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FIBA Hall of Fame

FIBA Hall of Fame honors basketball players, coaches and administrators who have contributed to international competitive basketball. It was established by FIBA in 1991. It includes the "Samaranch Library", the biggest basketball library in the world that, as of 2007, has over 10,000 basketball books and 950 magazines from over 65 countries. The Hall of Fame building is a basketball museum built in Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain by the Pedro Ferrándiz Foundation. Initially, induction ceremonies occurred every two years, with the first taking place in 2007. The pattern was interrupted in 2010, when a class was inducted on the day of the 2010 FIBA World Championship Final in Istanbul. After that, no induction took place until 2013, with a class announced in May of that year with induction taking place on 19 June.


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Summary of inductees and candidates

Elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

Male players


Year Inductee Nationality Pos. Achievements Ref.
2007 Belov, AlexanderAlexander Belov  Russia C
2007 Belov, SergeiSergei Belov  Russia G
2013 Conceiçao, Jean-JacquesJean-Jacques Conceiçao  Angola F
2007 CosicKrešimir Ćosić  Croatia C
2007 Cruz, TeófiloTeófilo Cruz  Puerto Rico C
2007 Dalipagić, DraženDražen Dalipagić  Bosnia and Herzegovina F [1]
2007 Daneu, IvoIvo Daneu  Slovenia G
2010 Divac, VladeVlade Divac  Serbia C
2007 Delibašić, MirzaMirza Delibašić  Bosnia and Herzegovina SG 1979 Euroleague Champion
2007 Furlong, OscarOscar Furlong  Argentina C
2007 Galis, NikosNikos Galis  Greece SG Eurobasket 1987 champion
2013 Gaze, AndrewAndrew Gaze  Australia SG
2009 González, RicardoRicardo González  Argentina SG
2010 Kićanović, DraganDragan Kićanović  Serbia SG
2007 Korać, RadivojRadivoj Korać  Serbia PF
2007 Martín, FernandoFernando Martín  Spain C
2007 Marzorati, PierluigiPierluigi Marzorati  Italy PG
2010 Meneghin, DinoDino Meneghin  Italy C
2007 Pasos, AmauryAmaury Pasos  Brazil PF
2009 Pereira, UbiratanUbiratan Pereira  Brazil C
2007 Petrović, DraženDražen Petrović  Croatia SG/PG
2009 Robertson, OscarOscar Robertson  United States PG
2013 Robinson, DavidDavid Robinson  United States C
2007 Rodríguez, EmilianoEmiliano Rodríguez  Spain F
2007 Russell, BillBill Russell  United States C
2010 Sabonis, ArvydasArvydas Sabonis  Lithuania C
2010 Schmidt, OscarOscar Schmidt  Brazil F
2013 Slavnić, ZoranZoran Slavnić  Serbia PG


Female players


Year Inductee Nationality Pos. Achievements Ref.
2009 Chazalon, JackyJacky Chazalon  France PG
2013 Edwards, TeresaTeresa Edwards  United States SG
2013 Gonçalves, PaulaPaula Gonçalves  Brazil PG
2007 Marcari, HortênciaHortência Marcari  Brazil SG
2007 Meyers, AnnAnn Meyers  United States G
2010 Miller, CherylCheryl Miller  United States SF/PF
2007 Ronchetti, LilianaLiliana Ronchetti  Italy G
2007 Voynova, VanyaVanya Voynova  Bulgaria C
2007 Semjonova, UljanaUljana Semjonova  Latvia C
2010 Zasulskaya, NatalyaNatalya Zasulskaya  Russia PF




Year Inductee Nationality Achievements Ref.
2007 Alexeyeva, LidiaLidia Alexeyeva  Russia
2007 Díaz-Miguel, AntonioAntonio Díaz-Miguel  Spain
2013 Donohue, John "Jack"John "Jack" Donohue  Canada
2009 Ferrándiz, PedroPedro Ferrándiz  Spain
2007 Gomelsky, AlexanderAlexander Gomelsky  Russia
2010 Gomelsky, EvgenyEvgeny Gomelsky  Russia
2010 Gaze, LindsayLindsay Gaze  Australia
2007 Iba, Henry "Hank"Henry "Hank" Iba  United States
2007 Kondrashin, VladimirVladimir Kondrashin  Russia
2009 Newell, PetePete Newell  United States
2007 Nikolić, AleksandarAleksandar Nikolić  Serbia
2010 Novosel, MirkoMirko Novosel  Croatia
2007 Primo, GiancarloGiancarlo Primo  Italy
2013 Rubini, CesareCesare Rubini  Italy
2007 Smith, DeanDean Smith  United States
2007 Renan Soares "Kanela", TogoTogo Renan Soares "Kanela"  Brazil
2013 Summitt, PatPat Summitt  United States
2009 Yow, KayKay Yow  United States
2007 Žeravica, RankoRanko Žeravica  Serbia


  • Newell was born in Canada, but is classified as American because he became a U.S. citizen as a young adult and made his coaching mark in the U.S.
  • In addition, Newell is a member of the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame as a contributor, not as a coach.


Technical officials (referees)


Year Inductee Nationality Achievements Ref.
2009 Arabadjian, ArtenikArtenik Arabadjian  Bulgaria
2010 Bain, JimJim Bain  United States
2007 Belošević, ObradObrad Belošević  Serbia
2010 Dimou, KonstantinosKonstantinos Dimou  Greece
2007 Hopenhaym, MarioMario Hopenhaym  Uruguay
2007 Kassai, ErvinErvin Kassai  Hungary
2007 Kostin, VladimirVladimir Kostin  Russia
2013 Lazarov, ValentinValentin Lazarov  Bulgaria
2009 Pfeuti, MarcelMarcel Pfeuti   Switzerland
2007 Rae, AllenAllen Rae  Canada
2007 Reverberi, PietroPietro Reverberi  Italy
2013 Rigas, CostasCostas Rigas  Greece
2007 Righetto, RenatoRenato Righetto  Brazil




The eight founding Federations of FIBA were those of Argentina, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland.


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