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English cricket team in India, Pakistan and Ceylon in 1951–52

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Title: English cricket team in India, Pakistan and Ceylon in 1951–52  
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Subject: Commonwealth XI cricket team in India, Pakistan and Ceylon in 1949–50, West Indian cricket team in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in 1974–75, International XI cricket team in Pakistan, India and Ceylon in 1967–68, English cricket team in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in 1972–73, West Indian cricket team in India, Pakistan and Ceylon in 1948–49
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English cricket team in India, Pakistan and Ceylon in 1951–52

England in India 1951-52
Dates 5 October 1951 – 2 March 1952
Captains Vijay Hazare Nigel Howard
Donald Carr(5th Test)
Test series
Result 5-match series drawn 1–1
Most runs Pankaj Roy (387) Allan Watkins (450)
Most wickets Vinoo Mankad (34) Roy Tattersall (21)

A Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) toured India from 5 October 1951 to 2 March 1952. During this tour England team also played first class matches in Pakistan and Ceylon. In the Test matches, the side was known as "England"; in other matches, it was known as "MCC".

Test series was drawn 1-1, with three matches being drawn.


  • Test matches 1
    • 1st Test 1.1
    • 2nd Test 1.2
    • 3rd Test 1.3
    • 4th Test 1.4
    • 5th Test 1.5
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Test matches

1st Test

2–7 November 1951
203 (102.3 overs)
Jack Robertson 50
Sadu Shinde 6/91 (35.3 overs)
418/6 d. (175 overs)
Vijay Hazare 164*
Roy Tattersall 2/95 (53 overs)
368/6 (221 overs)
Allan Watkins 137
Vinoo Mankad 4/58 (76 overs)
  • England won the toss and decided to bat

2nd Test

14–19 December 1951
485/9 d. (139 overs)
Vijay Hazare 155
Brian Statham 4/96 (29 overs)
456 (207.1 overs)
Tom Graveney 175
Vinoo Mankad 4/91 (57 overs)
208 (83.1 overs)
CD Gopinath 42
Allan Watkins 3/20 (13 overs)
55/2 (36 overs)
Tom Graveney 25
CD Gopinath 1/11 (8 overs)
Match drawn
Brabourne Stadium, Bombay
Umpires: MM Naidu, JR Patel
  • India won the toss and decided to bat

3rd Test

30 Dec-4 Jan 1952
342 (159.5 overs)
Dick Spooner 71
Vinoo Mankad 4/89 (52.5 overs)
344 (149.1 overs)
Dattu Phadkar 115
Fred Ridgway 4/83 (38.1 overs)
252/5 d. (120 overs)
Dick Spooner 92
Ramesh Divecha 2/55 (25 overs)
103/0 (29 overs)
Vinoo Mankad 71
Roy Tattersall 0/4 (4 overs)
Match drawn
Eden Gardens, Calcutta
Umpires: AR Joshi, BJ Mohoni
  • England won the toss and decided to bat

4th Test

12–14 January 1952
121 (61.5 overs)
Pankaj Roy 37
Roy Tattersall 6/48 (21 overs)
203 (95.1 overs)
Allan Watkins 66
Ghulam Ahmed 5/70 (37.1 overs)
157 (66.5 overs)
Hemu Adhikari 60
Malcolm Hilton 5/61 (32 overs)
76/2 (19.2 overs)
Tom Graveney 48
Ghulam Ahmed 1/10 (10 overs)
England won by 8 wickets
Modi Stadium, Kanpur
Umpires: JR Patel, MG Vijayasarathi
  • India won the toss and decided to bat

5th Test

6–10 February 1952
266 (121.5 overs)
Jack Robertson 77
Vinoo Mankad 8/55 (38.5 overs)
457/9 d. (153 overs)
Polly Umrigar 130
Donald Carr 2/84 (19 overs)
183 (75.5 overs)
Jack Robertson 56
Vinoo Mankad 4/53 (30.5 overs)
India won by an innings and 8 runs
Madras Cricket Club Ground, Chepauk, Madras
Umpires: BJ Mohoni, MG Vijayasarathi
  • England won the toss and decided to bat

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