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Cycling at the Friendship Games

The cycling competition at the Friendship Games consisted of two road cycling and five track cycling events (all men's). The individual road race was held at the Schleizer Dreieck race track in Schleiz, East Germany on 23 August 1984, the team road race was held in Forst, East Germany on 26 August 1984, while track cycling events were held at the Velodrome of the Trade Unions Olympic Sports Centre in Moscow, Soviet Union between 18 and 22 August 1984.


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    • Road cycling 1.1
    • Track cycling 1.2
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Medal summary

Road cycling

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's individual
road race
 Alexandr Zinovyev (URS) 4:44.21  Uwe Raab (GDR) 4:44.21  Andrzej Mierzejewski (POL) 4:44.21
Men's team
road race
 East Germany (GDR)
Uwe Ampler
Falk Boden
Bernd Drogan
Mario Kummer
2:01.35  Soviet Union (URS)
Sergei Navolokin
Alexandr Zinovyev
Yevgeniy Korolkov
Asiat Saitov
2:01.46  Czechoslovakia (TCH)
Milan Kren
Milan Jurčo
Vlastibor Konecny
Michal Klasa

Track cycling

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Points race
(50 km)
 Miklos Somogyi (HUN) 81 points  Martin Penc (TCH) 77 points  Jonas Romanovas (URS) 73 points
Individual pursuit
(4 km)
 Gintautas Umaras (URS) 4:33.66  Bernd Ditter (GDR) 4:33.88  Ryszard Dawidowicz (POL) 4:40.21
Team pursuit
(4 km)
 East Germany (GDR)
Bernd Ditter
Mario Hernig
Volker Winkler
Carsten Wolf
Gerald Mortag
 Soviet Union (URS)
Marat Ganeyev
Alexander Krasnov
Valeriy Movchan
Vasily Shpundov
 Czechoslovakia (TCH)
Teodor Cerny
František Raboň
Ales Trcka
Pavel Soukup
Frantisek Kloucek
Individual sprint  Lutz Hesslich (GDR)  Sergei Kopylov (URS)  Vratislav Sustr (TCH)
1 km time trial  Sergei Kopylov (URS) 1:03.56  Maic Malchov (GDR) 1:04.17  Milan Hajek (TCH) 1:05.67

Medal table

      Host nations (East Germany – road cycling, Soviet Union – track cycling)

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Soviet Union 3 3 1 7
2  East Germany 3 3 0 6
3  Hungary 1 0 0 1
4  Czechoslovakia 0 1 4 5
5  Poland 0 0 2 2
Total 7 7 7 21

See also


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