khohui (Thadou), Zalen Banner (weekly in Thadou), etc. so all these are call kuki information and publisher in the churachandpur

Hornbill Cable Network (Manipur's first cable television network), TC Network, Sinlung Cable, Angel's Vision, ZRS and Laizom Cable are some of the main cable television networks in Lamka providing localised contents including news items.

Lamka also has its own FM Radio Station, the All India Radio Churachandpur (101.4 Megahertz). Paite language which serves as the lingua franca for the different tribal communities in the District (MS. Prabharaka: "Ferment In Manipur" Frontline, January 7-20, 1989, p.38) is used as the Link Language in Southern Manipur's lone FM Station (AIR Churachandpur/Lamka).


The district is inhabited by several tribes such as Paite Tiddim Chin, Thadou, Hmar, Mizo, Vaiphei, Gangte, Zou, Simte, Kom and other Chin-Kuki-Mizo-Zomi ethnic peoples. Each tribe has a distinct social order as well as community laws. The system of hereditary chiefship as well as community ownership of village land is prevalent in the district. In case of hereditary chiefship the chief is all-powerful as he controls not only the economy of the village through his ownership of the land but exercises social control over the households in the village. An overwhelming majority of the tribal population has converted to Christianity. Christianity has not materially changed the social order but was the critical faith in bringing to an end the head-hunting wars and savagery that characterized early tribal societies. Education rapidly spread through English medium schools. In the last hundred years the society has undergone radical change from the past. All tribal societies are patriarchal, but the women are not discriminated against. They play a significant role in agriculture and animal husbandry, besides being actively involved in weaving. Meitei, the major community of Manipur,constitute a small section of the population of the district,are largely involve in trade and other commercial activities. The town has grown considerably fast in the past few years with the addition of thousands of cars and bikes (quarterly) in the town as reported by the transport department. The population has grown massively due to the influx of people from small villages, coming in and settling down in search of a better life and education for their children.The hospitality department is also not left behind with the opening of new hotels like Hotel Venus which is in Go Chin Khup veng, New Lamka and Jessy guest house in old bazaar. It was just yesterday when there was no proper accommodation infrastructure for travelers but now with the investment in Hotels, the town has become popular with businessmen as they try to seek out more areas for investment. The only hindrance to development is the insurgency and rampant corruption that has destabilize the whole region from poor infrastructure to poor planning by the officials.


Churachandpur is part of the Outer Manipur Lok Sabha constituency.


The state highway Tiddim Road runs through the town linking it with the state capital Imphal, 64 Km. The main local transport within the town is Town Bus and Auto-rickshaws plying in various routes. You can reach Imphal by paying less than Rs. 100/-, there are many smaller and faster vehicles Winger and Express Bus services if you want a noon-stop transport.The Sugnu Road runs through Rengkai up to Sugnu and you can go to Myanmar from there. The State Transport Office is located in Hmar Veng near the district headquarter Tuibuong.

The Tidim Road runs through Singat and Behiang, Myanmar border, you will find a Bus to Behiang at New Bazar crowdy place, get a ride for about 6 hours and pay minimal Rs. 80-100. Since the road are dusty you may find yourself looking not so smart, you will find most of the people transporting in simple cloths.


The nearest airport to the town is Tulihal Airport, Imphal which is 60 kilometres (37 mi) from the main town. There is proper Road connectivity from the Airport to the town.The Imphal Airport will soon be upgraded to international airport linking it with Mandalay in Myanmar.


The town is yet to be reached by the development in Train Transportation. The nearest railway station is Dimapur and Guwahati.


National Highway No. 150 also known as Tipaimukh Road passes through the heart of the town on its way to Mizoram. Teddim Road Connects the town with Imphal City, Guite Road also connects the town with the neighboring state Mizoram. The Sugnu Road connect the town with Sugnu, near Myanmar side.

River: The Khuga river, the source of the vast paddy fields runs north to south and enter the Loktak Lake in Moirang. The Khuga Multi-Purpose Dam at Mata is one of the hot tourist spot. The Dam waters has increased in recent years and it has become a fishing spot for the locals.


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