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Dinamo Basket Sassari

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Title: Dinamo Basket Sassari  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Sardinia, Sassari, Dynamo (disambiguation), Sharif Fajardo, Lionel Chalmers, Steven Hunter, Steve Burtt, Sr., Antti Nikkilä, Dallas Comegys, Randolph Childress
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Dinamo Basket Sassari

Dinamo Basket Sassari is an Italian professional basketball club based in Sassari, Sardinia. The club plays in the Italian Serie A, the highest level club competition in Italian professional basketball.


It was founded in 1960 and, in the past, due to sponsorship deals, has also been known as Banco Popolare Sassari (1989-90).

Dinamo Sassari is notable to be the club in the Italian professional Basketball to have made the impressive 158 points scoring in a single game (no overtimes), during the 1994/95 Serie A2 regular season vs Pallacanestro Pavia (91),[1] the highest ever made by any club in Italy.

Current roster

Depth chart

Pos. Starter Bench Bench Reserve
C Linton Johnson Amedeo Tessitori
PF Caleb Green Manuel Vanuzzo
SF Omar Thomas Brian Sacchetti Jacob Samoggia |
SG Drake Diener Giacomo Devecchi
PG Travis Diener Marques Green Juan Fernandez Marco Spissu |

Notable players

  • Italy Mauro Bonino 4 seasons: '92-'96
  • United States Jarvis Lang 2 seasons: '95-'97
  • United States George Banks 3 seasons: '96-'98, '99-'00
  • United States Jonathan Haynes 2 seasons: '96-'98
  • Republic of Ireland Dan Callahan 2 seasons: '98-'00
  • United States Steve Burtt 1 season: '99-'00
  • United States Ken Barlow 1 season: '99-'00
  • Italy Davide Lamma 1 season: '99-'00
  • Italy Aniello Laezza 1 season: '02-'03
  • Italy Christian Di Giuliomaria 1 season: '03-'04
  • United States Gerrod Abram 2 seasons: '97-'98, '04-'05
  • United States Eddie Shannon 1 seasons: '05-'06
  • France Guillaume Yango 2 seasons: '05-'07
  • United States Lionel Chalmers 1 season: '06-'07
  • Italy Emanuele Rotondo 16 season: '91-'07
  • United States Brent Darby 1 season: '07-'08
  • Slovenia Marko Verginella 1 season: '07-'08
  • Finland Antti Nikkilä 1 season: '07-'08
  • United States Russell Carter 1 season: '07-'08
  • Italy Franko Bushati 2 seasons: '07-'09
  • United States Trent Whiting 2 seasons: '07-'09
  • United Kingdom Peter Ezugwu 1 season: '08-'09
  • Canada Phil Martin 1 season: '08-'09
  • Italy Massimo Chessa 5 seasons: '04-'09
  • United States Jason Rowe 2 seasons: 08-'10
  • United States Marcelus Kemp 1 season: '09-'10
  • Italy Alessandro Cittadini 1 season: '10-'11
  • Greece Dimitris Tsaldaris 1 season: '10-'11
  • United States Othello Hunter 1 season: '10-'11
  • United States James White 1 season: '10-'11
  • Czechoslovakia Jiří Hubálek 2 seasons: '09-'11
  • United States Quinton Hosley 1 season: '11-'12
  • Serbia Vanja Plisnic 2 season: '10-'12


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