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English cricket team in India and Sri Lanka in 1976–77

English cricket team in India in 1976-77
Date 29 November 1976 - 16 February 1977
Location India
Result England won the 5-Test series 3-1-1
 India  England
Bishan Singh Bedi Tony Greig
Most runs
Sunil Gavaskar (394)
Brijesh Patel (286)
Surinder Amarnath (180)
Dennis Amiss (417)
Tony Greig (342)
Alan Knott (268)
Most wickets
Bishan Singh Bedi (25)
Chandrasekhar (19)
Erapalli Prasanna (18)
Derek Underwood (29)
John Lever (26)
Bob Willis (20)

A Marylebone Cricket Club, toured India and Sri Lanka in the 1976-77 cricket season. They played five Test matches against the India national cricket team, with England winning three matches, India winning one and the other one being drawn. The MCC team played four matches in Sri Lanka after leaving India, but Sri Lanka was not yet a Test-class team.

Test matches

1st Test

17–22 December 1976
381 (151.5 overs)
Dennis Amiss 179
Bishan Singh Bedi 4/92 (59 overs)
122 (51.5 overs)
Sunil Gavaskar 38
John Lever 7/46 (23 overs)
234 (f/o) (110.4 overs)
Sunil Gavaskar 71
Derek Underwood 4/78 (44 overs)
England won by an innings and 25 runs
Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi
Umpires: MV Nagendra, J Reuben
  • England won the toss and decided to bat

2nd Test

1–6 January 1977
155 (75 overs)
Gundappa Viswanath 35
Bob Willis 5/27 (20 overs)
321 (178.4 overs)
Tony Greig 103
Bishan Singh Bedi 5/110 (64 overs)
181 (70.5 overs)
Brijesh Patel 56
Chris Old 3/38 (12 overs)
16/0 (3.4 overs)
Dennis Amiss 7
Madan Lal 0/3 (1 overs)
England won by 10 wickets
Eden Gardens, Calcutta
Umpires: B Satyaji Rao, HP Sharma
  • India won the toss and decided to bat

3rd Test

14–19 January 1977
262 (125.5 overs)
Mike Brearley 59
Bishan Singh Bedi 4/72 (38.5 overs)
164 (73.5 overs)
Sunil Gavaskar 39
John Lever 5/59 (19.5 overs)
185/9 d. (71.5 overs)
Dennis Amiss 46
Bhagwat Chandrasekhar 5/50 (20.5 overs)
83 (38.5 overs)
Sunil Gavaskar 24
Derek Underwood 4/28 (14 overs)
England won by 200 runs
Madras Cricket Club Ground, Chepauk, Madras
Umpires: J Reuben, MS Sivasankariah
  • England won the toss and decided to bat

4th Test

28 Jan-2 Feb 1977
253 (85 overs)
Surinder Amarnath 63
Bob Willis 6/53 (17 overs)
195 (96.2 overs)
Dennis Amiss 82
Bhagwat Chandrasekhar 6/76 (31.2 overs)
259/9 d. (91 overs)
Gundappa Viswanath 79
Derek Underwood 4/76 (31 overs)
177 (57.3 overs)
Alan Knott 81
Bishan Singh Bedi 6/71 (21.3 overs)
India won by 140 runs
M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore
Umpires: MI Ghouse, MV Nagendra
  • India won the toss and decided to bat

5th Test

11–16 February 1977
338 (105.4 overs)
Sunil Gavaskar 108
Derek Underwood 4/89 (38 overs)
317 (154 overs)
Mike Brearley 91
Erapalli Prasanna 4/73 (52 overs)
192 (70.4 overs)
Surinder Amarnath 63
Derek Underwood 5/84 (33 overs)
152/7 (71 overs)
Keith Fletcher 58
Karsan Ghavri 5/33 (15 overs)
Match drawn
Wankhede Stadium, Bombay
Umpires: B Satyaji Rao, HP Sharma
  • India won the toss and decided to bat

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