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Egyptian parliamentary election, 2015


Egyptian parliamentary election, 2015

Egyptian parliamentary election, 2015


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Egyptian parliamentary elections to the House of Representatives are expected to be held before the end of March 2015.[1] The procedures for the parliamentary election began on 15 July 2014.[2] The election for the individual candidacy seats will take place in three rounds from 1 February until 8 March.[3]


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  • Parties 2
    • Political coalitions 2.1
    • Running lists and blocs 2.2
  • Opinion polls 3
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The parliament will be made up of 567 seats,[4] with 420 seats elected through the individual candidacy system, 120 elected through party lists and 27 selected by the president.[5] Various parties have criticized the laws governing how the elections will be held.[6][7] Nevertheless, the law was approved by former president Adly Mansour on 5 June 2014.[8] The Constitution Party, Egyptian Popular Current, Dignity Party, Socialist Popular Alliance Party, Freedom Egypt Party, the Justice Party and the Bread and Freedom Party have met to "coordinate their demand" for a change in the election law.[9] Other parties including the New Wafd Party, Free Egyptians Party, Egyptian Social Democratic Party, and other parties previously mentioned released a statement on 8 July in which they called on president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to amend the parliamentary election law.[10] The Free Egyptians Party has since changed its stance on the elections law; it will not ask for the amendment of it so that an election can be held as soon as possible.[11]


Political coalitions

The Independent Current Coalition (which is composed of 36 parties)[12] will run.[13] The leftist Social Justice Coalition will compete.[14] A coalition of independents calling themselves the 25-30 Alliance will run as well.[15] Multiple parties will run as part of a coalition called the Democratic Alliance for Civil Forces.[16] Former prime minister Kamal Ganzouri has created an alliance of 120 individuals that will run on party lists called the National Alliance.[17] The Egyptian Front will coordinate with the Egyptian Wafd Alliance.[18] The 25 January Salvation Front will likely run.[19][20] Another coalition named Together Long Live Egypt includes former Egyptian military personnel.[21] The Reform and Renaissance Party will coordinate with the Egyptian Wafd Alliance in electoral districts.[22] The Conference Party,Tomorrow Party and the Tagammu Party withdrew from the National Alliance and are considering joining together as part of one alliance.[23]

Running lists and blocs

Opinion polls

A May 2013 PewResearch Poll found that 52% of Egyptians have a favorable view of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) (44% unfavorable), 45% have a favorable view of the National Salvation Front (NSF) (52% unfavorable), and 40% have a favorable view of the Al-Nour Party (52% unfavorable).[52] A May 2013 Baseera Poll found that over one third of Egyptians have never heard of the NSF. Of those who did hear about it, 33% supported it and 57% did not.[53]

A June 2013 Zogby Research Services poll found that 26% of Egyptians have confidence in the FJP, 29% have confidence in the Al-Nour Party, 22% have confidence in the NSF, and 25% have confidence in the April 6 Youth Movement. The study found significant overlap between NSF and April 6 and between Al-Nour and FJP. 30% of Egyptians have confidence in FJP and/or Al-Nour; 34% have confidence in NSF and/or April 6. 39% of Egyptians, the survey found, express no confidence in any of the four major political groups. The political opinions of these 39%, however, for the most part match those of April 6/NSF supporters.[54]

An opinion poll done in September 2013 by Zogby found that the Tamarod movement had the highest level of confidence at 35%; the FJP had the second-highest level of confidence at 34%.[55] There were declines in confidence for the Nour Party and the April 6 Movement compared to the previous poll taken in July 2013.[55] The percentage of people who felt confidence in no political party decreased to 17% in September 2013.[55]

Opinion polls in Egypt are, however, unreliable, having failed to predict the outcome of the 2012 presidential elections.[56]


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