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Dean Evenson

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Title: Dean Evenson  
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Subject: Raindance Foundation, New Age musicians, New-age music
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Dean Evenson

Dean Evenson is a New Age musician and producer. His hometown is Staten Island, New York. He plays several instruments including the flute, percussion, synthesizer and keyboards. In the New Age genre, his music is generally sounds of nature combined with flute melodies and other instruments for ambient and meditative purposes.

In 1979, he and his wife, harpist Dudley Evenson, founded the independent record company Soundings of the Planet outside of Tucson, Arizona. He has collaborated with many other artists as a producer and musician, including Li Xiangting, master of the guqin (Chinese 7-string zither), and Sergey Kuryokhin, Russian avant-garde composer.

Partial discography

  • Joy To The World – 1986
  • 'Peaceful Pond – 1986'
  • What Child Is This – 1988
  • 'Ocean Dreams – 1989'
  • Instruments Of Peace – 1989
  • 'Desert Moon Song – 1991'
  • 'Wind Dancer – 1992'
  • 'Forest Rain – 1994'
  • 'Ascension to Tibet – 1995'
  • Dreamstreams – 1996
  • 'Back to the Garden – 1997'
  • 'Sound Healing' – 1998'
  • 'Healing Waters – 1999'
  • 'Tao of Healing – 2000'
  • Native Healing – 2001
  • Music For The Healing Arts – 2001
  • Healing Sanctuary – 2002
  • Sound Massage – 2002
  • 'Tao of Peace – 2002'
  • 'Sound Yoga – 2003'
  • 'Mountain Meadow Meditation – 2004'
  • Gift For Mother – 2003
  • Raga Cycle – 2004
  • Sacred World Chants – 2004
  • Eagle River – 2005
  • 'Spa Rhythms – 2006'
  • Spa Dreams – 2007
  • 'Wood Over Water − 2007'
  • Healing The Holy Land – 2007
  • Chakra Healing – 2008
  • Healing Suite – 2009
  • Sacred Earth – 2010
  • Reiki Om – 2011
  • A Sound Sleep: Guided Meditations With Relaxing Music & Nature Sounds – 2011
  • Relaxation Zone –2012
  • Dream Space – 2013

In 1969, Evenson played flute for the psychedelic rock group The Blues Magoos on their Never Goin' Back to Georgia album.

External links

  • Soundings of the Planet Web Site
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