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English cricket team in India, Pakistan and Ceylon in 1961–62


English cricket team in India, Pakistan and Ceylon in 1961–62

English cricket team in India in 1961-62
Date 11 November 1961 - 15 January 1962
Location India
Result India won the 5-Test series 2-0-3
 India  England
Nari Contractor Ted Dexter
Most runs
Vijay Manjrekar (556)
M. L. Jaisimha (399)
Chandu Borde (314)
Ken Barrington (594)
Ted Dexter (409)
Geoff Pullar (337)
Most wickets
Salim Durani (23)
Chandu Borde (16)
Vasant Ranjane (9)
Tony Lock (22)
David Allen (21)
Barry Knight (8)

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), toured India, Pakistan and Ceylon from October 1961 to February 1962. They played five Test matches against the India national cricket team, with India winning two matches and the other three being drawn; and three Tests against the Pakistan national cricket team, with England winning the first match and the other two drawn. The itinerary was unusual in that England began in Pakistan with three matches, including the first Test at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, and then went on an extensive five-Test tour of India before crossing into East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), where they played their second Test against Pakistan at the Dacca Stadium in Dacca. For the third Test against Pakistan, they travelled to the National Stadium, Karachi before completing the tour in February with three games in Ceylon. Ceylon (now Sri Lanka was not a Test-qualified team at that time and played a single first-class match against MCC in Colombo which was won by MCC.[1]

Test matches in India

1st Test

11 November - 16 November
500/8 dec. (173.0 overs)
Ken Barrington 151
Vasant Ranjane 4-76 (21.0 overs)
390 (168.0 overs)
Salim Durani 71
Tony Lock 4-74 (45.0 overs)
184/5 dec. (58.0 overs)
Ken Barrington 52
Salim Durani 2-28 (11.0 overs)
180/5 (73.0 overs)
Vijay Manjrekar 84
Peter Richardson 2-10 (6.0 overs)
Match drawn
Brabourne Stadium, Bombay, India
Umpires: Santosh Ganguli and Bapu Joshi

2nd Test

1 December - 6 December
467/8 dec. (198.0 overs)
Polly Umrigar 147
Tony Lock 3-93 (44.0 overs)
244 (106.3 overs)
Bob Barber 69
Subhash Gupte 5-90 (40.0 overs)
497/5 (184.0 overs)
Ken Barrington 172
Chandu Borde 1-44 (16.0 overs)
Match drawn
Modi Stadium, Kanpur, India
Umpires: Mohammad Yunus and Samar Roy

3rd Test

13 December - 18 December
466 (177.3 overs)
Vijay Manjrekar 189
David Allen 4-87 (47.0 overs)
256/3 (114.0 overs)
Ken Barrington 113
A. G. Kripal Singh 1-27 (12.0 overs)
Match drawn
Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi, India
Umpires: S. V. Kumaraswamy and Badami Satyaji Rao

4th Test

30 December - 4 January
380 (156.0 overs)
Chandu Borde 68
David Allen 5-67 (34.0 overs)
212 (79.2 overs)
Peter Richardson 62
Salim Durani 5-47 (23.2 overs)
252 (101.2 overs)
Chandu Borde 61
David Allen 4-95 (43.2 overs)
233 (116.2 overs)
Ted Dexter 62
Salim Durani 3-66 (33.2 overs)
India won by 187 runs
Eden Gardens, Calcutta, India
Umpires: Habib Choudhury and S. K. Raghunatha Rao

5th Test

10 January - 15 January
428 (144.3 overs)
Nawab of Pataudi, Jr. 103
David Allen 3-116 (51.3 overs)
281 (110.1 overs)
M. J. K. Smith 73
Salim Durani 6-105 (36.0 overs)
190 (94.3 overs)
Vijay Manjrekar 85
Tony Lock 6-65 (39.3 overs)
209 (92.3 overs)
Ken Barrington 48
Salim Durani 4-72 (34.0 overs)
India won by 128 runs
Nehru Stadium, Madras, India
Umpires: I. Gopalakrishnan and Sambhu Pan

Test matches in Pakistan

England played three Tests against Pakistan in a split series, the first match being played in October 1961 and the latter two in the new year following the tour of India. England won the first and the other two were drawn. England were captained by Ted Dexter and Pakistan by Imtiaz Ahmed.

Test series summary


MCC won their first-class fixture in Colombo by 8 wickets. Ted Dexter captained MCC and Ceylon were led by Ievers Gunasekara.[5]


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