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European Dressage Championship

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Title: European Dressage Championship  
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Subject: Isabell Werth, Adelinde Cornelissen, Edward Gal, Jan Brink, Anne Grethe Jensen
Collection: Dressage Events, Equestrian Sports Competitions in Europe
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European Dressage Championship

The European Dressage Championship are the European Championship for the equestrian discipline of dressage. They are now held every 2 years, in odd-numbered years. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded in both an individual and team competition. There is also a Championship held for juniors, young riders, and ponies.


  • History 1
  • Individual results 2
  • Team results 3
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First time in 1963 an official European Dressage Championship was held. Before this time, beginning in the 1950s, the FEI has held one time each year the „FEI Grand Prix“. The winners of this events were referred to as European champions.

At the official first European Dressage Championship in 1963 it was possible to start with more than one horse - so each rider can win more than one individual medal. Today each rider can start only with one horse.

The history of team medals start at the European Dressage Championships in 1965. Two years before, only Great Britain and Romania start with three riders at the European Championships (three riders are necessary for a team). But the rules say that a minimum number of three teams has to start in the team competition - so no team medals were awarded in 1963. From 1963 to 2005, each European Dressage Championship team competition was won by the team of the Federal Republik of Germany. In 2007 the Dutch team win this competition.

Up to 1991 only one individual prize giving was held. In 1993 and 1995 two individual competitions was held—the Grand Prix Spécial and the Grand Prix Freestyle (also called Grand Prix Kür). The riders had to choose, in which of the two individual competitions they want start.

In 1997 the rules were changed again: The riders had to start in the Grand Prix de Dressage (the team competition), in the Grand Prix Spécial and the Grand Prix Freestyle. At the end of this competitions only one individual prize giving was held. Since 2005 the riders can win an individual in the Grand Prix Spécial and also in the Grand Prix Freestyle. A Rider who want to start in the Grand Prix Freestyle must start also in the Grand Prix Spécial.[1]

In 2003 the European Dressage Championship was held as Open European Dressage Championship, but also a (closed) European Championship was calculated based on the result.

Individual results

1963 Copenhagen (DEN)

  • Gold: Henri Chammartin/Wolfdietrich (SUI), 1517 points
  • Silver: Harry Boldt/Remus (GER) 1414 points
  • Bronze: Henri Chammartin/Woerman (SUI) 1356 points
  • 4th place: Reiner Klimke/Arcadius (GER) 1298 point

1965 Copenhagen (DEN)

  • Gold: Henri Chammartin/Wolfdietrich (SUI), 2437 points
  • Silver: Harry Boldt/Remus (GER), 2410 points
  • Bronze: Reiner Klimke/Arcadius (GER), 2376 points
  • Fourth place: Gustav Fischer/Wald (SUI), 2371 points

1967 Aachen (GER)

  • Gold: Reiner Klimke/Dux (GER), 2676 points
  • Silver: Ivan Kisimov/Ichor (URS), 2672 points
  • Bronze: Harry Boldt/Remus (GER), 2611 points

1969 Wolfsburg (GER)

1971 Wolfsburg (GER)

  • Gold: Liselott Lisenhoff/Piaff (GER), 1272 points
  • Silver: Josef Neckermann/Van Eick (GER), 1212 points
  • Bronze: Ivan Kizimov/Ichor (URS), 1198 points

1973 Aachen (GER)

  • Gold: Reiner Klimke/Mehmed (GER), 1220 points
  • Silver: Elena Petushkova/Pepel (URS), 1192 points
  • Bronze: Iwan Kalita/Tarif (URS), 1189 points

1975 Kiew (URS)

1977 San Gallo (SUI)

  • Gold: Christine Stückelberger/Granat (SUI), 1470 points
  • Silver: Harry Boldt/Woyceck (FRG), 1459 points
  • Bronze: Uwe Schulten-Baumer/Slibowitz (FRG), 1404 points

1979 Aarhus (DEN)

  • Gold: Elisabeth Theurer/Mon Chéri (AUT), 1367 points
  • Silver: Christine Stückelberger/Granat (SUI), 1347 points
  • Bronze: Harry Boldt/Woyceck (FRG), 1325 points

1981 Laxenburg (AUT)

  • Gold: Uwe Schulten-Baumer/Madras (FRG), 1344 points
  • Silver: Christine Stückelberger/Granat (SUI), 1331 points
  • Bronze: Gabriela Grillo/Galapagos (FRG), 1328 points

1983 Aachen (GER)

  • Gold: Anne Grethe Jensen/Marzog (DEN), 1477 points
  • Silver: Reiner Klimke/Ahlerich (FRG), 1365 points
  • Bronze: Uwe Sauer/Montevideo (FRG) 1353 points

1985 Copenhagen (Den)

  • Gold: Reiner Klimke/Ahlerich (GER), 1477 points
  • Silver: Otto Hofer/Limandus (SUI), 1399 points
  • Bronze: Anne Grethe Jensen/Marzog (DEN), 1397 points

1987 Goodwood (GBR)

1989 Mondorf (LUX)

1991 Donaueschingen (GER)

  • Grand Prix Spécial:
    • Gold: Isabell Werth/Gigolo (GER), 1537 points
    • Silver: Nicole Uphoff/Rembrandt (GER), 1512 points
    • Bronze: Margit Otto-Crépin/Corlandus (FRA), 1443 points
  • Grand Prix Freestyle:

1993 Lipica (SLO)

  • Grand Prix Spécial:
  • Grand Prix Freestyle:
    • Gold: Nicole Uphoff/Grand Gilbert (GER), 76.2%
    • Silver: Sven Rothenberger/Andiamo (GER), 75.1%
    • Bronze: Gyula Dallos/Aktion (HUN), 72.1%

1995 Mondorf (LUX)

  • Gold: Isabell Werth/Nobilis Gigolo (GER), 236.29%
  • Silver: Anky van Grunsven/Bonfire (NED), 232.11%
  • Bronze: Sven Rothenberger/Bo (NED), 221.87%

1997 Verden (GER)

  • Gold: Isabell Werth/Nobilis Gigolo (GER), 234.20%
  • Silver: Anky van Grunsven/Bonfire (NED), 233.98%
  • Bronze: Karin Rehbein/Donnerhall (GER), 223.67%

1999 Arnhem (NED)

2001 Verden (GER)

  • Gold: Ulla Salzgeber/Rusty (GER), 237.64% (78.29% GP, 78.14 Special, 84.50 Kür)
  • Silver: Arjen Teeuwissen/Gestion Goliath T (NED), 228.47% (72.72 GP, 74.84 Special, 80.91 Kür)
  • Bronze: Nadine Capellmann/Farbenfroh (GER), 228.38% (77.24 GP, 74.09 Special, 77.05 Kür)

2003 Hickstead (GBR)

  • European Dressage Championship:
    • Gold: Ulla Salzgeber/Rusty, 244.092% (78.292 GP, 80.360 Special, 85.440 Kür)
    • Silver: Jan Brink/Bjorsells Briar 899, 230.070% (73.000 GP, 75.760 Special, 81.310 Kür)
    • Bronze: Beatriz Ferrer-Salat/Beauvalais, 227.95%
  • Open European Dressage Championship:
    • Gold: Ulla Salzgeber/Rusty, 244.092%
    • Silver: Lisa Wilcox/Relevant, 235.332 & (77.042 GP, 78.320 Special, 79.970 Kür)
    • Bronze: Jan Brink/Bjorsells Briar 899, 230.070%

2005 Hagen (GER)

  • Gold: Anky van Grunsven/Salinero: 236.577% (77.417 GP, 76.160 Special, 83.000 Kür)
  • Silver: Hubertus Schmidt/Wansuela Suerte: 230.870% (74.625 GP, 75.720 Special, 80.525 Kür)
  • Bronze: Jan Brink/Bjorsells Briar: 229.012% (74.292 GP, 73.720 Special, 81.000 Kür)

2007 La Mandria, near Torino (ITA)

  • Grand Prix Spécial:
    • Gold: Anky van Grunsven/Salinero: 85.80%
    • Silver: Isabell Werth/Satchmo: 83.20%
    • Bronze: Imke Schellekens-Bartels/Sunrise, 81.75%
  • Grand Prix Kür:
    • Gold: Isabell Werth/Satchmo: 78.36%
    • Silver: Anky van Grunsven/Salinero: 77.48%
    • Bronze: Imke Schellekens-Bartels/Sunrise, 75.92%

2009 Windsor (GBR)

2011 Rotterdam (NED)

2013 Herning (DEN)

Team results

1963 Copenhagen, Denmark (not official)

  • Gold: Great Britain , 1962 points
  • Silver: Rumania, 1887 points

1965 Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Gold: West Germany, 2428 points
  • Silver: Switzerland, 2348 points
  • Bronze: USSR, 2246 points

1967 Aachen, Germany

  • Gold: West Germany, 2009 points
  • Silver: Russia, 2789 points
  • Bronze: Switzerland, 2614 points

1969 Wolfsburg, Germany

  • Gold: West Germany, 2918 points
  • Silver: East Germany, 2728 points
  • Bronze: Russia, 2723 points

1971 Wolfsburg, Germany

  • Gold: West Germany, 5,401 points
  • Silver: Russia, 5,144
  • Bronze: Sweden, 4,837

1973 Aachen, Germany

  • Gold: West Germany, 5,184 points
  • Silver: Russia, 5,041
  • Bronze: Switzermand, 4,490

1975 Kiew, Russia

  • Gold: West Germany, 4,966 points
  • Silver: Russia 4,781
  • Bronze: Switzerland, 4,724

1977 St. Gallen, Switzerland

  • Gold: West Germany, 5,351 points
  • Silver: Switzerland, 4,799
  • Bronze: Russia, 4,574

1979 Aarhus, Denmark

  • Gold: West Germany, 4,905 points
  • Silver: Russia, 4,595
  • Bronze: Switzerland, 4,486

1981 Luxenburg, Austria

  • Gold: West Germany, 5,012 points
  • Silver: Switzerland, 4,545
  • Bronze: Russia, 4,538

1983 Aachen, Germany

  • Gold: West Germany, 5,080 points
  • Silver: Denmark, 4,814 p
  • Bronze: Switzerland, 4,761

1985 Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Gold: West Germany, 4,886 points
  • Silver: Denmark, 4,763
  • Bronze: Russia, 4,735

1987 Goodwood, United Kingdom

  • Gold: West Germany, 4,076 points
  • Silver: Sweden, 3,902
  • Bronze: The Netherlands, 3,768

1989 Mondorf, Luxembourg

1991 Donaueschingen, Germany

1993 Lipica, Slovenia

1995 Mondorf, Luxembourg

1997 Verden, Germany

1999 Arnhem, Netherlands

  • Gold: Germany (Nadine Capellmann/Gracioso, Alexandra Simons-de Ridder/Chacomo, Ulla Salzberger/Rusty, Isabell Werth/Nissan Antony FRH), total 5606 points
  • Silver: The Netherlands (Anky van Grunsven/Gestion Bonfire, Ellen Bontje/Gestion Silvano N, Coby van Baalen/Olympic Ferro, Arjen Teeuwissen/Yakumo’s Goliath T) total 5577 points
  • Bronze: Denmark (Lone Jörgensen/FBW Kennedy, Lars Petersen/Blue Hors Cavan, Jon D Pedersn/Esprit d’Valdemar, Anne van Holst-Koch/Any How), total 5169 points
  • 4th place: Spain, 5088 points
  • 5th place: Great Britain, 5060 points
  • 6th place: Switzerland, 4976 points
  • 7th place: Sweden, 4905 points
  • 8th place: France, 4845 points
  • 9th place: Russia, 4820 points
  • 10th place: Austria, 4781 points
  • 11th place: Ireland, 4691 points
  • 12th place: Belarussia, 4597 points

2001 Verden, Germany

  • Gold: Germany (Nadine Capellmann/Farbenfroh, Heike Kemmer/Albano, Ulla Salzgeber/Rusty, Isabell Werth/Anthony), score of 5612
  • Silver: The Netherlands (Ellen Bontje/Gestion Silvano, Arjen Teuwissen/Gestion Goliath, Gonnelien Rothenberger-Gordijn/Jonggor’s Weyden, Anky van Grunsven/Gestion Idool), score of 5431
  • Bronze: Denmark (Jon D. Pedersen/Esprit de Valdemar, Lone Jörgensen/FBW Kennedy, Lars Petersen/Blue Horse Cavan, Nathalie Sayn-Wittgenstein/Fantast S), score of 5359 points.

2003 Hickstead, Great Britain

  • Gold: Germany (Ulla Salzgeber/Rusty, Heike Kemmer/Bonaparte, Klaus Husenbeth/Piccolino, Isabell Werth/Satchmo), score of 5380
  • Silver: Spain (Beatriz Ferrer-Salat/Beauvalais, Rafael Soto, Ignacio Ramblas/Distinguido, Juan Antonio Jimenez/Guizo), score of 5101
  • Bronze: Great Britain (Emma Hindle/Wie Weltmeyer, Nicola McGivern/Active Walero, Richard Davison/Ballaseyr Royale, Emile Faurie/Rascher Hopes), score of 5079
  • 4th place: The Netherlands (Antoinette Falandt/Jarwo, Ellen Bontje/Silvano N, Arjen Teeuwissen/Gestion Goliath T, Edward Gal/Gestion Lingh)

2005 Hagen, Germany

  • Gold: Germany (Heike Kemmer/Bonaparte, Hubertus Schmidt/Wansuela Suerte, Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff/Sterntaler UNICEF), score of 221.708%
  • Silver: The Netherlands (Anky van Grunsven/Salinero, Edward Gal/Lingh, Laurens van Lieren/Hexagon's Ollright), score of 221.167%
  • Bronze: Spain (Beatriz Ferrer Salat/Beauvalais, Juan Antonio Jimenez/Guizo, Ignacio Rambla/Distinguido) and Sweden (Jan Brink/Bjorsells Briar, Tinne Vilhelmson/Just Mickey, Louise Nathhorst/Guinness) both with a score of 213.125%
    • Note: the tiebreaker had Spain winning the bronze, because their third rider had a score of 69.500%, to Sweden's 3rd rider score of 68.625%. However, due to sportsmanship, Spain asked the FEI to change the rules so that both teams could receive the bronze.

2007 La Mandria, near Torino, Italy

2009 Windsor, United Kingdom

2011 Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2013 Herning, Denmark


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