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Double Fattiness

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Title: Double Fattiness  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Maggie Cheung, Lydia Shum, Sammo Hung
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Double Fattiness

Double Fattiness (雙肥臨門)
Directed by David Chiang
Starring Lydia Shum
Bill Tung
Eric Tsang
Maggie Cheung
Distributed by D&B Films
Release dates 19 May 1988 (1988-05-19)
Running time Approx. 1 hour, 20 minutes
Country  Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK $12,719,337

Double Fattiness (Chinese: 雙肥臨門) is a 1988 Hong Kong film.

Cast and roles


The movie revolved around a Chinese flatbread restaurant in Hong Kong, where the Mo family worked and make a living. Siu-Fung (Lydia Shum) is the matriarch of the family, protecting them against all external threats from local gangsters, while also serving the family's every needs. However, Siu-Fung suffers from heart problems, and on the eve of her wedding anniversary with her longtime husband, Mo Jup Shu, Siu-Fung died.

Before Siu-Fung died, she expressed a desire to ride a Chinese Wedding Sedan in the afterlife, which Jup Shu and his son, Dut Go, promises. When Siu-Fung reaches the underworld, the wedding sedan arrived just in time to carry Siu-Fung over the Neihe Bridge, where she will officially reach the underworld and be prepared for reincarnation. After proper registrations, Siu-Fung (who is grossly overweight) attempted to cross the Neihe Bridge with the sedan, and the excessive weight caused the bridge to collapse. The sedan carriers, along with the sedan, fell to their death into the Neihe River, while Siu-Fung was saved by the Spiritworld Keeper at the last moment.

Since the Neihe Bridge was destroyed, Siu-Fung cannot cross the bridge, thus creating an anomaly where Siu-Fung is not officially dead, in spiritworld terms. The spiritworld keeper attempted to guide Siu-Fung back to human life, where she can reenter her body, and be returned to life. However, Siu-Fung was a little late, and her husband and son pressed a button to cremate Siu-Fung's body.

Character Naming and References

In Cantonese, the name "Mo" (武) is homonymic to the term "no/nothing/never" (無), therefore, Mo Jup Shu (武則書) is phonetically similar to the term "無執輸", which means "Will not lose" or "will not be at a disadvantage". Meanwhile, Mo Dut Go (武德高)is phonetically similar to "無得高", which means "will never grow tall".

Paul Chun's character, Kum Dai Tse (金大枝) somewhat resembles the transliterated name of the former President of South Korea, Kim Dae-jung.

Mo Dut Go's purported English name, Charles (as revealed to Diana), is a reference to Charles, Prince of Wales, while Diana's name is a reference to Diana, Princess of Wales.

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