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FAI European Aerobatic Championships

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Title: FAI European Aerobatic Championships  
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Subject: Cuban Eight, MX Aircraft MXS, Vogt Lo-100, Aileron roll, Adolphe Pégoud
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FAI European Aerobatic Championships

The FAI European Aerobatic Championship is an aerobatic competition held biennially, alternating with the World Aerobatic Championship.

Manfred Strößenreuther cup winners

Individual winners

FAI EAC Year Location Unlimited winner ilimitado Aerobatic aircraft Freestyle winner Aerobatic aircraft
17th[1] 2010 Touzim, Czech Republic Renaud Ecalle - -
16th[2] 2008 Hradec Kralové, Czech Republic Mikhail Mamistov SU 26M Renaud Ecalle Extra EA 330SC
15th[3] 2006 Grenchen, Switzerland Mikhail Mamistov Su 26 M3 Hannes Arch Edge 540
14th[4] 2004 Kaunas, Lithuania
S. Darius and S. Girėnas Airport
Mikhail Mamistov Klaus Schrodt Extra 330 XS
13th[5] 2002 Panevėžys, Lithuania
Panevėžys/Istra Airport
Ramón Alonso Klaus Schrodt
12th[6] 1999 Córdoba, Spain Sergei Rakhmanin - -
11th[7] 1997 Antalya, Turkey Patrick Paris CAP 232 - -
10th[8] 1995 Hradec Kralové, Czech Republic Patrick Paris CAP 232 Péter Besenyei Extra 300S
9th[9] 1993 Grosseto (Italy) Patrick Paris CAP 231EX - -
8th[10] 1991 Muret (France) Nikolai Nikitiuk Su 26M - -
7th[11] 1989 Békéscsaba (Hungary) Yurgis Kairys Su 26 M - -
6th[12] 1987 Rosenthal Airfield, Plössen Nikolai Nikitiuk Su 26 M Victor Smolin Su 26M
5th[13] 1985 Ceské Budéjovice (CSSR) Petr Jirmus Zlin 50LS - -
4th[14] 1983 Ravenna (Italy) Petr Jirmus, Valentina Yaikova (Goldobina) Zlin 50LS - -
3rd[15] 1981 Punitz (Österreich) Valentina Yaikova (Goldobina) Yak 50 - -
2nd[16] 1979 Chateaurous (France) Viktor Letsko Yak 50 - -
1st[17] 1977 Esbjerg (Denmark) Manfred Strößenreuther Pitts S1-S - -

Winners by teams

FAI EAC Year Location Winner team Country
17th 2010 Touzim, Czech Republic Mikhail Mamistov, Alexandre Krotov, Elena Klimovich Russia
16th 2008 Hradec Kralové, Czech Republic Mikhail Mamistov, Oleg Shpolyansky, Svetlana Kapanina Russia
15th 2006 Grenchen, Switzerland Mikhail Mamistov, Oleg Shpolyansky, Victor Chmal Russia
14th 2004 Kaunas, Lithuania Mikhail Mamistov, Sergei Rakhmanin, Oleg Shpolyansky Russia
13th 2002 Panevėžys, Lithuania Sergei Rakhmanin, Victor Chmal, Oleg Shpolyansky Russia
12th 1999 Córdoba, Spain Sergei Rakhmanin, Oleg Shpolyansky, Mikhail Mamistov Russia
11th 1997 Antalya, Turkey Patrick Paris, Eddy Dussau, Eric Vazeille France
10th 1995 Hradec Kralové, Czech Republic Patrick Paris, Dominique Roland, Pascale Alajouanine France
9th 1993 Grosseto (Italy)
8th 1991 Muret (France) Nikolai Nikitiuk, Alexander Lyubarets, Sergei Boriak USSR
7th 1989 Békéscsaba (Hungary) Yurgis Kairis, Nikolai Nikitiuk, Liubov Nemkova (Morokhova) USSR
6th 1987 Rosenthal Airfield, Plössen Nikolai Nikitiuk, Victor Smolin, Yurgis Kairis USSR
5th 1985 Ceské Budéjovice (CSSR) Victor Smolin, Nikolai Nikitiuk, Valentina Yaikova (Goldobina) USSR
4th 1983 Ravenna (Italy) Valentina Yaikova (Goldobina), Khalide Makagonova (Ajnetdinova), Victor Smolin USSR
3rd 1981 Punitz (Österreich) Valentina Yaikova (Goldobina), Victor Smolin, Liubov Nemkova (Morokhova) USSR
2nd 1979 Chateaurous (France) - -
1st 1977 Esbjerg (Denmark) - -



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