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Estonia national cricket team

ICC membership granted 2008
ICC member status Affiliate
ICC development region Europe
World Cricket League division N/A
Captain Timothy Heath
Coach Ryan Heywood
First recorded match 24 July 1999
As of 2 September 2009

The Estonian Cricket Team is a fairly young team which represents the nation of Estonia in International Cricket competitions. [1]. Granted Affiliate Status in June 2008. Estonian cricket relies upon the support of touring sides from Britain and other European nations to get matches to play. In the 2007 season they won over 80% of all their games and in 2008 they won amazing 94% of their games (34 out of 36).

The founder of the Estonian Cricket Association (ECA) is Barry Jason, who currently holds the world record for the most amount of countries played in by one person, 128 in total. [2] Estonians who have recently made the grade as International players include Andres Burget, Glebs Bihanovs, Andrus Kämbre, Kristjan Kogerman etc.

The most famous tourists to Estonia have been Sir Tim Rice, and his team the Heartaches, the MCC, the Lord's Taverners and most recently Carmel & District Cricket Club captained by Timothy Abraham.

The year 2007 saw the formation of the Estonian cricket league. The league consists of four Tallinn based teams who compete in a round-robin format. Players who are members of the Estonian Cricket League are eligible to be selected for the National side. 2007 & 2008 saw a victory for Kalev CC captained by Andres Burget.


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Recent results

Estonia in May 2011 competed in the European T20 Division 3 Championships in Slovenia, where after all matches were completed, finished as runners-up to a highly experienced Swedish National Team.

In August 2011, Estonia finished its international fixtures for the year, by becoming Baltic Champions in a final win over the Lithuanian Cricket Team.


During the European T20 Division 3 Championships in Slovenia:

Captain Tim Heath scored a remarkable 113 of 45 deliveries.


The Estonian Domestic and Premier League competitions are growing year on year and an intense program of regional development will continue into 2011 and onwards. Our numbers of home grown Estonian players is increasing along with the added experience of a number of expatriate persons from full member nations who have been residing in Estonia for a number of years and are always willing to pass on experience and general playing tips to up and coming Estonians for the future of Cricket here.

We have recently had several of our members complete & pass the ICC development course for Umpiring & also for Scoring both courses completed are for level 1.

2012: European Division 3 Champions – 8th in ICC Division 2 Corfu

The future

In June 2012 Estonia will host the ICC European T20 Division 3 Championships – Participating Nations: Estonia, Slovenia and Bulgaria


The following list contains members of Estonia's squad for the ICC European T20 Division 3 Championship& ICC European T20 Division 2 Championship:

Tim Heath (c), Murali Mohan Rao (vc), Nand Lal Riar, Siva Arunachalam, Rana Rahman, Vineeth Govind, Peter van Buuren, Mike Tiffin, Marko Vaik (+), Kalle Vislapuu, Mart Tammoja, Remo Raud, Mario Tammoja Sasha Ruut Team Officials

Coach: Ryan Heywood, Assistant Coach: Dan Renwick, Scorer: Janika Horn, Manager: Andres Burget


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  • Eesti Kriketi Assotsiatsioon (EKA)

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