Electoral districts of Poland (1935 - 1939)

According to the 1935 Polish Constitution, the country was divided into 104 electoral districts, and the Sejm consisted of 208 members. The districts were described in a July 8, 1935 edition of the Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, and these were as follows:

City of Warsaw Police districts I, II, XII, XXVI,

  • District 2 - Warsaw

City of Warsaw Police districts III, IV, V,

  • District 3 - Warsaw

City of Warsaw Police districts VI, VII, XIX, XXII,

  • District 4 - Warsaw

City of Warsaw Police districts VIII, XI, XVI, XXIII,

  • District 5 - Warsaw

City of Warsaw Police districts IX, X, XIII, XX, XXI

  • District 6 - Warsaw

Warsaw borough of Praga,

  • District 7 - Warsaw

County of Warsaw - Land,

Counties of Pułtusk, Radzymin, and Minsk Mazowiecki,

Counties of Mława, Ciechanów, Przasnysz, and Maków Mazowiecki,

Counties of Sierpc, Rypin, and Lipno,

Counties of Włocławek, Nieszawa, and Kutno,

Counties of Płock, Płońsk, and Gostynin,

Counties of Łowicz, Sochaczew, and Błonie

Counties of Skierniewice, Grojec, and Rawa Mazowiecka

City of Łódź Police districts II, III, V,

  • District 16 - Łódź

City of Łódź Police districts I, IV, VI, VII, X,

  • District 17 - Łódź

City of Łódź Police districts VIII, IX, XI, XII, XIII, XIV,

  • District 18 - Łódź

Counties of Łódź - Land, and Łęczyca,

Counties of Koło and Konin,

Counties of Kalisz and Turek,

Counties of Sieradz and Łask,

Counties of Piotrków and Brzeziny,

Counties of Radomsko and Wieluń,

Counties of Kielce and Włoszczowa,

Counties of Częstochowa - City, and Częstochowa - Land,

Counties of Zawiercie and Olkusz,

Counties of Sosnowiec - City and Będzin,

Counties of Jędrzejów, Miechów, and Pińczów,

Counties of Sandomierz and Stopnica,

Counties of Opatów and Iłża,

Counties of Końskie and Opoczno,

Counties of Radom - City, Radom - Land, and Kozienice,

Counties of Lublin - City, and Lublin - Land,

Counties of Puławy and Janów Lubelski,

Counties of Zamość, Biłgoraj, and Tomaszów Lubelski,

Counties of Chełm, Krasnystaw, and Hrubieszów,

Counties of Biała Podlaska, Radzyń, and Włodawa,

Counties of Łuków, Garwolin, and Lubartów,

Counties of Siedlce, Sokolow and Węgrów,

Counties of Białystok - City, Białystok - Land, and Szczuczyn,

Counties of Ostrów Mazowiecka, Wysokie Mazowieckie, and Bielsk Podlaski,

Counties of Łomża and Ostrołęka,

Counties of Suwałki, Augustów, and Sokółka,

Counties of Grodno, and Wolkowysk,

  • District 45 - Wilno

City of Wilno Police districts I, II, VI, and the town of Nowa Wilejka,

  • District 46 - Wilno

City of Wilno Police districts III, IV, and V,

  • District 47 - Wilno

Counties of Wilno - Troki (without the town of Nowa Wilejka), and Swieciany,

Counties of Dzisna, Braslaw, and Postawy,

Counties of Oszmiana, Wilejka, and Molodeczno,

  • District 50 - Lida

Counties of Lida, and Wolozyn,

Counties of Nowogrodek, Szczuczyn, and Slonim,

Counties of Baranowicze, Nieswiez, and Stolpce,

Counties of Brzesc, and Pruzana,

Counties of Kobryn, Drohiczyn, Kosow Poleski, and Kamien Koszyrski,

Counties of Pinsk, Luniniec, and Stolin,

  • District 56 - Luck

Counties of Luck, and Horochow,

Counties of Kowel, Luboml, and Wlodzimierz Wolynski,

Counties of Sarny, and Kostopol,

Counties of Rowne, and Zdolbunow,

Counties of Krzemieniec, and Dubno,

Counties of Tarnopol, Zbaraz, and Skalat,

Counties of Zloczow, Kamionka Strumilowa, Radziechów, and Brody,

Counties of Brzeżany, Przemyslany, and Zborow,

Counties of Buczacz, Trembowla, and Podhajce,

Counties of Czortkow, Kopczynce, Borszczow, and Zaleszczyki,

Counties of Stanisławów, Tlumacz, and Nadworna,

Counties of Kolomyja, Horodenka, Sniatyn, and Kosow,

Counties of Kalusz, Rohatyn, and Dolina,

Counties of Stryj, Zydaczow, and Bobrka,

City of Lwów Police districts II, III, V, VIII, IX

  • District 71 - Lwów

City of Lwów Police districts I, IV, VI, VII, X

  • District 72 - Lwów

Counties of Lwów - Land, Grodek Jagiellonski, and Mosciska,

Counties of Sokal, Zolkiew, Rawa Ruska, and Lubaczów,

Counties of Przemyśl, Jarosław, and Jaworów,

Counties of Drohobycz, and Rudka,

Counties of Sambor, Dobromil, and Turka,

Counties of Sanok, Lesko, and Krosno,

Counties of Rzeszów, Brzozów, and Kolbuszowa,

Counties of Łańcut, Przeworsk, Nisko, and Tarnobrzeg,

City of Kraków Police districts I, II, III,

  • District 81 - Kraków

City of Kraków Police districts IV, V, VI,

  • District 82 - Kraków

Counties of Kraków - Land, and Chrzanów,

Counties of Bochnia, Limanowa, and Brzesko,

Counties of Tarnów, Dąbrowa Tarnowska, and Mielec,

Counties of Jasło, Dębica, and Gorlice,

Counties of Nowy Sącz, and Nowy Targ,

Counties of Wadowice, Żywiec, and Myślenice,

County of Katowice - City, and the city of Chorzów,

  • District 89 - Katowice

County of Katowice - Land,

Counties of Świętochłowice, Tarnowskie Góry, and Lubliniec,

Counties of Rybnik, and Pszczyna,

Counties of Bielsko-Biała - City, Bielsko-Biała - Land, and Cieszyn,

City of Poznań Police districts I, III, IV, V,

  • District 94 - Poznań

City of Poznań Police districts II, VI, VII, VIII,

  • District 95 - Poznań

Counties of Poznań - Land, Oborniki, Czarnków, Międzychód, Szamotuły, and Nowy Tomysl,

Counties of Leszno, Wolsztyn, Kościan, Srem, Gostyń, and Rawicz,

Counties of Ostrów Wielkopolski, Kepno, Krotoszyn, and Jarocin,

Counties of Gniezno - City, Gniezno - Land, Sroda Wielkopolska, Września, and Wągrowiec,

Counties of Inowrocław - City, Inowrocław - Land, Mogilno, Żnin, and Szubin,

Counties of Bydgoszcz - City, Bydgoszcz - Land, Wyrzysk, and Chodzież,

Counties of Toruń - City, Toruń - Land, Chełmno, and Wąbrzeźno,

Counties of Grudziądz - City, Grudziądz - Land, Brodnica, Lubawa, and Działdowo,

Counties of Chojnice, Sepolno Krajenskie, Tuchola, Świecie, Starogard Gdański, and Tczew,

Counties of Gdynia - City, Sea County, Kartuzy, and Kościerzyna.


  • Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, July 1935, PDF format
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