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Diablos Rojos del México

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Title: Diablos Rojos del México  
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Diablos Rojos del México

Los Diablos Rojos del Mexico (English: Mexico City Red Devils) is a baseball team in the Mexican League based in Mexico City, D. F., Mexico. The team was founded in 1940 by Salvador Lutteroth and Ernesto Carmona. The team struggled until the mid-1950s. They won sixteen league championships between 1956 and 2014, including back-to-back championships three times, and several more division championships. The team has two minor league affiliates, the Diablos Rojos Universitarios de Tepic, in the Liga de Béisbol del Noroeste de México, and the Diablos de Hermosillo, in the Liga del Norte de Sonora. The Diablos Rojos have a rivalry with the Tigres de Quintana Roo.


Team jersey from ca. 1945 at the Baseball Hall of Fame

The Reds of Mexico, as they were known at first, were founded in 1940 by Salvador Lutteroth and the famous manager Ernesto Carmona. The Reds greatest rival was the best team in the league that season, the Blues of Veracruz. During the first two seasons, they remained one of the top teams, in second place, but after this and up until 1945 they fell far behind in the standings. In 1946 and 1947 and runners retested. The last two campaigns of the decade passed unnoticed.

The nickname of 'Diablos'

During the 1942 season, on April 23, the Reds were losing 13-7 in the ninth and final inning, until the Capital players began to fight back, scoring another 7 runs and beating their rivals, it was this moment when Basilio ‘Brujo’ Rosell exclaimed that "these Reds play like devils."


Mediocrity was a characteristic of the team during the first half of the decade. It was not until 1955 when El Mexico, as called by the media, would become a dominant team in the league, finishing behind only the Tigres Capitalinos and Nuevo Laredo that season. It was also this year when the legendary Parque del Seguro Social (Social Security Park), with a capacity of 30,000, was opened, with an inaugural match between the Mexico Diablos and the Monterrey Sultanes, with an 18-14 victory for the Diablos.

The following season, 1956, the Diablos hired Cuban Lazaro Salazar as manager. With him, the red team finally got their first pennant, beating their crosstown nemesis, the Tigers Capitalinos, who finished second.

After that, for the third time in their history, El Mexico finished as runner up on back to back years, 1957 and 1958.


These days the team was sold to a group of shareholders. The 1963 team earned second place in the preamble of the 2 would get title to the capital, this time under the command of Thomas Henderson and against the Tigers in the game of the coronation. In 1966 the team had a great season finale, but could not prevent the bi-championship bitter rival, the Tigers. The campaign of 1968 was very special, because in preseason team defeated the great New York Yankees in the park and ended Social Security getting their third title, above the Veracruz Red Eagle.


From the 1970 season Mexican Baseball League used the format of two zones, north and south and the title would be defined in a play-off. In Mexico this season came as the champion of the North, but lost in the final series against the Red Eagle of Veracruz by 4 games to 2. In 1972 the team be sold again, this time a society led by Angel Vazquez. With this new policy the red team had a great time, in which he won 3 of the 4 seasons between 1973 and 1976, defeating in the final series to Saltillo in '73 and the Union Algodoneros Laguna in '74 and ' 76. In 1974 the ninth Scarlet was led by a legend of the institution, Cananea Reyes. In 1977 they could not repeat a bi-championship and lost in the final series to Nuevo Laredo. In 1978 and 1979 level and equipment declined in the last season were not even in the playoffs, something that had not happened since I purchased this system of competition.


In the first year of this decade was the end point of a great era for Mexico, because after the decay of the computer, it was acquired by Chara and Roberto Mansur. This new policy began with a campaign, which won the pennant to 7 ° Reynosa Broncos in 1981. Then he made a blunder, since no shame in 1982 access to the postseason. It worked great on the computer after that, which made the climb in a good way team performance and in 1985 won the 8th title, this time against two Laredos, although the manager, Cananea Reyes, not could be with the team for several days due to his health. In 1987 and 1988 was achieved for another chance to repeat as champions. In 1987, with a large Star Game Nelson Barrera was defeated again at Laredos Two Owls in the final series and in 1988 Saltillo defeated in the final series, after a devastating campaign by the Devils.


Unfortunately, doctors determined that Reyes had cancer, so Ramón Montoya took the responsibility to lead the Devils on tour in 1991, which made it to the Finals, but lost to Monterrey in 7 games. By 1992, the Devils, and with Montoya as single manager, began their new era without Reyes, and agreed to playofs second area, behind which turned bitter rival Tigers champion that year. In 1994, Mexico, Marco Antonio Vazquez, won the rematch, since in the 7th game of the series final against Monterrey in the Social Security Park, managed to turn around the marker and thus achieve what would be the 11 ° championship. The next 3 seasons, with Marco Vazquez as manager, were very bitter for both the fans and for the players and coaching staff and that these are managed to reach the finals, but 3 were lost, the first 2 to the Sultans without put a lot of resistance, as they lost 4-0 and 4-1, and in 1997 he lost to the hated rival, Capitalinos Tigers in 5 games after an amazing regular season. In 1998 the Devils came back to stay with nothing to be removed by the nubile Oaxaca team, who ultimately get its 1st championship. Then came an era of capital dominance, and that from 1999 to 2003 is repeated one final series, 'The Civil War' Los Diablos Rojos of Mexico and the Tigers Capitalinos. The 1999 season began with some sad news for the fans defeña, which reported the change of stage because the historic Park Social Security would go to a company, which would demolish the stadium to build what is now the ' Delta Square ', a modern shopping center. Already in the end, the Devils managed to win the title by defeating 12 ° and take revenge against the Tigers.

Retired numbers




3B, BD








Bat Boy





José Luis Sandoval

The new millennium

The Devils and the Tigers moved to the Foro Sol, a building designed primarily for major events like concerts, with potential configuration for baseball. In the first year were the Tigers winning the pennant they got to Mexico in 5 games, which they repeated in 2001, now in 6 games. This season was particularly sad, because in addition to that, Mr. Chara Mansur died. But things changed in the next 2 years. In the final series of 2002, the Tigers, who arrived with the news that now play in the city of Puebla, reached the 5 th game with advantage of 3 games to 1. In the 6th game a home run ended up deciding the game for the Reds, forcing a final game 7 and won by the Devils, giving him his 13th pennant to the team led by the Dominican Bernie Tatis. This title was dedicated to the memory of Mr. Mansur and player Nelson Barrera, who was the team's for many seasons and died from an unfortunate accident at home. A year later would face the ninth consecutive time by 5 °. This time the Tigers did not give much fight and were defeated in 5 games. In the latter, a single to right drove in Jose Luis Sandoval's race title in 14 ° 13 ° entry. The title was dedicated to the memory of the beloved bat boy who remained in the team for many years, Antonio 'El Abuelo' Mora. 2004 and 2005 campaigns were gray for the team because there was not a good operation, but as is usual, managed to qualify for the playoffs. In 2005, the team celebrated its 65th anniversary and, with the Tigers celebrating its 50th anniversary, decided to play only Mexican players. From 2008 both teams returned to play with foreigners. In the 2006 the team had won 1st place in the south, but were driven by Yucatán in the 7th game of the first play-off at home. Marco Antonio Vazquez's manager was the target of criticism for his decisions in this game.

Championship trophy in 2008.
In season 2007, Mexico was again in first place in the Southern Zone and were eliminated from the playoffs for the Yucatán Lions. In the first round of the playoffs came to be down in the series 3 games to 1 against the Olmec of Tabasco, but the Reds won the last game in Villahermosa and forced the series back to Mexico City, where he won Games 6 and 7 and so move to the southern end. They won the first game against Yucatán, but the 'hairy' replied winning 4 straight games to avoid the possible rematch of the Devils.

From the 2008 season returned to play with foreigners, ending the Mexicanization started in the 2005 season, which although did not give any title in the league, if served to develop new talent, some already succeeding in the majors as Joakim Soria. Was appointed as manager at Daniel Fernandez, who played only one entry in the opening match and retired as a player. This season as Mexico was first in the South Zone and engaged in the first round to the Campeche Pirates, the "rags" they were eliminated in 4 games. On the southern championship clashed again into the Yucatán Lions fought in a series that culminated Mexico in 6 games. The Final was played against current senior team in the league, the Sultans of Monterrey, which won in 5 games crowned in Monterrey Baseball Stadium, the first title won on the road since 1996 by any team Mexican Baseball League. For the 2009 season Daniel Fernandez followed the command of the "gang escarla" and got a new account classified playoffs, where they faced the Cowboys in Laguna. The Devils managed to overcome the disadvantage in the series to force a seventh game where they were eliminated. Months before the start of the 2010 season Daniel Fernandez was relieved of command of the Puerto Rican team for the manager Max Oliveras "Mako". Since during this season the team turned 70 years of life there were two events that marked this date. Post issued three stamps commemorating Mexico where players are: José Luis Sandoval, Miguel Ojeda and Robert Saucedo. In the other event the National Lottery of Mexico issued tickets with team badge and image of a player. During the season the team had a first round with many failures in the pitching staff and several players were injured. But for the second round the team managed to reach first place in the Northern Zone. During the 1st play-off he had to face the Saraperos of Saltillo, the series was up for the scarlet 3 games to 1, but after falling in the fifth game which no-hitter was the Coahuilans came from behind to stay with the series and eliminate the "rags". Los Diablos Rojos of Mexico announced on December 6, 2011 by a statement that the current face two-time American League Texas Rangers in a friendly match to be held in 2012 at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas home team . This is the second time he will face two novenas, the first was in country when the Texans were visited in 1974, the Social Security Park disappeared when they were as a manager to "Billy" Martin, who faced the wards of Benjamin "Cananea" Reyes. The victory went to the visitors.


New Ballpark, design by Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido.

Foro Sol () is a sports and concerts venue built in 1993 inside the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in eastern Mexico City.[1] It is located 10 minutes away from the Mexico City International Airport and is operated by Grupo CIE.[2] A new ballpark designed and built by Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido will open in 2017.

Current roster

Minor league teams

Diablos Rojos Universitarios de Tepic before a game at the Estadio Universitario de Tepic

The Diablos have two minor league teams: Diablos Rojos Universitarios de Tepic, playing in Liga de Béisbol del Noroeste de México in the Estadio Universitario de Tepic and Diablos de Hermosillo, playing in Liga del Norte de Sonora in the Estadio Sonora and current champions of the circuit.


The Diablos have a long-standing rivalry with the Tigres de Quintana Roo, who previously played in Mexico City but now play in Cancún. That rivalry was show in the 2011 Serie del Rey.

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