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Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

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Title: Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario  
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Subject: Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation, Learning through play, Canadian Labour Congress, Trade unions in Canada, Northern Territories Federation of Labour
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Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

Full name Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario
Founded 1998
Affiliation Ontario Teachers' Federation (OTF)/Canadian Teachers' Federation
Key people Sam Hammond, President
Office location Toronto, Canada
Country Canada
Website [1]

The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) (or "Fédération des enseignants et des enseignantes de l'élémentaire de l'Ontario" - FEÉO)[1] is a labour union representing all public elementary school teachers, occasional teachers and some Dedicated Early Childhood Educators (DECEs) in the Canadian province of Ontario. The union has 66 local chapters in the province, and over 76,000 members. The union was founded on July 1, 1998, by the merger of two predecessor organizations, the Federation of Women Teachers’ Associations of Ontario (FWTAO), and the Ontario Public School Teachers’ Federation (OPSTF).

ETFO's 76,000 members join l'Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens(representing approximately 8,000 members), the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association (representing approximately 45,000 members) and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (representing approximately 60,000 members) to form the Ontario Teachers' Federation.[2] [3]


The governance framework is outlined in a number of different documents including the Bylaws, Constitution, Human Rights Statement, Policy Statements, Position Statements, and Equity Statement. These documents form the framework for how ETFO is governed and what it sets out to accomplish for its members.

Provincial Presidents

Term Name Local
2009 - 2013 Sam Hammond Hamilton-Wentworth Teacher Local
2007 - 2009 David Clegg York Region Teacher Local
2002 - 2007 Emily Noble Algoma Teacher Local
1998 - 2002 Phyllis J. Lennox (née Benedict) Kawartha Pine Ridge Teacher Local

Sam Hammond

Sam Hammond is serving his second term as President of ETFO. He was initially elected in August 2009. Prior to being president, Hammmond served 2 years as First-Vice President and was Vice-President from 2004 to 2007. Hammond was first elected to provincial Executive in August 2003.[5]

Provincial Executive

ETFO's provincial organization includes 4 fully released officers: President, First Vice-President, Vice-President Female and Vice-President. All 4 of these officers are ETFO members (teachers, occasional teachers, DECEs or other educational professionals) that have been released from their teaching duties for their term in office.

In addition to the 4 released officers, ETFO's provincial governing body includes one representative to the Ontario Teachers' Federation (OTF Table Officer), and as many additional officers required to make up the 14 member Executive. Of those remaining positions, 4 of them are open to women only.

All Provincial Executive positions are elected by the general membership at ETFO's Annual Meeting held each summer in August. All terms last 2 years.

Current ETFO Executive 2011 - 2013

Name Position Local
Sam Hammond President Hamilton-Wentworth Teacher Local
Susan Swackhammer First Vice-President Grand Erie Teacher Local
James McCormack Vice-President Waterloo Region Teacher Local
Maureen Weinberger Vice-President Halton Teacher Local
Rian McLaughlin OTF Table Officer Hamilton-Wentworth Occasional Teacher Local
Karen Brown Executive Member Elementary Teachers of Toronto Local
Adelina Cecchin Executive Member Greater Essex County Teacher Local
Kelly Holley Executive Member Algoma Teacher Local
David Mastin Executive Member Durham Teacher Local
Diane Dewing Executive Member Upper Canada Occasional Teacher Local
Pam Dogra Executive Member Elementary Teachers of Toronto Local
Nancy Lawler Executive Member Bluewater Teacher Local
Monica Rusnak Executive Member Ontario North East Teacher Local
Deb Wells Executive Member Limestone Teacher Local

Non-Elected Positions

Name Position
Victoria Rheaume General Secretary
Sharron O'Halloran Deputy General Secretary


ETFO Locals

Each school board in Ontario has at least 1 ETFO Local serving members who work within that school board. Teacher Locals are present in all school boards, 1 Local (James Bay) has only a Teacher Local, 6 boards have DECE (Dedicated Early Childhood Educator) Locals, and 2 boards have ESP and one of those 2 (Renfrew County) also has a PSP Local.

The objectives and priorities of ETFO are contained in the constitution:

While all boards now have DECEs as a result of the implementation of Full Day Kindergarten for children aged 4 – 6, not all of those educators are represented by ETFO.

Region Teacher Local OT Local DECE Local ESP and PSP Local
Algoma Teacher OT
Avon Maitland Teacher OT
Bluewater Teacher OT
Durham Teacher OT DECE
Grand Erie Teacher OT
Greater Essex County Teacher OT
Halton Teacher OT DECE
Hamilton-Wentworth Teacher OT DECE
Hastings-Prince Edward Teacher OT
James Bay Teacher
Kawartha Pine Ridge Teacher OT
Keewatin-Patricia Teacher OT
Lakehead Teacher OT
Lambton Kent Teacher OT
Limestone Teacher OT
Near North Teacher OT
Niagara Teacher OT
Ontario North East Teacher OT
Ottawa-Carleton Teacher OT
Peel Teacher OT
Rainbow Teacher OT
Rainy River District Teacher OT ESP
Renfrew County Teacher OT ESP and PSP
Simcoe County Teacher OT DECE
Superior Greenstone Teacher OT
Thames Valley Teacher OT
Elementary Teachers of Toronto Teacher OT DECE
Trillium Lakelands Teacher OT
Upper Canada Teacher OT
Upper Grand Teacher OT
Waterloo Region Teacher OT DECE
York Region Teacher OT


Advocacy and Action: Locally and Globally

ETFO is definitely seen as a leader among teachers' federations on equity issues. With 80%+ female members, ETFO is particularly active in its support for women's participation and leadership.

The ETFO Executive has adopted this definition of equity:

"ETFO recognizes that we live in a society characterized by individual and systemic discrimination against particular groups. Within this context, ETFO defines equity as fairness achieved through proactive measures which result in equality for all."

ETFO members are dedicated to making this a better world for their colleagues, for their students, and for others in their communities here and around the world. Individual members, small groups, locals and the provincial organization all work hard to ensure equity is a reality.[8]

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