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Delaware Handicap

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Title: Delaware Handicap  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Our Mims, Old Rosebud, 1942 establishments in Delaware, Ruperto Donoso, Eddie Maple
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Delaware Handicap

Delaware Handicap
Grade I race
Location Delaware Park Racetrack
Wilmington, Delaware,
United States
Inaugurated 1937
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website Official Web Site Delaware Park
Race information
Distance 10 Furlongs (1 ¼ miles)
Track Dirt, left-handed
Qualification Fillies, Three-years-old and up
Weight Handicap
Purse $750,000

The Delaware Handicap is an American Thoroughbred horse race run annually in mid July at Delaware Park Racetrack in Wilmington, Delaware. The Grade I race is open to filles and mares, age three and up, willing to race one and one-quarter miles on the dirt.

The race was inaugurated as the New Castle Handicap as part of the racing schedule with the 1937 opening of Delaware Park Racetrack. In 1955 it was renamed the Delaware Handicap.

Run at Saratoga from 1982 until 1985.


Speed record:

  • 1:59.80 - Coup de Fusil (1987) (event and track record for 1¼ miles)

Most wins by an owner:

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

Winners of the Delaware Handicap since 1937

2015 Sheer Drama 5 Joe Bravo David Fawkes Harold L. Queen 2:01.58
2014 Belle Gallantey 5 Jose L. Ortiz Rudy R. Rodriguez Dubb/Bethlehem Stables/Aisquith 2:01.15
2013 Royal Delta 5 Mike Smith Bill Mott Besilu Stables 2:02.04
2012 Royal Delta 4 Mike Smith Bill Mott Besilu Stables 2:03.51
2011 Blind Luck 4 Garrett Gomez Jerry Hollendorfer DeDomenico/Carver/Hollendorfer 2:01.28
2010 Life at Ten 5 John R. Velazquez Todd Pletcher Candy DeBartolo 2:03.21
2009 Swift Temper 5 Alan Garcia Dale L. Romans Mark H. Stanley 2:03.41
2008 Hystericalady 5 Garrett Gomez Jerry Hollendorfer Rancho San Miguel et al. 2:02.37
2007 Unbridled Belle 4 Ramon Dominguez Todd A. Pletcher Team Valor Stables LLC 2:01.16
2006 Fleet Indian 5 Jose A. Santos Todd A. Pletcher Paul H. Saylor 2:02.08
2005 Island Sand 4 Jerry D. Bailey J. Larry Jones B. A. Man Stable 2:02.89
2004 Summer Wind Dancer 4 Victor Espinoza Jeff Mullins R & Y Wira, L. Vetter 2:03.63
2003 Wild Spirit 4 Jerry D. Bailey Robert J. Frankel Sumaya Us Stables 2:02.95
2002 Summer Colony 4 John R. Velazquez Mark A. Hennig Edward P. Evans 2:04.52
2001 Irving's Baby 4 Ramon Dominguez Todd A. Pletcher Anstu Stables 2:05.21
2000 Lu Ravi 5 Pat Day Carl E. Bowman Yoshio Fujita 2:02.21
1999 Tap to Music 4 Pat Day Joseph Orseno Stronach Stables 2:02.15
1998 Amarillo 4 Julie Krone John H. Forbes Phantom House Farm 2:04.20
1997 Power Play 5 Larry Reynolds H. Graham Motion Robert A. Leonard 2:03.40
1996 Urbane 4 Alex Solis Randy K. Bradshaw Samantha Siegel 2:01.80
1995 Night Fax 4 Jeff Carle William H. Turner, Jr. Audley Farm 2:02.80
1994 With A Wink 4 Richard Migliore D. Wayne Lukas Melvin Hatley 2:03.20
1993 Green Darlin 4 Mike Luzzi Lawrence E. Murray Sondra D. Bender 2:03.60
1992 Brilliant Brass 5 Edgar Prado Carlos A. Garcia Elaine L. Bassford 2:03.00
1991 Crowned 4 Rick Wilson Ben Perkins, Jr. Bohemia Stable 2:04.00
1990 Seattle Dawn 4 Robert Colton Michael W. Dickinson Dinwiddie Farm 2:03.00
1989 Nastique 5 Eddie Maple Stephen L. DiMauro Chaus Stable 2:01.20
1988 Nastique 4 Eddie Maple Stephen L. DiMauro Chaus Stable 2:07.60
1987 Coup de Fusil 5 Angel Cordero, Jr. Jan H. Nerud Tartan Stable 1:59.80
1986 Shocker T 4 Gene St. Leon George Gianos Thomasina Caporella 2:02.20
1985 Basie 4 Jean Cruguet Flint S. Schulhofer Frances A. Genter 2:02.00
1984 Adored 4 Laffit Pincay, Jr. Laz Barrera Ethel D. Jacobs 2:03.20
1983 May Day Eighty 4 Jacinto Vasquez David A. Whiteley Calumet Farm 2:03.20
1982 Jameela 6 Jack L. Kaenel Hyman Ravich Peter M. Brant 2:02.60
1981 Relaxing 5 Angel Cordero, Jr. Angel Penna, Sr. Ogden Phipps 2:01.00
1980 Heavenly Ade 4 Jerry D. Bailey Mary Edens Adele W. Paxson 2:00.00
1979 Likely Exchange 5 Mark S. Sellers Thomas H. Stevens G. Watts Humphrey 2:03.40
1978 Late Bloomer 4 Jorge Velasquez John M. Gaver, Jr. Greentree Stable 2:02.20
1977 Our Mims 3 Jorge Velasquez John M. Veitch Calumet Farm 2:01.00
1976 Optimistic Gal 3 Eddie Maple LeRoy Jolley Diana M. Firestone 2:01.00
1975 Susan's Girl 6 Ray Broussard Ross Finstermaker Fred W. Hooper 2:01.80
1974 Krislin 5 Angel Cordero, Jr. Stephen A. DiMauro Harold I. Snyder 2:01.60
1973 Susan's Girl 4 Laffit Pincay, Jr. John W. Russell Fred W. Hooper 2:01.80
1972 Blessing Angelica 4 Eddie Belmonte H. Allen Jerkens Hobeau Farm 2:00.60
1971 Blessing Angelica 3 Jacinto Vasquez H. Allen Jerkens Hobeau Farm 2:03.40
1970 Obeah 5 Leroy Moyers Henry S. Clark Christiana Stables 2:02.60
1969 Obeah 4 John L. Rotz Henry S. Clark Christiana Stables 2:04.20
1968 Politely 5 Angel Cordero, Jr. George M. Baker Bohemia Stable 2:02.80
1967 Straight Deal II 5 Bobby Ussery Hirsch Jacobs Ethel D. Jacobs 2:02.20
1966 Open Fire 5 Frank Lovato Virgil W. Raines Brandywine Stable 2:00.40
1965 Steeple Jill 4 John Ruane Bert Mulholland George D. Widener, Jr. 2:02.80
1964 Old Hat 5 Buck Thornburg Charles C. Norman Stanley Conrad 2:04.00
1963 Waltz Song 5 Sheridan Mellon Thomas F. White Thomas F. White 2:04.00
1962 Seven Thirty 4 Larry Adams Bert Mulholland George D. Widener, Jr. 2:02.60
1961 Airmans Guide 4 Howard Grant Bert B. Williams Hugh A. Grant 2:02.40
1960 Quill 4 Bobby Ussery Lucien Laurin Reginald N. Webster 2:02.40
1959 Endine 5 Paul J. Bailey Henry S. Clark Christiana Stable 2:03.60
1958 Endine 4 Eldon Nelson Henry S. Clark Christiana Stable 2:03.00
1957 Princess Turia 4 Bill Hartack Horace A. Jones Calumet Farm 2:05.00
1956 Flower Bowl 4 Logan Batcheller Preston M. Burch Brookmeade Stable 2:03.00
1955 Parlo 4 Eric Guerin Richard E. Handlen Foxcatcher Farms 2:02.40
1954 Gainsboro Girl 4 Augustine Catalano Walter E. Carroll Shawmut Farm 2:02.60
1953 Grecian Queen 3 Ted Atkinson James P. Conway Mrs. Ben F. Whitaker 2:02.80
1952 Kiss Me Kate 4 Ronnie Nash Oscar White Walter M. Jeffords 2:02.60
1951 Busanda 4 Eric Guerin Bart Sweeny Ogden Phipps 2:04.60
1950 Adile 4 John Gilbert Oscar White Walter M. Jeffords 1:44.60
1949 Allie's Pal 4 Robert J. Martin Morrie Sidell Samuel D. Sidell 1:46.40
1948 Miss Grillo 6 Ira Hanford Horatio Luro Mill River Stable 1:49.00
1947 Elpis 5 A. F. Skelton Larney Hansman William G. Helis 1:46.60
1946 Bridal Flower 3 Abelardo DeLara James W. Smith Edward R. Bradley 1:43.80
1945 Plucky Maud 4 Robert Permane Oleg Dubaassoff Lazy F Ranch 1:42.60
1944 Everget 3 Arnold Kirkland Virgil W. Raines Brandywine Stable 1:44.80
1943 No Race - No Race No Race No Race 0:00.00
1942 Monida 5 Abelardo DeLara W. S. Cotton Constance Morabito 1:45.60
1941 Dotted Swiss 4 Maurice Peters Max Hirsch W. Arnold Hanger 1:49.00
1940 Tedbriar 3 Jimmy Lynch J. P. Jones W. H. Lipscomb 1:43.80
1939 Shangay Lily 7 Ruperto Donoso J. L. Robrerts William V. McGrath n/a
1938 Marica 5 Robert Dotter Howard Wells Thomas D. Taggart 1:45.60
1937 Rosenna 3 Maurice Peters Richard E. Handlen William duPont, Jr. 1:43.80

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