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Europe Top-12

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Title: Europe Top-12  
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Subject: Vladimir Samsonov, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Table tennis, Table tennis at the All-Africa Games, Qianhong Gotsch
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Europe Top-12

The Europe Top-12 is an European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) on a yearly basis between the twelve strongest players in Europe. The tournament was first held in 1971 for both the men's and women's competition, adopting a single round-robin format. Since then, the format of the competition has undergone several changes, and a group stage format is being used now. The most successful player in the men's competition is Swedish player Jan-Ove Waldner with seven titles, while Hungarian Beatrix Kisházi is the most successful woman player with four victories.

History and format

The tournament was first held in 1971 in Zadar, Croatia (formerly part of Yugoslavia). At the first session, twelve male players and six female players took part in the competition, and both the men's and women's competition were won by Hungarian players, namely, István Jónyer and Beatrix Kisházi.

Until 1989, each twelve players played against the other eleven players in a single round-robin format, while the player having gained the most points would be the winner.

In 1990, there was a format change. The twelve players then were divided into two groups, and players played against all the players within the same group. The first two placed players in each group would proceed to the semi-finals, with the first placed player played against the second from the alternative group. The winners played in the final, the losers played for third and fourth place.

From 2001, instead of two groups, four groups of three players were formed. The group winners played in the semi-finals to fight for places in the final.

In 2002, the format was slightly amended. The participants were again divided into four groups of three, with each played against everyone in the group. The last of each group was eliminated, while the eight remaining players competed in the knock-out system: quarter-finals, semifinals and finals.


In each session, the players ranked 1-12 in the ranking of ETTU qualify automatically, unless the highest ranked player of the hosting country is ranked in positions 13-30, when he or she shall replace the twelfth ranked player in the list.[1]


Year City Men's Women's
Gold Silver Bronze Gold Silver Bronze
2012 Villeurbanne Ovtcharov D. Skachkov K. Samsonov V.
Chen W.
Wu J. Li Jie Pavlovich V.
Ni Xia Lian
2011 Liège Kreanga K. Samsonov V. Smirnov A.
Schlager W.
Li Jiao Pavlovich V. Li Jie
Hu M.
2010 Düsseldorf Boll T. Samsonov V. Kreanga K.
Chen W.
Li Jiao Li Q. Toth K.
Li Jie
2009 Düsseldorf Boll T. Samsonov V. Maze M.
Kreanga K.
Li Q. Li Jie Liu J.
Wu J.
2008 Frankfurt Schlager W. Samsonov V. Saive J.M.
Smirnov A.
Li Jiao Li Q. Wu J.
Pavlovich V.
2007 Arezzo Samsonov V. Kreanga K. Smirnov A.
Primorac Z.
Li Jiao Stefanova N. Steff M.
Liu J.
2006 Copenhagen Boll T. Schlager W. Primorac Z.
Maze M.
Boros T. Liu J. Steff M.
Li J.
2005 Rennes Smirnov A. Samsonov V. Boll T.
Eloi D.
Liu J. Toth K. Li J.
Steff M.
2004 Frankfurt Maze M. Schlager W. Korbel P.
Smirnov A.
Struse N. Schopp J. Liu J.
Boros T.
2003 Saarbrücken Boll T. Samsonov V. Schlager W.
Maze M.
Schopp J. Boros T. Toth K.
Melnik G.
2002 Rotterdam Boll T. Samsonov V. Eloi D.
Chila P.
Boros T. Struse N. Pavlovich V.
Ni Xia Lian
2001 Wels Samsonov V. Karlsson P. Saive J.M.
Korbel P.
Batorfi C. Ni Xia Lian Boros T.
Badescu O.
2000 Alassio Schlager W. Yang Min Gatien J.P.
Rosskopt J.
Gotsch Q. Steff M. Ni Xia Lian
Schöpp J.
1999 Split Samsonov V. Legout C. Gatien J.P.
Kreanga K.
Gotsch Q. Tian-Zörner J. Boros T.
Ni Xia Lian
1998 Halmstad Samsonov V. Karlsson P. Waldner J.O.
Saive J.M.
Ni Xia Lian Struse N. Svensson M.
Batorfi C.
1997 Eindhoven Gatien J.P. Samsonov V. Waldner J.O.
Primorac Z.
Ni Xia Lian Schöpp J. Badescu O.
Nemes O.
1996 Charleroi Waldner J.O. Saive J.M. Gatien J.P.
Yang Min
Ni Xia Lian Batorfi C. Struse N.
Vriesekoop B.
1995 Dijon Waldner J.O. Lindh E. Saive J.M.
Gatien J.P.
Badescu O. Ciosu E. Schöpp J.
Struse N.
1994 Arezzo Saive J.M. Waldner J.O. Karlsson P.
Primorac Z.
Schöpp J. Badescu O. Hooman M.
Struse N.
1993 Copenhagen Waldner J.O. Karlsson P. Saive J.M.
Rosskopf J.
Ciosu E. Nemes O. Badescu O.
Svensson A.
1992 Vienna Persson J. Rosskopf J. Primorac Z. Batorfi C. Svensson M. Badescu O.
1991 's-Hertogenbosch Lindh E. Waldner J.O. Persson J. Hooman M. Wirth G. Vriesekoop B.
1990 Hannover Appelgren M. Waldner J.O. Grubba A. Wirth G. Nemes O. Wang Xiaoming
1989 Charleroi Waldner J.O. Lindh E. Persson J. Nemes O. Batorfi C. Guergueltcheva D.
1988 Ljubljana Waldner J.O. Persson J. Grubba A. Bulatova F. Vriesekoop B. Nemes O.
1987 Basel Douglas D. Waldner J.O. Persson J. Batorfi C. Urban E. Bulatova F.
1986 Södertälje Waldner J.O. Douglas D. Lindh E. Bulatova F. Nemes O. Guergueltcheva D.
1985 Barcelona Grubba A. Pansky J. Appelgren M. Vriesekoop B. Olah Z. Hrachova M.
1984 Bratislava Waldner J.O. Pansky J. Appelgren M. Hrachova M. Vriesekoop B. Popova V.
1983 Cleveland Orlowski M. Douglas D. Appelgren M. Nemes O. Bulatova F. Vriesekoop B.
1982 Nantes Appelgren M. Orlowski M. Douglas D. Vriesekoop B. Hammersley J. Hrachova M.
1981 Miskolc Klampar T. Bengtsson S. Surbek D. Hammersley J. Vriesekoop B. Popova V.
1980 Munich Bengtsson S. Thorsell U. Secretin J. Hammersley J. Vriesekoop B. Szabo G.
1979 Kristianstad Surbek D. Douglas D. Secretin J. Szabo G. Alexandru M. Palatinus E.
1978 Prague Gergely G. Orlowski M. Bengtsson S. Hammersley J. Vriesekoop B. Popova V.
1977 Sarajevo Orlowski M. Surbek D. Secretin J. Kishazi B. Hammersley J. Uhlikova I.
1976 Lübeck Surbek D. Johansson K. Sarkhoyan S. Hellman A.C. Uhlikova I. Palatinus E.
1975 Vienna Johansson K. Stipancic A. Jonyer I. Hellman A.C. Hendriksen W. Lotaller H.
1974 Trollhattan Jonyer I. Orlowski M. Bengtsson S. Rudnova Z. Alexandru M. Magos J.
1973 Böblingen Bengtsson S. Surbek D. Stipancic A. Kishazi B. Magos J. Vostova I.
1972 Zagreb Stipancic A. Bengtsson S. Surbek D. Kishazi B. Alexandru M. Rudnova Z.
1971 Zadar Jonyer I. Stipancic A. Surbek D. Kishazi B. Vostova I. Grofova A.

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  1. ^ Article 4.2 of the regulation

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