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Estonian Sportspersonality of the year

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Title: Estonian Sportspersonality of the year  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Paul Keres, Erika Salumäe, Erki Nool, Ants Antson, Andrus Värnik, Gerd Kanter, Kaia Kanepi, Kristina Šmigun-Vähi, Andrus Veerpalu
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Estonian Sportspersonality of the year

The Estonian Sportspersonality of the Year is chosen annually since 1955, for both men and women. Recordholders are cyclist Erika Salumäe (nine awards) and skier Kristina Šmigun (eight awards).

Sportpersonality of the year

Year Estonia Estonian Sportspersonality of the Year Estonia
1955 Feliks Pirts
1956 Uno Palu
1957 Ulvi Voog-Indrikson
1958 Uno Palu
1959 Paul Keres
1960 Hanno Selg
1961 Toomas Leius
1962 Paul Keres
1963 Toomas Leius
1964 Ants Antson
1965 Toomas Leius
1966 Mart Vilt
Year Male Female
1967 Jaan Talts Laine Erik
1968 Jaan Talts Laine Erik
1969 Jaan Talts Svetlana Tširkova
1970 Jaan Talts Tiiu Parmas
1971 Vambola Helm Luule Tull
1972 Jaan Talts Raissa Ruus
1973 Ain Vilde Illa Raudik
1974 Aavo Pikkuus Endla Vellend
1975 Aavo Pikkuus Virve Holtsmeier
1976 Aavo Pikkuus Liivi Erm
1977 Aavo Pikkuus Kaire Indrikson
1978 Aavo Pikkuus Reet Palm
1979 Jaak Uudmäe Reet Palm
1980 Jaak Uudmäe Marina Trofimova
1981 Jüri Poljans Inna Rose
1982 Heino Puuste Inna Rose
1983 Heino Puuste Erika Salumäe
1984 Tiit Haagma Erika Salumäe
1985 Riho Suun Kaija Parve-Helinurm
1986 Heino Puuste Kaija Parve-Helinurm
1987 Jaan Ehlvest Erika Salumäe
1988 Allar Levandi Erika Salumäe
1989 Jaan Ehlvest Erika Salumäe
1990 Jüri Jaanson Erika Salumäe
1991 Tiit Sokk Kristiina Nurk
1992 Kaido Kaaberma Erika Salumäe
1993 Indrek Sei Oksana Jermakova
1994 Ago Markvardt Margrit Tooman
1995 Jüri Jaanson Erika Salumäe
1996 Erki Nool Erika Salumäe
1997 Erki Nool Kristina Šmigun
1998 Erki Nool Jane Salumäe
1999 Andrus Veerpalu Kristina Šmigun
2000 Erki Nool Kristina Šmigun
2001 Andrus Veerpalu Heidi Rohi
2002 Andrus Veerpalu Kristina Šmigun
2003 Andrus Värnik Kristina Šmigun
2004 Jüri Jaanson Kristina Šmigun
2005 Andrus Värnik Maarika Võsu
2006 Andrus Veerpalu Kristina Šmigun
2007 Gerd Kanter Irina Embrich
2008 Gerd Kanter Kaia Kanepi
2009 Andrus Veerpalu Ksenija Balta
2010 Nikolai Novosjolov Kristina Šmigun-Vähi
2011 Gerd Kanter Triin Aljand
2012 Heiki Nabi Triin Aljand

Trainer of the year

Trainer of the year is chosen annually since 1988. Recordholder is Mati Alaver with five awards.

Year Trainer of the year
1988 Rein Ottoson
1989 Mihkel Leppik
1990 Mihkel Leppik
1991 Jaak Salumets
1992 Rein Ottoson
1993 Jaak Salumets
1994 Tiit Tamm
1995 Rein Sokk
1996 Rein Sokk
1997 Rein Sokk
1998 Anatoli Šmigun
1999 Mati Alaver
2000 Aavo Põhjala
2001 Mati Alaver
2002 Mati Alaver
2003 Mati Alaver
2004 Igor Grinko
2005 Heino Puuste
2006 Anatoli Šmigun
2007 Vesteinn Hafsteinsson
2008 Vesteinn Hafsteinsson
2009 Mati Alaver
2010 Avo Keel
2011 Tarmo Rüütli
2012 Henn Põlluste

Young sportspersonality of the year

Young sportspersonality of the year is chosen annually since 2006.

Year Young sportspersonality of the year
2006 Heiki Nabi
2007 Deniss Karpak
2008 Kaire Leibak
2009 Liane Pintsaar
2010 Kaisa Pajusalu
2011 Grit Šadeiko
2012 Anett Kontaveit

Sportsteam of the year

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