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European LC Championships 1983

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Title: European LC Championships 1983  
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Subject: Stadio Olimpico del Nuoto
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European LC Championships 1983

The 1983 LEN European Aquatics Championships took place at the Stadio Olimpico del Nuoto in Rome, Italy between 22 August and 27 August 1983. East Germany won all women's events in the swimming competition, and also every silver medal available to them in individual events. Besides swimming there were titles contested in diving, synchronized swimming and water polo (men). The 4×200 m freestyle relay for women was held for the first time.

Medal table

      Host nation
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 East Germany 17 17 5 39
2 Soviet Union 9 6 8 23
3 West Germany 4 3 8 15
4 Great Britain 4 1 2 7
5 Italy 2 0 3 5
6 Sweden 1 1 0 2
7 Bulgaria 1 0 1 2
8 Netherlands 0 3 6 9
9 Hungary 0 3 0 3
10 Yugoslavia 0 2 1 3
11 Spain 0 1 1 2
12 France 0 1 0 1
13 Czechoslovakia 0 0 2 2
14 Romania 0 0 1 1
Total 38 38 38 114


Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 m freestyle 50.20 Jörg Woithe (GDR) 50.29 Sergey Smiriagin (URS) 50.35
200 m freestyle Michael Groß (FRG) 1:47.87 WR Jörg Woithe (GDR) 1:50.18 Thomas Fahrner (FRG) 1:50.92
400 m freestyle Vladimir Salnikov (URS) 3:49.80 Borut Petrič (YUG) 3:51.96 Darjan Petrič (YUG) 3:52.60
1500 m freestyle Vladimir Salnikov (URS) 15:08.84 Borut Petrič (YUG) 15:14.54 Stefan Pfeiffer (FRG) 15:16.85
100 m backstroke Dirk Richter (GDR) 56.10 Vladimir Shemetov (URS) 56.38 Sergey Zabolotnov (URS) 56.95
200 m backstroke Sergey Zabolotnov (URS) 2:01.00 Sándor Wladár (HUN) 2:01.61 Frank Baltrusch (GDR) 2:02.46
100 m breaststroke Robertas Žulpa (URS) 1:03.32 Adrian Moorhouse (GBR) 1:03.37 Gerald Mörken (FRG) 1:04.16
200 m breaststroke Adrian Moorhouse (GBR) 2:17.49 Albán Vermes (HUN) 2:18.27 Robertas Žulpa (URS) 2:18.72
100 m butterfly Michael Groß (FRG) 54.00 ER David López-Zubero (ESP) 54.77 Aleksey Markovskiy (URS) 54.81
200 m butterfly Michael Groß (FRG) 1:57.05 WR Sergey Fesenko (URS) 1:59.74 Paolo Revelli (ITA) 1:59.84
200 m individual medley Giovanni Franceschi (ITA) 2:02.48 ER Jens-Peter Berndt (GDR) 2:02.95 Josef Hladký (TCH) 2:03.55
400 m individual medley Giovanni Franceschi (ITA) 4:20.41 ER Jens-Peter Berndt (GDR) 4:20.81 Josef Hladký (TCH) 4:23.52
4 × 100 m freestyle relay
Sergey Smiriagin
Sergey Krasyuk
Vladimir Tkacenko
Aleksey Markovskiy
3:20.89 ER Sweden (SWE)
Thomas Lejdström
Per Johansson
Per Holmertz
Per Wikström
3:22.02 East Germany (GDR)
Jörg Woithe
Dirk Richter
Rainer Sternal
Sven Lodziewski
4 × 200 m freestyle relay West Germany (FRG)
Thomas Fahrner
Alexander Schowtka
Andreas Schmidt
Michael Groß
7:20.40 WR East Germany (GDR)
Dirk Richter
Jörg Woithe
Rainer Sternal
Sven Lodziewski
7:23.01 Italy (ITA)
Paolo Revelli
Marcello Guarducci
Raffaelle Franceschi
Fabrizio Rampazzo
4 × 100 m medley relay Soviet Union (URS)
Vladimir Shemetov
Robertas Žulpa
Aleksey Markovskiy
Sergey Smiriagin
3:43.99 West Germany (FRG)
Stefan Peter
Gerald Mörken
Michael Groß
Andreas Schmidt
3:44.79 East Germany (GDR)
Dirk Richter
Sigurd Hanke
Andreas Ott
Jörg Woithe

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 m freestyle Birgit Meineke (GDR) 55.18 Kristin Otto (GDR) 55.52 Conny van Bentum (NED) 56.61
200 m freestyle Birgit Meineke (GDR) 1:59.45 Astrid Strauss (GDR) 2:00.16 Conny van Bentum (NED) 2:00.61
400 m freestyle Astrid Strauss (GDR) 4:08.07 ER Anke Sonnenbrodt (GDR) 4:10.37 Irina Laricheva (URS) 4:12.90
800 m freestyle Astrid Strauss (GDR) 8:32.12 Anke Sonnenbrodt (GDR) 8:37.72 Sarah Hardcastle (GBR) 8:40.44
100 m backstroke Ina Kleber (GDR) 1:01.79 Cornelia Sirch (GDR) 1:02.46 Carmen Bunaciu (ROU) 1:03.08
200 m backstroke Cornelia Sirch (GDR) 2:12.05 Katrin Zimmermann (GDR) 2:13.36 Larisa Gortschakova (URS) 2:14.41
100 m breaststroke Ute Geweniger (GDR) 1:08.51 WR Sylvia Gerasch (GDR) 1:09.62 Tanya Bogomilova (BUL) 1:10.77
200 m breaststroke Ute Geweniger (GDR) 2:30.64 Sylvia Gerasch (GDR) 2:30.67 Olga Zelenkova (URS) 2:33.10
100 m butterfly Ines Geißler (GDR) 1:00.31 Cornelia Polit (GDR) 1:00.92 Cinzia Savi Scarponi (ITA) 1:01.37
200 m butterfly Cornelia Polit (GDR) 2:07.82 ER Ines Geißler (GDR) 2:08.09 Conny van Bentum (NED) 2:12.87
200 m individual medley Ute Geweniger (GDR) 2:13.07 Kathleen Nord (GDR) 2:15.55 Irina Gerassimova (URS) 2:16.72
400 m individual medley Kathleen Nord (GDR) 4:39.95 Petra Schneider (GDR) 4:40.34 Petra Zindler (FRG) 4:47.90
4 × 100 m freestyle relay East Germany (GDR)
Kristin Otto
Susanne Link
Cornelia Sirch
Birgit Meineke
3:44.72 Netherlands (NED)
Annemarie Verstappen
Wilma van Velsen
Elles Voskes
Conny van Bentum
3:48.24 West Germany (FRG)
Karin Seick
Susanne Schuster
Iris Zscherpe
Ina Beyermann
4 × 200 m freestyle relay East Germany (GDR)
Kristin Otto
Astrid Strauss
Cornelia Sirch
Birgit Meineke
8:02.27 WR West Germany (FRG)
Jutta Kalweit
Birgit Kowalczyk
Petra Zindler
Ina Beyermann
8:11.69 Netherlands (NED)
Annemarie Verstappen
Jolande van der Meer
Reggie de Jong
Conny van Bentum
4 × 100 m medley relay East Germany (GDR)
Ina Kleber
Ute Geweniger
Ines Geißler
Birgit Meineke
4:05.79 WR Netherlands (NED)
Jolanda de Rover
Petra van Staveren
Annemarie Verstappen
Conny van Bentum
4:12.78 West Germany (FRG)
Svenja Schlicht
Ute Hasse
Ina Beyermann
Karin Seick


Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 m springboard Petar Georgiev (BUL) Nikolay Droshin (URS) Chris Snode (GBR)
10 m platform David Ambartsumyan (URS) Vyacheslav Troshin (URS) Steffen Haage (GDR)

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 m springboard Brita Baldus (GDR) Tatyana Alyabeva (URS) Daphne Jongejans (NED)
10 m platform Alla Lobankina (URS) Anzhela Stasyulevich (URS) Ramona Wenzel (GDR)

Synchronized swimming

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Solo Carolyn Wilson (GBR) Muriel Hermine (FRA) Gudrun Hänisch (FRG)
Duet Amanda Dodd (GBR)
Carolyn Wilson (GBR)
Gudrun Hänisch (FRG)
Gerlind Scheller (FRG)
Catrien Eijken (NED)
Marijke Engelen (NED)
Team competition Great Britain (GBR) Netherlands (NED) West Germany (FRG)

Water polo

Men's event

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Team competition Hungary Spain


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