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Europe of Nations and Freedom


Europe of Nations and Freedom

Europe of Nations and Freedom
European parliamentary group
Europe of Nations and Freedom Group logo
Name Europe of Nations and Freedom
English abbr. ENF
French abbr. ENL
Formal name Europe of Nations and Freedom
Ideology Far-right politics[1][2][3][4][5]
Right-wing populism[7]
European parties Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom,
European Alliance for Freedom
From 15 June 2015
Chaired by Marine Le Pen, Marcel de Graaff
39 / 751

Europe of Nations and Freedom (French: Europe des nations et des libertés, ENL) is a political group in the European Parliament launched on 15 June 2015. With 39 members, the group is the smallest in the European Parliament.


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Following the 2014 European elections on 22–25 May 2014, the European Alliance for Freedom (EAF), comprising right-wing and far-right parties from across Europe, aimed to form a stable parliamentary group in the European Parliament prior to the start of the 8th term. A previous attempt to form a far-right group in the European parliament during the 6th term was the short-lived Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty (ITS) group in 2007.[8]

On 28 May 2014, it was announced at a press conference in Brussels that the alliance led by Marine Le Pen of the French National Front (FN) and Geert Wilders of the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV), including Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini, were in negotiations to form a parliamentary group.[9] On 24 June 2014, it was announced that the Le Pen/Wilders alliance had failed to gather the requisite 25 MEPs from 7 EU member nations, thus starting the parliamentary term as Non-Inscrits members.[10][11] Later in 2014, the EAF was succeeded by the Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom (MENL), without the participation of the PVV.[12]

EU states with more than one ENF MEP (dark blue), one ENF MEP (blue), or no ENF MEPs (dark grey) in the 8th European Parliament.

On 15 June 2015, Marine Le Pen announced that a new group in the European Parliament would be launched the following day, set to comprise MEPs from the FN, PVV, Lega Nord, the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), Flemish Interest (VB),[3][13][14] the Polish Congress of the New Right (KNP) and former UK Independence Party member Janice Atkinson.[15] Together with the availability of the excluded UKIP MEP, the creation of the group with representation from 7 different member states was made possible by the recent side-lining of two historical but controversial figures of the far-right: Jean-Marie Le Pen was suspended by his own National Front, while Janusz Korwin-Mikke's departure from the KNP allowed Marine Le Pen and Wilders to accept the two remaining members of the party in their group, something they had rejected during the discussions held in June 2014.[16][17] Among the FN delegation, Bruno Gollnisch chose not to join in solidarity with former president Jean-Marie Le Pen, while Aymeric Chauprade, on a trip to Fiji,[16] joined a few days later.[18] One of the four seats won by the PVV was vacant at the time of the group's creation, since Auke Zijlstra, the next in line to Hans Jansen, who died on 5 May 2015, had not taken the seat as of 16 June 2015.[19]

In July 2015, the European Parliament decided the group would earn €3 million per year from EU funds.[20] By adding up all the grants for the group as well as for the linked political party and think thank, the funds will amount to €17.5 million for the next 4 years of their mandate.[21]

On 15 July 2015, Romanian MEP Laurentiu Rebega, left both the Conservative Party and the S&D group to join the ENF.[22] On 8 September 2015, former MEP Auke Zijlstra joined the group, replacing the PVV's Hans Jansen who died in 2015.

Reviewing votes in the EU Parliament on resolutions critical of Russia or measures not in the Kremlin's interests (e.g., the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement), Hungary's Political Capital Institute found that future members of the ENF voted "no" in 93% of cases.[23]


The ENF group has 39 members from eight different countries.[24] [25]

Country # National Party MEP EU party
 Austria 4 Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ)
Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs
KappelBarbara Kappel MENL[26]
Mayer, GeorgGeorg Mayer
Obermayr, FranzFranz Obermayr
VilimskyHarald Vilimsky
 Belgium 1 Flemish Interest (VB)
Vlaams Belang
Annemans, GerolfGerolf Annemans
 France 21 National Front (RBM) (FN)
Front National
Aliot, LouisLouis Aliot
Arnautu, Marie-ChristineMarie-Christine Arnautu
Bay, NicolasNicolas Bay
BildeDominique Bilde
BoutonnetMarie-Christine Boutonnet
BrioisSteeve Briois
ChaupradeAymeric Chauprade
(Joined the group on 24 June 2015)[18]
d'OrnanoMireille d'Ornano
Ferrand, ÉdouardÉdouard Ferrand
GoddynSylvie Goddyn
JalkhJean-François Jalkh
LebretonGilles Lebreton
Le Pen, MarineMarine Le Pen
Loiseau, PhilippePhilippe Loiseau
(Had replaced Jeanne Pothain, who resigned before sitting)[27][28]
Martin, DominiqueDominique Martin
MelinJoëlle Mélin
MonotBernard Monot
Montel, SophieSophie Montel
Philippot, FlorianFlorian Philippot
SchaffauserJean-Luc Schaffhauser
TroszczynskiMylène Troszczynski
 Italy 5 Northern League (LN)
Lega Nord
Bizzotto, MaraMara Bizzotto
Borghezio, MarioMario Borghezio
BuonannoGianluca Buonanno
Fontana, LorenzoLorenzo Fontana
(Had replaced on 11 July 2014 Flavio Tosi, who resigned to remain mayor of Verona)
Salvini, MatteoMatteo Salvini
 Netherlands 4 Party for Freedom (PVV)
Partij voor de Vrijheid
de Graaff, MarcelMarcel de Graaff EAF[29]
MaeijerVicky Maeijer
Stuger, OlafOlaf Stuger
Zijlstra, AukeAuke Zijlstra
(Had replaced Hans Jansen, who died on 5 May 2015)
 Poland 2 Congress of the New Right (KNP)
Kongres Nowej Prawicy
MarusikMichał Marusik None
ZoltekStanisław Żółtek
 Romania 1 Independent (elected as Conservative)[30] Laurentiu, RebegaRebega Laurentiu
(Joined the group on 15 July 2015)
 United Kingdom 1 Independent (elected as UKIP) Atkinson, JaniceJanice Atkinson None



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