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Ellan Vannin (poem)

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Title: Ellan Vannin (poem)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Robin Gibb, Manx literature, Ellan Vannin, 1854 poems, Manx culture
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Ellan Vannin (poem)

Ellan Vannin (the Manx-language name of the Isle of Man) is a poem and song, often referred to as "the alternative Manx national anthem", the words of which were written by Eliza Craven Green in 1854 and later set to music by someone called either J. Townsend or F. H. Townend (sources vary).

The Manx-language name Ellan Vannin is commonly mispronounced in renditions of the song, including in the Bee Gees version, since written Manx uses an orthography based on Welsh rather than Irish/Scots gaelic, which does not accurately transcribe the "ʲə" sound found in the word for "island" in spoken Manx Gaelic. The correct pronunciation is .


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English language version

When the summer day is over
And the busy cares have flown,
Then I sit beneath the starlight
With a weary heart. alone,
And there rises like a vision,
Sparkling bright in nature's glee,
My own dear Ellan Vannin
With its green hills by the sea.
Then I hear the wavelets murmur
As they kiss the fairy shore,
Then beneath the em'rald waters
Sings the mermaid as of yore,
And the fair Isle shines with beauty
As in youth it dawned on me,
My own dear Ellan Vannin
With its green hills by the sea.
Then mem'ries sweet and tender
Come like music's plaintive flow,
Of someone in Ellan Vannin
That lov'd me long ago,
So I give with tears and blessings,
And my fondest thoughts to thee,
My own dear Ellan Vannin
With its green hills by the sea.

Manx Gaelic (Gaelg) version


Tra ta'n laa gial souree harrish
As e chiarailyn tarroogh chea voym;
Ta mee soie fo ny rollageyn,
Lesh cree deinagh orrym pene ;
Eisht ta girree roym myr ashlish,
Loandyr gial ta'n ellan veen ;
My heer deyr shenn Ellan Vannin,
Lesh e chroink glass rish y cheayn.
Ta mee clashtyn tharmane tonnyn
Myr ta'd nish paagey yn traie ;
As heese dowin fo'n ushtey geayney
Kiaulleeagh foast ta'n ven-varrey ;
As ta'n Ellan soilshean aalin
Myr ve ayns my aegid hene ;
My heer deyr shenn Ellan Vannin
Lesh e chroink glass rish y cheayn.
Nish ta smooinaght millish meiyghagh
Cheet myr kiaulleeaght gys my chree ;
Jeh ny cree'ghyn va ayns Mannin
Foddey raoie hug graih da mee ;
Ta mee coyrt lesh jeir as bannaght
Nish my smooinaght share dhyt hene ;
My heer deyr shenn Ellan Vannin,
Lesh e chroink glass rish y cheayn.

The Bee Gees Version

The Bee Gees recorded a version for Isle of Man charities. They also included the song in their world-tour as a show of pride in the place of their birth.

When the summer day is over,
Its busy cares have flown,
I will sit beneath the starlight,
With a weary heart alone.
Then it rises like a vision
Sparkling bright it shines for me
My own dear Ellan Vannin
With its green hills by the sea
Let me hear the ocean murmur
Let me watch your stormy sky
Then above the emerald waters
Sings the seagull as she flies
Then arising like a vision
Sparkling bright it shines for me
My own dear Ellan Vannin
With its green hills by the sea
And in all my times of sorrow
And on some lonely shore
I'll go back to Ellan Vannin
To my childhood days once more

See also


  1. ^ Manx Museum Library, Douglas, IOM: Manuscript 29117, Ellan Vannin, Manx language translation of poem/song originally written by Eliza Craven Green", Manx Language Scrapbook, Vol. II, Page 121, c. 1900, Translated by John Nelson, Ramsey

External links

  • Manx Notebook - Music and Lyrics for Ellan Vannin by Eliza Craven Green.
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