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Diethyl ether (data page)

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Title: Diethyl ether (data page)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Surface tension
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Diethyl ether (data page)

This page provides supplementary chemical data on diethyl ether.

Material Safety Data Sheet

The handling of this chemical may incur notable safety precautions. It is highly recommended that you seek the Material Safety Datasheet (Mallinckrodt Baker.

Structure and properties

Structure and properties
Index of refraction, nD 1.3497 at 24.8°C
Abbe number ?
Dielectric constant, εr 4.34 ε0 at 20 °C
8.1 ε0 at –64°C
10.4 ε0 at –116°C
Bond strength  ?
Bond length  ?
Bond angle  ?
Magnetic susceptibility  ?
Surface tension 17.0 dyn/cm at 20°C
Viscosity[1] 0.2950 mP·s at 0°C
0.2681 mP·s at 10°C
0.2448 mP·s at 20°C
0.2230 mP·s at 30°C

Thermodynamic properties

Phase behavior
Triple point 156.92 K (–116.23 °C), ? Pa
Critical point 467 K (194 °C), 3600 kPa
Std enthalpy change
of fusion
, ΔfusHo
7.19 kJ/mol
Std entropy change
of fusion
, ΔfusSo
46.6 J/(mol·K)
Std enthalpy change
of vaporization
, ΔvapHo
27.530 kJ/mol at 11.85°C
27.247 kJ/mol at 22.48°C
Std entropy change
of vaporization
, ΔvapSo
96.60 J/(mol·K) at 12°
Solid properties
Std enthalpy change
of formation
, ΔfHosolid
 ? kJ/mol
Standard molar entropy,
 ? J/(mol K)
Heat capacity, cp  ? J/(mol K)
Liquid properties
Std enthalpy change
of formation
, ΔfHoliquid
–271.2 kJ/mol
Standard molar entropy,
253.5 J/(mol K)
Enthalpy of combustion, ΔcHo –2726.3 kJ/mol
Heat capacity, cp 172.0 J/(mol K)
Gas properties
Std enthalpy change
of formation
, ΔfHogas
–252.7 kJ/mol
Standard molar entropy,
342.2 J/(mol K)
Heat capacity, cp 119.46 J/(mol K) at 25°C
van der Waals' constants[2] a = 1761 L2 kPa/mol2
b = 0.1344 liter per mole

Vapor pressure of liquid

P in mm Hg 1 10 40 100 400 760 1520 3800 7600 15200 30400 45600
T in °C –74.3 –48.1 –27.7 –11.5 17.9 34.6 56.0 90.0 122.0 156.0  —  —

Table data obtained from CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 44th ed.

Distillation data

Vapor-liquid Equilibrium for Diethyl Ether/Methanol[4]
P = 700 mmHg
 % by mole ether
liquid vapor
55.98 3.90 25.16
51.78 7.32 38.58
50.00 9.24 43.84
48.95 10.84 47.73
46.20 14.02 54.04
45.70 14.81 55.30
42.25 21.30 63.51
41.65 21.74 64.43
41.15 23.83 65.74
39.90 33.87 72.47
39.45 29.24 69.58
38.40 33.17 71.72
33.40 60.85 83.07
32.90 77.07 86.59
32.48 82.84 88.57
32.02 97.70 97.66
30.50 95.02 94.58

Spectral data

λmax  ? nm
Extinction coefficient, ε  ?
Major absorption bands  ? cm−1
Proton NMR 3.479 ppm, 1.208 ppm[5]
Carbon-13 NMR 65.97 ppm, 15.35 ppm[5]
Other NMR data  
Masses of
main fragments


Except where noted otherwise, data relate to standard ambient temperature and pressure.

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