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Copa Castilla y León

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Title: Copa Castilla y León  
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Copa Castilla y León

For the football tournament, see Castilla y León Cup.
Copa Castilla y León
Sport Basketball
Founded 2002
No. of teams 4
Country Castile and León Castile and Lion (Spain)
Continent Europe Europe
Most recent champion(s) Palencia Baloncesto (1st title)
TV partner(s) CyLTV
Official website

The Copa de Castilla y León (Castile and León Cup) is a basketball competition between the best teams of Castile and León, organized by the Castile and León Basketball Federation. From 2002 to 2005, the different teams where facing them every round and the final was played always against CB Valladolid, the only team in ACB in that years.

Since 2006, a Final Four tournament is played every pre-season in Palencia.


Teams Winners Runners-Up Winning years
CB Valladolid 8 1 2002, 2004–05, 2005–06, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011
Baloncesto León 1 4 2003–04
CB Atapuerca 1 4 2008
Palencia Baloncesto 1 3 2012
CB Tizona 1 0 2013


Stepladder format
Year Host Winner Runner-up Score Final MVP
2002 Burgos CB Valladolid CB Atapuerca 96–69
2003–04 León Baloncesto León CB Valladolid 78–77
2004–05 Burgos CB Valladolid CB Atapuerca 87–81 [1]
2005–06 Burgos CB Valladolid CB Atapuerca 79–69 Spain Fernando San Emeterio [2]
Final Four format
Year Host Winner Runner-up Score Final MVP
2006 Palencia CB Valladolid Baloncesto León 89–85 Spain Óscar Yebra [3]
2007 Palencia CB Valladolid Baloncesto León 71–67 [4]
2008 Palencia CB Atapuerca Baloncesto León 73–69 Argentina Diego García
2009 Palencia CB Valladolid Baloncesto León 78–68 United States Brian Chase [5]
2010 Palencia CB Valladolid Palencia Baloncesto 75–58 United States Marcus Slaughter [6]
2011 Palencia CB Valladolid Palencia Baloncesto 63–55 Spain Carles Bravo [7]
2012 Valladolid Palencia Baloncesto CB Atapuerca 82–77 Spain Carles Bravo [8]
2013 Palencia CB Tizona Palencia Baloncesto 72–69 United States Taylor Coppenrath


I Copa Castilla y León 2002

After a try in 2001 with the teams of Liga EBA, the Castile and León Federation decided to improve the tournament including in it all the elite clubs of the autonomous community. The first round was played in a one legged round-robin format by all the Liga EBA teams.[9]

Zarzuela Maristas 3 0 244 204 85–57 78–72
Universidad de León 2 1 266 237 75–81
CB Zamora 1 2 218 248 76–90 85–73
Ciudad de Palencia 0 3 231 264 86–101

II Copa Castilla y León 2003–04

The second edition had a similar format but changing the first round. This was played with a two-legged round robin format by the four Liga EBA teams of the community.[10]

Ciudad de Palencia 6 0 599 376 93–71 115–46 91–56
Universidad de León 4 2 477 495 67–97 98–96 71–61
Óbila CB 2 4 470 560 79–111 90–101 94–71
UFC Zamora 0 6 367 482 57–92 58–69 64–65

III Copa Castilla y León 2004-05

Like in the first edition, the Liga EBA teams played the first round with a single-legged round-robin format.[11]

Hormigones Saldaña 4 1 416 344 101–64 74–45
Carrefour Ávila 3 2 400 393 85–76 86–72
Universidad de León 2 3 390 422 87–75 68–70 99–90
Universidad de Valladolid 2 3 343 374 74–76 74–81 80–75
UFC Zamora 1 4 325 341 76–89 84–73

IV Copa Castilla y León 2005-06

In this edition, the Liga EBA teams played the first round with a double-legged round-robin format. The two first qualified teams played the second round against the two LEB 2 teams.[12]

Matchmind Carrefour El Bulevar 3 1 310 263 85–72 79–62
Maderas Peralta 2 2 307 283 79–74 74–48
UFC Zamora 2 2 290 308 76–71 75–72
Universidad de León 2 2 262 289 70–69 80–67
Caja Segovia 1 3 278 304 65–86 79–64

V Copa Castilla y León 2006

In summer 2006, the Castile and León Basketball Federation decided to change the format of the competition adopting a Final Four format with the four elite teams of the Community. A Copa Castilla y León EBA was created for the teams of this league. This new competition was played in 2001 as a try of this tournament.

Semi-finals Final
31 august
  Climalia León  72  
  Autocid Ford Burgos  53  
1 september
      Climalia León  85
    Grupo Capitol Valladolid  89
Third place
31 august 1 september
  Provincia de Palencia  61   Provincia de Palencia  94
  Grupo Capitol Valladolid  85     Autocid Ford Burgos  70

VI Copa Castilla y León 2007

The two Liga ACB teams, Grupo Capitol Valladolid and Grupo Begar León, reached the final after beating home team Alimentos de Palencia and Matchmind Carrefour respectively. The team of Ávila played its first Final Four after winning Ford Burgos in the qualifying game.

In the final, Grupo Capitol Valladolid won Grupo Begar León thanks to a great second half.

Semi-finals Final
8 september
  Grupo Begar León  85  
  Matchmind Carrefour  66  
9 september
      Grupo Capitol Valladolid  71
    Grupo Begar León  67
Third place
8 september 9 september
  Alimentos de Palencia  63   Alimentos de Palencia  92
  Grupo Capitol Valladolid  74     Matchmind Carrefour  89

VII Copa Castilla y León 2008

2008 edition was the first one without Liga ACB teams after the relegation of CB Valladolid and Grupo Begar León last season to LEB Oro. Also, CB Valladolid didn't play the final game for the first time of the Copa Castilla y León history, after being defeated by Grupo Begar León in two overtimes.

Ford Burgos won its first trophy after beating Faymasa Palencia in the semifinal game and Grupo Begar León in the final. Diego García was designed MVP of the tournament.

Semi-finals Final
6 september
  Grupo Begar León  85  
  CB Valladolid  79  
7 september
      Grupo Begar León  69
    Ford Burgos  73
Third place
6 september 7 september
  Faymasa Palencia  64   Faymasa Palencia  81
  Ford Burgos  65     CB Valladolid  70

VIII Copa Castilla y León 2009

Blancos de Rueda Valladolid recovered the Cup after beating Ford Burgos with a buzzerbeater of Brian Chase and Baloncesto León, who won Matchmind Carrefour in the qualifying game and Palencia Baloncesto in the semifinal, thanks to a good defense in the last Gimel Lewis shot.

American player of Blancos de Rueda Valladolid Brian Chase was the MVP of the Copa Castilla y León.

Semi-finals Final
12 september
  Blanco Rueda Valladolid  70  
  Ford Burgos  68  
13 september
      Blanco Rueda Valladolid  78
    Baloncesto León   68
Third place
12 september 13 september
  Palencia Baloncesto  62   Palencia Baloncesto  90
  Baloncesto León  64     Ford Burgos  87

IX Copa Castilla y León 2010

After beating Ford Burgos by a narrow margin in the semifinals, Palencia Baloncesto qualified for the first time to the final of the Copa Castilla y León. In this game, Blancos de Rueda Valladolid was too much team for them and the team of Liga ACB won by the widest difference in a final since there is Final Four format. American center Marcus Slaughter was the MVP of the game.

Semi-finals Final
4 september
  Baloncesto León  53  
  Blanco Rueda Valladolid  79  
5 september
      Blanco Rueda Valladolid  75
    Palencia Baloncesto  58
Third place
4 september 5 september
  Palencia Baloncesto  67   Baloncesto León  95
  Ford Burgos  65     Ford Burgos  104

X Copa Castilla y León 2011

The 2011 edition is the 10th one of this Cup and it was broadcast by CyLTV 8.[13] This was the first Copa Castilla y León to be broadcast live.

The only Liga ACB team, Blanco Rueda Valladolid, won its eight title after beating last two season third qualified of LEB Oro Ford Burgos in a tough semifinal and home team Palencia Baloncesto, who nailed its second consecutive final after beating Baloncesto León in the overtime.

Small forward Carles Bravo was designed the MVP of the Finals.[14] For the first time, a player of the runner-up team had this consideration.

Semi-finals Final
10 september
  Blanco Rueda Valladolid   67  
  Ford Burgos   60  
11 september
      Blanco Rueda Valladolid   63
    Palencia Baloncesto   55
Third place
10 september 11 september
  Palencia Baloncesto   84   Ford Burgos   75
  Baloncesto León   80     Baloncesto León   65

XI Copa Castilla y León 2012

After the dissolution of Baloncesto León, Grupo Eulen Carrefour "El Bulevar" de Ávila was invited to join the tournament with Liga ACB team Blancos de Rueda Valladolid and LEB Oro teams Ford Burgos and Palencia Baloncesto.

For the first time ever, it will be played at Pabellón Polideportivo Pisuerga in Valladolid. Men's and women's tournament will be played in the same pavilion and in the same weekend.[15]

Palencia Baloncesto achieved its first Cup in its history after beating Liga ACB team Blancos de Rueda Valladolid in a game where Palencia was leading by 26 points in the second quarter and defeating Ford Burgos in the final game, thanks to a great last quarter and to Carles Bravo, who was nominated by second year in a row MVP of the tournament. Bravo nailed 24 points for a rating of 32.

Semi-finals Final
15 september
  Ford Burgos   76  
  Grupo Eulen Carrefour   72  
16 september
      Ford Burgos   77
    Palencia Baloncesto   82
Third place
15 september 16 september
  Blanco Rueda Valladolid   87   Grupo Eulen Carrefour   90
  Palencia Baloncesto   95     Blanco Rueda Valladolid   88

XII Copa Castilla y León 2013

After one year, the Cup came back to its most classical host: Palencia. Due to the financial trouble has CB Valladolid, the Federation of Basketball of Castile and León decided not to include the team of Liga ACB in the tournament.[16]

The tournament will be played from 27 to 29 September with a three-game format between the three LEB teams: host team Quesos Cerrato Palencia, LEB Plata team Grupo Eulen Carrefour "El Bulevar" de Ávila and the recently created team CB Tizona, which substitutes the last LEB Oro champion CB Atapuerca, but plays with the same sponsorship naming.

Games to be played


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  • Castile and Lion Basketball Federation website
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