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Croatian Sign Language

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Title: Croatian Sign Language  
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Subject: Yugoslav Sign Language, French Sign Language family, Croatian language, Croatian Encyclopedia, Polish manual alphabet
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Croatian Sign Language

Croatian Sign Language
Hrvatski znakovni jezik
Native to Croatia
Native speakers
(no estimate available)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 csq

Croatian sign language (Hrvatski znakovni jezik, HZJ[1][2]) is a sign language of the deaf community in Croatia.[3][4] It is sometimes regarded as a dialect of Yugoslav Sign Language, although the dialectical diversity of the former Yugoslavia has not been assessed.[5]

The first school for the deaf in Croatia was formed in Zagreb in 1885.[6] The Sign Language and Deaf Culture conference was held in Zagreb, Croatia from May 3–5, 2001.[7] In 2004, a project to establish a grammar of HZJ was started by researchers at Purdue University and the University of Zagreb.[8]

By law Croatian Radiotelevision is to promote the translation of programs into HZJ.[9] Major centres of education in HZJ are found in Zagreb, Split, and Osijek.[10]

Organizations for the deaf in Croatia include the Croatian Association of Deafblind Persons DODIR, which was established in 1994.[11]

The basic word order in HZJ is subject–verb–object (SVO), as it is in spoken Croatian.[12] A two-handed manual alphabet is in widespread use; a one-handed alphabet based on the international manual alphabet, though less commonly used, has official status.[5][13][14]


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