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Factory Records catalogue

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Title: Factory Records catalogue  
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Subject: Factory Records, FAC, Select (magazine), Disappointed
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Factory Records catalogue

The following is a list of items with recorded Factory Records numbers. The list primarily consists of music releases but also includes promotional graphics, film, etc. However, the list was not confined to creative output. A party (FAC-83), a lawsuit (FAC-61) and a cat (FAC-191) appear on the list along with other miscellany.

Number allocation was only roughly chronological. Special numbers were reserved for significant Factory output: FACT-25 for Joy Division's Closer, FACT-50 for New Order's Movement, FACT-75 for New Order's Power, Corruption & Lies, FACT-100 for New Order's Low Life, FACT-200 for New Order's Substance, FACT-250 for Joy Division's Substance, etc.

Many numbers (e.g., FAC-317/318/319) were multiply allocated to unrelated projects. Many of the catalogue numbers, especially those above FAC-330, weren't allocated (or released).

For Factory Benelux, see Factory Benelux discography.

The Factory numbering system

The last digit of the number may designate the following (but inconsistencies abound): 1 - Factory Corporate, 2 - Happy Mondays (singles), 3 - Joy Division / New Order (singles), 4 - Durutti Column, 6 - Factory Classical.[1]

The "FACT" designation (as opposed to "FAC") usually denotes an album.

Sometimes the number can contain a further insight:

  • FACT-24, Various Artists: A Factory Quartet (album [x2]): 2 records, 4 artists, thus 2/4. (In addition, Durutti Column [“4”; see above] is on this release.)
  • FAC-148, Styal Mill Sponsored Bucket (sponsorship): One of 48 blades on the mill wheel, thus 1/48.
  • FAC-289, New Order: Campaign Technique (notepaper): Campaign ran in February 1989, thus 2/89. (In typical Factory fashion this number was mistakenly re-assigned to The Wendys The Sun's Going to Shine For Me Soon single 2 years later. Double number assignments occur a few times within the catalogue.)
  • FAC-321, Jonathan Demme: The Perfect Kiss (video). This is the reverse number of the release the video was made for: FAC-123, New Order: The Perfect Kiss. In addition, as noted above, 123 would signify a New Order single, and 321 a Factory Corporate project.


No. Artist Title Designer Format Date Notes
FAC-1 Various Artists The Factory (Club No. 1) Peter Saville event/poster 1978-05 [2][3]
FAC-2 Various Artists: Cabaret Voltaire, Joy Division, Durutti Column, John Dowie A Factory Sample Peter Saville 2×7" 1979-01 Bootleg 12" exist[4][5]
FAC-3 Various Artists The Factory (Club No. 2) Peter Saville event/poster 1978-10 [6][7]
FAC-4 Various Artists The Factory December (Club No. 3) Tony Wilson event/poster 1978-12 [8][9]
FAC-5 A Certain Ratio All Night Party / The Thin Boys Peter Saville 7" 1979-05 5,000 copies[10][11]
FAC-6 Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Electricity / Almost Peter Saville 7" 1979-05 5000 copies[11][12]
FAC-7 Peter Saville Factory notepaper Peter Saville stationery 1979-05 [13][14]
FAC-8 Linder Sterling The Factory Egg-Timer Concept for a menstrual abacus. "But this little artefact was never made, except for the sketches and four prototype beads."[15]
FAC-9 Various Artists No City Fun (The Factory Flick) film 1979-09-13 by Charles Salem and Malcolm Whitehead[16]
FACT-10 Joy Division Unknown Pleasures Peter Saville, Joy Division album 1979-06 [17][18]
FACT-10+4 Joy Division, Various Artists FACT-10+4 Peter Saville poster 1979-06 poster advertising FAC-5, FAC-6, FACT-10, FAC-11, FAC-12[19]
FAC-11 X-o-dus English Black Boys / See Them A-Come Peter Saville 12" 1980-02 [20]
FAC-12 The Distractions Time Goes By So Slow 7" 1979-09 [21]
FAC-13 Joy Division Transmission / Novelty Peter Saville 7" 1979-10 [22]
FAC-1312 Joy Division Transmission / Novelty Peter Saville 12" 1980-12 [23]
FAC-13-T Joy Division, Factory Records Transmission Factory logo Peter Saville, Colin White t-shirt 2004-04 [24]
FACT-14 Durutti Column The Return of the Durutti Column Tony Wilson (sandpaper), Peter Saville (normal) LP 1980-01 First 2000 copies in sandpaper sleeve[25][26][27]
FACT-14-C Martin Hannett Testcard (The First Aspect of the Same Thing / The Second Aspect of the Same Thing) Peter Saville flexi-disc 1980-01 Free with initial copies of FACT-14[26]
FACT-14-C Durutti Column The Return of the Durutti Column Peter Saville cassette 1986 [26][27]
FAC-15 Various Artists Zoo Meets Factory Halfway, Leigh Festival Peter Saville event, poster 1979-08-27 festival, featuring Factory and Zoo bands[28][29]
FACT-16 A Certain Ratio The Graveyard And The Ballroom cassette 1980-01?02? reissued as FACT-16-C[30]; side one is studio, side two is live at the Electric Ballroom, 26 October 1979[31]
FAC-17 Crawling Chaos Sex Machine / Berlin Jon Savage single 1980-08 See also FAC-27[32][33]
FAC-18 Section 25 Girls Don't Count // Knew Noise / Up to You Ben Kelly, Peter Saville 7" 1980-07 7" B-side 33rpm[34][35]
FAC-18 Section 25 Girls Don't Count // Knew Noise / Up to You Larry Cassidy 12" 1980-12 3 different sleeves on 12", with photos of Jenny Ross (later Jenny Cassidy), Julie Waddington or Angela Cassidy[34][35]
FAC-19 John Dowie It's Hard To Be An Egg / Mind Sketch 7" 1981-05 [36][37]
FAC-20 Liz Naylor Too Young To Know, Too Wild To Care Planned film concept by Wilson, script by Naylor. Never went beyond notes.[38]
FAC-21 Fractured Music "F" Logo Peter Saville/Martyn Atkins logo/badge 1981-06 Fractured Music was Joy Division's publishing arm. 400 maroon badges, 200 black[39][40]
FAC-22 A Certain Ratio Flight // Blown Away / And Then Again Peter Saville/Martyn Atkins 12" 1980-10 [41]
FAC-23 Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart // These Days / Love Will Tear Us Apart (Again) Peter Saville, Ben Kelly 7", 12" 1980-06 7" B-side has both songs, at 33rpm[42][43]
FACT-24 Various Artists: Durutti Column, Blurt, Kevin Hewick, The Royal Family And The Poor A Factory Quartet Peter Saville album 1980-12 [44][45][46]
FACT-25 Joy Division Closer Peter Saville, Martyn Atkins album 1980-07 [47]
FACT-26 Durutti Column Durutti in Paris Stephen Horsfall poster/event, cancelled 1980-04 seven copies of poster produced[48]
FAC-27 Saville revenge project Rob Gretton, Alan Erasmus, Peter Saville unreleased sleeve 1980 FAC-159 states: "Cancelled Saville/Gretton revenge programme project for alternative FAC-17 sleeve";[32] Erasmus visiting Saville's London office because the sleeve for FAC-17 was so late[33]
FAC-28 Joy Division Komakino / Incubation / As You Said flexi-disc 1980-04-18 Outtakes from Closer[49][50]
FAC-29 The Names Night Shift Ian Wright 7" 1981-01 [51][52]
FACT-30 Sex Pistols The Heyday cassette 1980-12 Interviews by Fred and Judy Vermorel in August 1977 for The Inside Story[53]
FAC-31 Minny Pops Dolphin Spurt Martyn Atkins single 1981-01 [54][52]
FAC-32 Crispy Ambulance Unsightly and Serene (Not What I Expected / Deaf) Martyn Atkins 10" 1980 [55]
FAC-33 New Order Ceremony / In A Lonely Place Peter Saville 7", 12" 1981-01 Two different 12" mixes with different sleeves[56]
FAC-34 ESG You're No Good Stephen Horsfall 7" 1981-06 [57][58]
FACT-35 A Certain Ratio To Each ... Ann Quigley, Peter Christopherson LP 1981-05 [59]
FAC-36 Joy Division U.S. Joy Division Closer campaign advertisement 1981-06 US advertising campaign for Closer (FACTUS-36)[60]
FACT-37 Joy Division Here Are The Young Men Peter Saville VHS, Beta 1982-08 Ikon FCL IKON-2[61][62][63]
FACT-38 A Certain Ratio Below the Canal VHS not completed[64]
FAC-39 Tunnelvision Watching The Hydroplanes Peter Saville 7" 1981-06 clear vinyl[65][66]
FACT-40 Joy Division Still Peter Saville 2×LP, cassette, CD 1981-10 Various cover designs; CD missing unlisted LP track "Twenty-Four Hours"[67][68]
FAC-41 Stockholm Monsters Fairy Tales Mark Farrow single 1982-01 [69]
FACT-42 A Certain Ratio The Double 12" Ann Quigley, Peter Christopherson 2×12" 1982-01 FAC-22 and FACTUS-4 packaged together; released in Italy, France, Australia and New Zealand[70]
FAC-43 The Royal Family and the Poor Art Dream Dominion (Art on 45 / 5:12 Dream / 4:12 Dominion) Trevor Johnson 12"
FACT-44 Durutti Column LC Les Thompson album 1981-11 [71]
FACT-45 Section 25 Always Now Peter Saville/Grafica Industria LP, cassette 1981-09 [72]
FACT-46 Various Artists The Video Circus video screenings, posters 1980-06 onward three hours of promotional video shown at gigs and galleries[73]
FAC-47 Factory anvil logo Peter Saville logo 1980-07 [74]
FAC-48 Kevin Hewick Ophelia's Drinking Song / Cathy's Clown / He Holds You Tighter Martyn Atkins 7" 1981-11-20 [75]
FAC-49 Swamp Children Little Voices / Call Me Honey / Boy Ann Quigley 12" 1981-10 [76][77]
FACT-50 New Order Movement Peter Saville album 1981-11 [78]
FAC-51 The Haçienda Ben Kelly nightclub 1982-05-21 [79]
FAC-51-B New Order Merry Xmas From The Haçienda and Factory Records (Rocking Carol / Ode To Joy) flexi-disc 1982-12 4400-edition flexidisc given away at Haçienda's first Christmas [80]
FAC-52 A Certain Ratio Waterline / Funaezekea Ben Kelly 12" 1981-12 [81]
FAC-53 New Order Procession / Everything's Gone Green Peter Saville 7" 1981-09 Sleeve available in nine different colours printed on grey card: yellow, blue, purple, orange, brown, green, black, red, aqua[82]
FAC-54 Haçienda Construction VHS 1981 Footage of the Haçienda under construction; some tapes sent out to Factory friends; some footage used on FACT-71[83]
FACT-55 A Certain Ratio Sextet Ben Kelly LP 1982-01 [84][85]
FACT-56 Various Artists A Factory Video Peter Saville VHS, Beta 1982-08 Ikon FCL IKON-3[86][87][88]
FAC-57 Minny Pops Secret Story / Island Rob van Middendorp 7" 1982-09 [89][90]
FAC-58 Stockholm Monsters Happy Ever After / Soft Babies Mark Farrow 7" 1982-08 [91][92]
FAC-59 52nd Street Look Into My Eyes (edit) / Express (edit) Paul Taylor 12" 1982-08 white label 7" exists[93]
FAC-59-T 52nd Street Look Into My Eyes / Express Paul Taylor 12" 1982-08 [93]
FACT-60 The Wake Harmony James Kay, The Wake LP 1982-09 [94]
FAC-61 IN THE MATTER OF FACTORY (COMMUNICATIONS) LIMITED AND IN THE MATTER OF THE COMPANIES ACTS 1948 TO 1980 lawsuit 1982-03-16 Martin Hannett's writ to wind up Factory Communications Ltd[95][96]
FAC-62 A Certain Ratio Knife Slits Water / Tumba Rumba 7" 1982-09 [97]
FAC-62 A Certain Ratio Knife Slits Water / Kether Hot Knives (Mix In Special) 12" 1982-09 [97]
FAC-63 New Order Temptation / Hurt Peter Saville 7", 12" 1982-04 [98]
FAC-64 Durutti Column I Get Along Without You Very Well / Prayer Mark Farrow 7" 1983-06 [99][100]
FACT-65 A Certain Ratio I'd Like To See You Again Agidi, Kennedy's Studios LP 1982-11 [101]
FAC-66 Section 25 The Beast Mark Farrow 12" 1982-07 [102]
FAC-67 Quando Quango Go Exciting / Tingle Alan David-Tu 12" 1982 [103]
FAC-68 Section 25 Back To Wonder / Beating Heart Mark Farrow 7" 1983-06 12" test pressings exist[104][105]
FAC-69 unassigned
FACT-70 Swamp Children So Hot Ann Quigley album 1982-10 Also FBN-21 with different sleeve[106][107]
FACT-71 Various Artists A Factory Outing VHS, Beta 1983-10 Ikon FCL IKON-5[108][109]
FAC-72 A Certain Ratio I Need Someone Tonite / Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing Mark Farrow 12" 1983-07 7" promos exist[110]
FAC-73 New Order Blue Monday / The Beach Peter Saville 12" 1983-03 [111]
FAC-73R New Order Blue Monday 1988 / Beach Buggy 7", 12" 1988-03 Remixed by Quincy Jones and John Potoker[112]
FACT-74 Durutti Column Another Setting Mark Farrow album 1983-08 [113]
FACT-75 New Order Power, Corruption & Lies Peter Saville album 1983-05 [114]
FACT-76 Jazz Defektors The Jazz Defektors Film video unreleased; 8 minute video eventually included on FACT-137[115]
FACT-77 New Order Taras Shevchenko Peter Saville Associates VHS, Beta 1983 Ikon FCL IKON-4[116]
FAC-78 James Jimone Jim Glennie 7" 1983-09 [117][118]
FACX-79 A Factory Product: For your protection Xmas 79/80 Tony Wilson earplugs and breathing mask 1979-12 1979 Christmas present[119][120]
FAC-79 Quando Quango Love Tempo Mark Holt (sticker), F-Dot sleeve 12" Also FBN-23 on Factory Benelux and OFNY-5 on Of Factory New York[121]
FACT-80 Stockholm Monsters Alma Mater Johnson/Panas album 1984-09 [122][123]
FAC-81 Factory International Congress event 1981-09-10 Meeting of Factory staff and associates[124][125]
FAC-82 Cabaret Voltaire Yashar Mark Holt (sticker) 12" 1983-07 [126][127]
FAC-83 Haçienda 1 Year Peter Saville Associates event
FACT-84 Durutti Column Without Mercy 8vo album 1984-10 [128]
FACT-85 Thick Pigeon Too Crazy Cowboys Lawrence Weiner LP 1984-10 [129][130]
FAC-86 Stockholm Monsters Shake It To The Bank 7" unreleased[131]
FAC-86-R The Haçienda must be built Trevor Johnson cardboard model kit 1983-12 1983 Christmas present; reissued 1990[131]
FAC-87 Kalima The Smiling Hour / Flyaway 7", 12" 1984-01 [132][133][134]
FAC-88 The Wake Talk About The Past / Everybody Works So Hard Jackie Gribbon, The Wake 7", 12" 1984-03 Extended versions on 12"[135]
FACT-89 John Dowie Dowie Ralph Steadman VHS, Beta 1983-12 Ikon FCL IKON-6[136][137]
FACT-90 Section 25 From The Hip Peter Saville LP, cassette 1984-03 [138]
FAC-91 Facsoft software Computer program, never made it past the idea[139][140]
FAC-92 Marcel King Reach For Love / Keep On Dancin' 12" 1984-03 7" promo exists[141][142]
FAC-92-R Marcel King Reach For Love (New York remix) // Reach For Love (dub) / Keep On Dancin' 12" 1985-02 A-side and dub also released as FBN-43[143]
FAC-93 New Order Confusion Peter Saville, Phill Pennington 12" 1983-08 [144]
FAC-94 F-Dot Logo Peter Saville Associates logo/sleeve/badge 1983 First used on FAC-79[145]
FACT-95 The Royal Family and the Poor The Project Phase 1 – The Temple of the 13th Tribe Trevor Johnson, Mike Keane album 1984-11 [146]
FAC-96 Ad Infinitum Telstar Trevor Johnson 7" 1984-03 Lindsay Reade[147][148]
FAC-97 Streetlife Act On Instinct Ron Van Roon, Tom Mulder 12" 1984-02 Minny Pops[149]
FAC-98 Swing salon 1983-10 Andrew Berry's hairdressing salon in Haçienda basement[150][151]
FAC-99 Molar reconstruction, Rob Gretton's dental file event
FACT-100 New Order Low-Life Peter Saville album 1985-05 [152]
FAC-101 Lofts apartment concept Loft-style cooperative apartment plan by Wilson, never built[153]
FAC-102 Quando Quango 2 From Quando (Atom Rock) Alan David-Tu 12" [154]
FAC-103 New Order Thieves Like Us / Lonesome Tonight Peter Saville, Phill Pennington, Trevor Key single 1984-04 Cover image based on "The Evil Genius of a King" by Giorgio de Chirico[155]
FAC-104 The Tube live at the Haçienda event 1984-01-27 Channel 4 broadcast [156][157]
FACT-105 Biting Tongues Feverhouse The Soundtrack LP 1985-02 [158]
FACT-105-V Howard Walmsley Feverhouse VHS, Beta 1985-02 Ikon FCL IKON-10[158][159]
FAC-106 Life Tell Me Mark Farrow 7" 1984-07 French version "Dites Moi" released as FBN-37[160]
FAC-107 Stockholm Monsters All At Once / National Pastime Johnson/Panas 7" 1984-06 [161]
FAC-108 Section 25 Looking From A Hilltop Peter Saville 12" 1984-06 [162]
FAC-109 Caroline Lavelle Untitled and Undone single, not recorded
FACT-110 Quando Quango Pigs + Battleships Alan David-Tu LP, cassette 1985-11 [163][164]
FAC-111 Shark Vegas You Hurt Me / But Now Your Flesh Lies Rotting In Hell Mark Farrow 12" [165]
FAC-112 A Certain Ratio Life's A Scream / There's Only This Johnson/Panas 12" 1984-12 [166]
FAC-113 The Wake Of The Matter Jackie Gribbon, The Wake 7" 1985-10 [167]
FAC-114 Durutti Column Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say 8vo 12"EP [168]
FAC-115 Second generation notepaper Peter Saville Associates stationery 1984 using Factory silhouette logo [169]
FAC-116 Red Turns To ... Deep Sleep 12" 1984 plain F-Dot sleeve[170]
FAC-117 Abecedarians Smiling Monarchs / Benway's Carnival 12" [171]
FAC-118 52nd Street Can't Afford (To Let You Go) 7", 12" 1984-10 White label only[172]
FAC-119 James Hymn From A Village John Carroll 7" 1985-03 [173][174]
FAC-120 Factory Silhouette logo Peter Saville Associates logo/badge 1984-07 [175]
FAC-121 Various Artists Riverside Exhibition & Performances Peter Saville event A week of Factory bands showcased at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, London[176][177]
FAC-122 Life Optimism / Better Mark Farrow 7" 1985-04 [178]
FAC-123 New Order The Perfect Kiss / The Kiss Of Death / Perfect Pit Peter Saville single 1985-05 Outer sleeve silver; inner sleeve cyan, blue or black[179]
FAC-124 Streetlife No More Silence / No More Silence (Short Version) / Chopper's Delight Ron Van Roon, Tom Mulder 12" 1985-03 Minny Pops[180]
FACT-125 Various Artists Bessy talks Turkey: Xmas 1984 VHS, Beta 1984-10 Promotional Christmas video of Factory acts, discussed and presented by Claude Bessy; original title Factory Video Hype; Ikon FCL IKON-11[181][182][183]
FAC-126 Alan Erasmus Alan Goes To Moscow event 1985-04 Alan Erasmus A&R visit to the Soviet Union[184]
FAC-126 Alan Goes To Moscow Phil Pennington, Peter Saville poster 1985-04 poster to promote Erasmus visit to Moscow[185]
FAC-127 Kalima Four Songs (Trickery / Land of Dreams / Sparkle / So Sad) Trevor Johnson 12" 1985-10 [186]
FAC-128 A Certain Ratio Wild Party / Sounds Like Something Dirty Trevor Johnson 12", cassette 1985-06 Extra live tracks on cassette[187]
FAC-129 Happy Mondays Forty Five E.P. (Delightful / This Feeling / Oasis) Central Station Design single 1985-09 [188]
FACT-130 The Wake Here Comes Everybody Jackie Gribbon, The Wake LP 1985-11 cassette prepared but unreleased[189]
FAC-131 Various Artists it isn't only lowlife who record for Factory Peter Saville Associates poster Poster promoting forthcoming releases FACT-80, FACT-85, FACT-84, FACT-95, FACT-100, FACT-110, FACT-130[190]
FAC-132 Section 25 Crazy Dancing 7", not released planned 7" version of 12" FBN-45[191]
FAC-133 New Order Sub-culture / Dub-vulture Peter Saville 7", 12" [192]
FAC-134 Biting Tongues Trouble Hand / Panorama / Meat Mask Separatist / Boss Toyota Trouble / Probate Johnson/Panas single 1985-11 [193]
FACT-135 A Certain Ratio The Old And The New Johnson/Panas LP+7", cassette 1986-01 [194]
FAC-136 Factory adhesive tape Peter Saville stationery 2009 Promotional adhesive tape for Rhino Factory Records: Communications 1978-92 box set; thus, not officially numbered by Wilson. dates this as 1985[195][196]
FAC-137 Quando Quango Genius / Rebel 12" 1985-10 7" promo 7-FAC-137[197]
FACT-137 Various Artists Shorts Trevor Johnson VHS, Beta Ikon FCL IKON-12[139][198]
FAC-138 James Village Fire, 5 Offerings From... John Carroll 12" FAC-78 and FAC-119 on a 12"[199]
FAC-139 The Royal Family and the Poor We Love the Moon / White Stains Johnson/Panas 7" picture disc 1986 [200]
FACT-140 The Royal Family and the Poor We Love The Moon: The Project - Phase 2 Johnson/Panas LP 1986 [201]
FAC-141 Third generation logo Peter Saville Associates stationery using Factory silhouette logo from FAC-115[202]
FAC-142 Happy Mondays Freaky Dancin' / The Egg Central Station Design 12" 1986-06 [203]
FAC-143 New Order Shellshock / Shellcock Peter Saville 7", 12" 1986-03 Non-UK versions B-side "Thieves Like Us (instrumental)"[204]
FACD-144 Durutti Column Domo Arigato 8vo CD 1985 first Factory CD-only release; Wilson claimed first non-classical CD-only release in the UK[205]
FACT-144 Durutti Column Domo Arigato 8vo VHS, Beta Ikon FCL IKON-16[206][207]
FAC-145 Christmas 1985 CD wallet Peter Saville Associates Christmas card 1985-12 [208][209]
FAC-146 Stockholm Monsters Partyline / Militia / Partylive Johnson/Panas 12" 1987-04 7" test pressings exist[210][211]
FAC-147 Kalima Whispered Words / Sugar And Spice / In Time Trevor Johnson single 1986-05 [212]
FAC-148 Quarry Bank Mill, Styal, Cheshire Sponsored Bucket sponsorship Sponsored bucket in National Trust mill restoration[213]
FAC-149 Little Big Band First Project album, aborted
FACT-150 New Order Brotherhood Peter Saville LP, cassette 1986-09 [214]
FAC-151 Various Artists The Festival of the Tenth Summer Peter Saville Associates, Malcolm Garrett/Assorted Images event 1986-07 [215]
FAC-152 From Manchester with Love t-shirt 1986-02 T-shirt donated for benefit concert[216]
FAC-153 New Order State of the Nation / Shame of the Nation Peter Saville single 1986-09 [217]
FACD-154 Durutti Column Circuses and Bread 8vo CD LP on Factory Benelux FBN-36[218][219]
FACT-155 Kalima Night Time Shadows Trevor Johnson album 1985-05 [220][221]
FAC-156 Quando Quango Bad Blood 7", 12" unreleased[222][223]
FAC-157 Section 25 Bad News Week Mark Farrow 12" 1987-05 [224]
FAC-158 Anna Domino Summer Benoit Hennebert single 1986-08 also Crépuscule TWI-641[225][226]
FAC-159 Tim Difford FAC-Facts Tim Difford booklets
FACT-160 Section 25 Love & Hate A.S.K. Design Co. album 1988-03 [227]
FAC-161 Out Promotion contract/event 1986 hiring of Out Promotion (Dave Harper/Nicki Kefelas) by Factory[228]
FAC-162 The Railway Children A Gentle Sound / Content / Darkness and Colour Gary Newby 12" 1986-09 [229][230]
FAC-163 New Order Bizarre Love Triangle Peter Saville single
FAC-163153 New Order Bizarre Love Triangle / State of the Nation Peter Saville 7" 1986-11 Austraia-only 7", in FAC-163 sleeve[231]
FACD-164 Durutti Column Valuable Passages 8vo CD Compilation, originally compiled for US and Australia[231][232]
FACT-165 Anna Domino Anna Domino Benoit Hennebert album 1986-08 Also Crépuscule TWI-600[233][234]
FAC-166-12 A Certain Ratio Bootsy / Mickey Way Johnson/Panas 12" 1987-11 Australia-only release on Factory Australasia[235][231]
FAC-166-7 A Certain Ratio Bootsy / Inside 7" 1987-11 Australia-only 7"[231]
FACT-166 A Certain Ratio Force Johnson/Panas LP, cassette, CD 1986-11 [236]
FAC-167 The Railway Children Brighter / History Burns / Careful Gary Newby 12" 1987-02 [237][238]
FAC-167-7 The Railway Children Brighter / History Burns Gary Newby 7" 1987-04 Australia-only 7"[231]
FAC-168 A Certain Ratio Mickey Way (the Candy Bar) (Wild Party / Sounds Like Something Dirty) Johnson/Panas 12", cassette 1985-06 Extra live tracks on cassette[239]
FAC-169 The Pleasure Crew So Good Realisation 12" 1987-10 [240][241]
FACT-170 Happy Mondays Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out) Central Station Design LP, cassette 1987-04 [242][243]
FAC-171 Peter Saville Compact Peter Saville installation 1986-09 installation by Peter Saville at White Columns gallery, New York[244][245]
FAC-172 The Railway Children Overseas Single Collection album concept, aborted
FAC-173 New Order Bizarre Love Triangle Robert Longo video
FAC-174 Durutti Column Valuable Press Pack 8vo press kit 1986 Press kit for FACD-164[246]
FAC-175 Thick Pigeon Blue Christmas Paul Jackson origami box, cassette 1986-12 Christmas present[247][248]
FAC-176 Happy Mondays Tart Tart / Little Matchstick Owen's Rap Central Station Design 12" 1987-03 [249]
FACT-177 New Order Pumped Full of Drugs Christian Mathan, Peter Saville Associates VHS
FAC-178 The Wake Something That No One Else Could Bring (Gruesome Castle / Pale Spectre // Furious Sea / Plastic Flowers) Realisation 12" 1987-11 [250]
FAC-179 Miaow When It All Comes Down / Did She Slimm Smith 12" 1987-01 [251][252]
FACT-180-1 Various Artists Factory In Store Video No 1 VHS 1987-04 promotional video[253]
FACT-181 The Bailey Brothers Mad Fuckers film concept Happy Mondays film concept, aborted; FAC-221 was the visit to Hollywood attempting to secure funding[254]
FAC-182 The Hood / Jumpin' Jesus Salvation / You Can’t Blackmail Jesus 12"
FAC-182-7 The Hood / Jumpin' Jesus Salvation / You Can’t Blackmail Jesus 7" 1987-12 Australia-only 7"[231]
FACT-182 Various Artists Salvation! LP, cassette, CD 1987-10 Factory Australasia numbering of Factory Benelux/Crépuscule TWI-774[255]
FAC-183 New Order True Faith / 1963 Peter Saville Associates, Trevor Key single 1987-07-20 [256][257]
FAC-183 New Order True Faith Peter Saville Associates, Trevor Key paperweight 1987-07 promotional paperweight[258]
FAC-183-R New Order True Faith Remix / 1963 / True Faith Dub Peter Saville Associates, Trevor Key 12" Remixed by Shep Pettibone; different sleeve to FAC-183[259]
FAC-183-R New Order True Faith Remix / True Dub / Paradise Remix Peter Saville Associates, Trevor Key 12" 1987-08 Australia-only remix of "Paradise" by Robert Racic[231]
FAC-184 Durutti Column The City of Our Lady (Our Lady Of The Angels / White Rabbit / Catos con Guantes) 8vo 12" [260]
FACT-185 The Railway Children Reunion Wilderness Gary Newby LP, cassette, CD 1987-11 [261]
FACT-186 Various Artists Festival of the 10th Summer album/video, unreleased
FAC-187 Kalima Weird Feelings / The Dance Johnson/Panas single 1987-05 [262]
FAC-188 Biting Tongues Compressor / Black Jesus / Black & White Jesus Johnson/Panas 12" 1987-10 [263]
FAC-189 Miaow Break the Code / stolen Ears 7" [264]
FACT-190 Wim Mertens Educes Me Joel Van Audenhaeghe LP, cassette 1987-09 also Crépuscule TWI-808[265]
FAC-191 The Haçienda cat cat [266]
FAC-192 Happy Mondays 24 Hour Party People / Yahoo / Wah Wah (Think Tank) Central Station Design 12" 1987-11 7" promo exists[267]
FAC-193 New Order Touched by the Hand of God Peter Saville Associates 7", 12", CD 1987-12 From the soundtrack of Salvation![268]
FAC-194 DV8 Physical Theatre and The Durutti Column When The World (Newson Mix) 8vo VHS 1987-12 Directed, edited and produced by Carole Lamond[269]
FACD-194 Durutti Column Our Lady of the Angels / When the World (Newson Mix) / Catos con Guantes 8vo CD 1987-12 [269]
FACDV-194 DV8 Physical Theatre and The Durutti Column When the World (soundtrack) / When the World (album) / Final Cut / When the World (video) 8vo CD Video 1987-12 Directed, edited and produced by Carole Lamond[269]
FACT-195 Wim Mertens The Belly of An Architect LP 1987-11 also Crépuscule TWI-813[270]
FAC-196 Meat Mouth Meat Mouth is Murder Julie Lomax 12" [271]
FAC-197 Fadela N'Sel Fik Johnson/Panas 12" [272]
FAC-198-7 Vermorel Stereo/Porno 7" Specially commissioned for the BPI Awards 1988[273]
FAC-199 Vermorel Bums for BPI poster
FACT-200 New Order Substance Peter Saville 2×LP, 2×CD, 2×cassette, DAT 1987-08 [274]
FAC-201 Dry Ben Kelly, Peter Saville Associates bar 1989-07-25 [275][276]
FAC-202 Dream Flight Balloons charity sponsorship
FAC-203 New Order 12 Inches of New Order Peter Saville plastic ruler promotion for FACT-200[277]
FACT-204 Durutti Column The Guitar and Other Machines 8vo LP, cassette, CD 1987-12 [278]
FACT-204 Durutti Column When The World VHS 1987-10-24 same video as FAC-194, used to promote FACT-204[278]
FACT-205 Jazz Defektors Jazz Defektors James Martin, Graeme Cooper LP 1988-05 [279]
FACT-206 Kalima Kalima! Johnson/Panas LP, cassette, CD 1988-05 [280]
FACD-207 Little Big Band Little Big Band CD 1988 [281]
FAC-208 Post G-Mex Haçienda Party event
FAC-209 Happy Mondays Film Shoot video
FACT-210 Cath Carroll England Made Me Christian Mathan LP, CD 1991-06 [282][283]
FAC-211 Joy Division TV documentary 1989 Documentary on Channel 4 music show Wired, made to coincide with release of Joy Division catalogue on CD[284]
FAC-212 Happy Mondays Wrote for Luck / Boom Central Station Design 7", 12", CD 1988-10 [285]
FAC-213 Joy Division Atmosphere / The Only Mistake Brett Wickens, Peter Saville Associates 7" 1988-06 [286]
FAC-213.12 Joy Division Atmosphere / The Only Mistake / Sound Of Music Brett Wickens, Peter Saville Associates 12" 1988-06 [286]
FACD-213 Joy Division Atmosphere / Transmission (live) / Love Will Tear Us Apart Brett Wickens, Peter Saville Associates CD 1988-06 [286]
FAC-214 Durutti Column The Guitar and Other Marketing Devices 8vo flexi-disc promotional flexi for FACT-204[287]
FAC-215 Vin D'Usine Blanc, Haçienda House Wine (White) Peter Saville Associates bottle
FAC-216 Vin D'Usine Rouge, Haçienda House Wine (Red) Peter Saville Associates bottle
FACT-217 To Hell with Burgundy Earthbound Central Station Design LP [288]
FACD-218 To Hell with Burgundy Who Wants to Change the World? / Money / Mother of the Sea Central Station Design CD Possibly promo-only[289]
FAC-219 Kalima Flyaway LP, CD 1989-06 [290]
FAC-220 Happy Mondays Bummed Central Station Design LP, CD, cassette, DAT 1988-11 [291]
FAC-221 Factory Goes to Hollywood trip to Hollywood 1989-11 Tony Wilson's visit to Hollywood to pitch a Happy Mondays film[292]
FAC-221 Factory Goes to Hollywood badge 1989-11 Factory US logo badge[254]
FAC-221 The Factory Contract 8vo binder 1990-05 Binder for holding artist contracts. "Two 12"x12" clear perspex plates with screenprinted signal green, silver and signal orange design, held with 4 metal bolts. The bolt positions are located to hold A4 sheets in place and allow for a variable number of pages."[293]
FAC-222 Happy Mondays/Karl Denver Lazyitis (One Armed Boxer) / Mad Cyril (Hello Girls) Central Station Design 7", 12", cassette 1989-05 [294]
FAC-223 New Order Fine Time Peter Saville Associates, Trevor Key single 1988-11 [295]
FACD-224 Durutti Column The First Four Albums 8vo CD box set Box set of The Return of the Durutti Column (FACT-14), LC (FACT-44), Another Setting (FACT-74), Without Mercy (FACT-84) and Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say (FAC-114)[296]
FACT-225 New Order Substance Peter Saville Associates VHS
FACT-226 Kreisler String Orchestra Kreisler String Orchestra Peter Saville Associates LP, cassette, CD 1989-09 DAT planned but never released[297][298]
FAC-227 Fred Dellar Fred Fact newspaper page 1989-07-01 p.50, New Musical Express, 1 July 1989: Factory trivia, Factory Benelux discography[299][300]
FAC-228 Karl Denver Wimoweh 89 Central Station Design 12" [301]
FAC-229 Factorial Peter Saville Associates advertorial 1989-07-15 booklet with Music Week[302][303]
FACT-230 Revenge One True Passion Peter Saville LP 1990-06 [304]
FAC-231 Yo John, Music Week for John Peel's 50th birthday advertisement
FAC-232 Happy Mondays W.F.L. (The Vince Clarke Mix / "Think About The Future" The Paul Oakenfold Mix / Lazyitis - one armed boxer) Central Station Design 7", 12", cassette, CD 1989-09 remix of FAC-212[305]
FAC-233 New Order/Joy Division Substantial Matters: 1986-1988 accounts
FACD-234 Durutti Column Womad 88 (Live) (Otis / English Landscape Tradition / Finding The Sea / Bordeaux) Johnson/Panas CD single [306]
FAC-235 New Order Blue Monday Manual Video Robert Breer, Peter Saville Associates Flickbook 1988 1988 Christmas present; flickbook for FAC-73-R video[307]
FACT-236 Robin Williams Robin Williams Peter Saville Associates, Trevor Johnson LP, cassette, CD, DAT 1989-09 [297][308]
FAC-237 New Order Here are the Old Men VHS unreleased
FAC-238 Haçienda ‘96: Citius Altius Fortius shirt 1990-07 T-shirt to assist Manchester bid for the 2000 Summer Olympics[304]
FAC-239 Happy Mondays Halcyon Daze #2 fanzine Happy Mondays fanzine, allocated FAC number[309]
FAC-240 Factory Year Planner Peter Saville Associates stationery 1988-01 tenth anniversary wall planner (starts January 24th, 1988)[310]
FAC-241 Just Say No to London t-shirt concept
FAC-242 Happy Mondays Madchester Rave On (Hallelujah / Holy Ghost // Clap Your Hands / Rave On) Central Station Design 2×7", 12", cassette, CD 1989-11 [311]
FAC-242-R Happy Mondays Madchester Rave On (Hallelujah (MacColl Mix) / Rave On (Club Mix) / Hallelujah (In Out Mix)) Central Station Design 7", 12", CD 1989-11 [311]
FAC-243 Steve Mason Technique Bronze Cherub art
FACT-244 Durutti Column Vini Reilly 8vo LP, CD, cassette, DAT 1989-03 [312][313]
FACT-244+ Vincent Gerard & Steven Patrick I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong Johnson/Panas 7", CD3 1989-03 limited 7"/CD3 with first pressing of FACT-244; outtake of "I Know Very Well How I Got My Name" from sessions for Viva Hate by Morrissey[314][315]
FAC-245 Madchester Christmas 1989 Johnson/Panas Postcard set 1989 1989 Christmas present: 5 postcards of Manchester icons, with "Manchester" changed to "Madchester"[316]
FACT-246 Duke String Quartet Duke String Quartet Peter Saville Associates, Mark Farrow LP, cassette, CD, DAT 1989-09 [297][317]
FACT-247 Revenge 7 Reasons / Jesus ... I Love You Peter Saville Associates 7", 12", CD 1989-11 [318][319][320]
FAC-248 Various Artists On CD At Last, On Dat Already advertisement 1990-03-17 advertisement in New Musical Express 17 March 1990 for Factory CD and DAT releases[321]
FACT-249 Kalima Feeling Fine Johnson/Panas LP, CD 1990-08 [322]
FACT-250 Joy Division Substance Brett Wickens, Peter Saville Associates LP, CD, cassette, DAT 1988-06 [323]
FAC-251 New Factory Building (headquarters) Ben Kelly building; now indie rock club "FAC251 The Factory", run by Peter Hook
FAC-251dj New Factory Building Resident DJ Jamie El Muerto Person-Resident DJ of "FAC251 The Factory", run by Peter Hook
FACD-251 Steve and Gillian Loved It (The New Factory) CD 1990-09 Promo, distributed at opening of new Factory headquarters[324]
FAC-252 Happy Mondays Hallelujah Radio-Only CD single
FAC-253 Rob Gretton / Tony Wilson Chairman Resigns event
FACT-254 Durutti Column Guitar One - House album Abandoned idea for album in house and dance style[325]
FAC-255 Cath Carroll Beast 12", CD, cassette 1990-10 [326]
FAC-255 Cath Carroll Beast Douglas Brothers VHS 1990-10 Promotional video tape, part of FAC-315[327]
FAC-256 Rolf Hind Rolf Hind Peter Saville Associates, Bracken Harper LP, cassette, CD, DAT 1989-09 [297][328]
FAC-257 Electronic Getting Away with It Peter Saville Associates 7", 12", cassette, CD 1989-12 [329][330]
FAC-258 FAC-Off Central Station Design t-shirt
FAC-259 Factory staff party event 1990-02-19 Tony Wilson's 40th birthday party[331][332]
FACT-260 Happy Mondays Hallelujah Central Station Design single
FAC-261 Madchester Central Station Design t-shirt
FACT-262 Happy Mondays Madchester - Rave On Central Station Design VHS
FAC-263 New Order Round & Round / Best & Marsh Peter Saville Associates, Trevor Key 12", CD Remix FAC-263R (12" and 3"CD)[333]
FACT-264 Durutti Column Guitar Two - Acoustic album, unreleased
FAC-265 United States of the Hacienda DJ tour 1990-06 Hacienda DJ tour of America during June and July 1990[334]
FACT-266 Steve Martland Steve Martland Peter Saville Associates, Neville Brody LP, CD, cassette, DAT 1989-09 [335][297]
FACD-267 Revenge Pineapple Face Peter Saville Associates CD single [336]
FAC-268 Northside Shall We Take a Trip / Moody Places Central Station Design 7", 12" 1990-05 [337][338]
FAC-269 Kalima Shine Johnson/Panas single
FAC-270 Various Artists Our Dance Days album planned Mike Pickering project to release a house remixes compilation[339]
FAC-271 New Order Technique Advertising Peter Saville Associates campaign
FAC-272 Happy Mondays Step On Central Station Design 7", 12", CD, cassette 1990-03 [340]
FAC-273 New Order Run 2 / MTO Peter Saville Associates 12" 1989-08 Limited 20,000 copies on 12"[341][342]
FACT-274 Durutti Column Obey the Time 8vo LP, CD, cassette 1990-12 DAT prepared but not commercially released[343][344]
FACT-275 New Order Technique Peter Saville Associates, Trevor Key LP, cassette, CD 1989-02 [345]
FACD-276 Various Artists Factory Classical Label Peter Saville Associates CD EP 1989-07 promotional sampler[346]
FAC-277 Joy Division Substance video concept
FAC-278 Karl Denver Indambinigi (Zimba / Shengali) Central Station Design 12" 1990-08 [347]
FAC-279 Revenge I'm Not Your Slave Peter Saville Associates single 1990-10 [344]
FAC-280 The Wendys More Than Enough 12" promo, unreleased[348]
FAC-281 The Area Trevor Johnson shop 1989-12 [349]
FAC-282 Flowers for Horse's wedding event 1990-08 Flowers provided by Factory for Paul Ryder's wedding[350]
FAC-283 World in Motion Peter Saville Associates t-shirt
FAC-284 Durutti Column The Together Mix / Contra-indications (album version) / Fridays (Up-Person mix) 8vo single 1991-02 [351]
FACT-285 The Wendys Gobbledygook David Knopov LP, CD 1991-05 [352]
FAC-286 Various Artists Bloomsbury Classical Showcase event
FAC-287 Electronic Get The Message / Free Will Johnson/Panas 7", 12", cassette, CD 1991-04 [353][354]
FAC-287-R Electronic Get The Message (DNA Groove Mix) / Get The Message (DNA Sin Mix) Johnson/Panas 7", 12" [355]
FAC-288 Shaun on One Central Station Design t-shirt may never have been produced officially[356]
FAC-289 New Order Campaign Technique Peter Saville Associates notepaper 1989-02 promotional notepaper for FACT-275[357]
FAC-289 The Wendys The Sun's Going to Shine for Me Soon / Everybody Craig Easton 7" [358]
FACT-290 Electronic Electronic Johnson/Panas album 1991-05-27 [359][360]
FAC-291 Factory Classical stationery stationery 1990 [361]
FAC-292 Shaun Ryder Colours single, unfinished & unreleased
FAC-293 Englandneworder World in Motion Peter Saville Associates 7", 12" 1990-05 Remix FAC-293R[362]
FAC-294 Durutti Column Jazz FM radio advertisement
FAC-295 Xmas Greetings from Factory - Dec 1990 Christmas card 1990-12 1990 Christmas card, photo of the then-new FAC-251[363]
FACD-296 Various Artists Factory Classical 5-CD Set Peter Saville Associates CD box set 1989-09 FACD-226, FACD-236, FACD-246, FACD-256, FACD-266[364]
FAC-297 The Wendys Pulling My Fingers Off // I Feel Slowly / More Than Enough Instrumental David Knopov 12" [365]
FAC-298 Northside My Rising Star / Instrumental Central Station Design 7" 1990-10 [366][367]
FAC-299 Factory Julian Morey t-shirt
FACT-300 New Order Untitled pre-mix listening tape album
FAC-301 Think About the Future Factory Conference event 1990-07-05 [368]
FAC-302 Happy Mondays Kinky Afro Central Station Design 7", 12", CD, cassette 1990-10 [369]
FAC-303 Various Artists Palatine Lane Oliver Carrie/Dragon album
FAC-304 Various Artists Palatine (The Single) John Macklin single 1991-11 [370]
FAC-305-C Various Artists The Factory Tape cassette 1991-03 free cassette with Select magazine[371][372]
FAC-306 Steve Martland Glad Day ( Festival of Britain / Fantasy Island / The World is in Heaven) Bill Smith Studio 12", CD 1990-10 [373]
FAC-306-R Steve Martland The World is in Heaven (Extended Dance Version) 12" 1990 [373]
FAC-307 Cath Carroll Moves Like You Two 12" 1991-09 [374]
FAC-308 Northside Take 5 / Who's To Blame Central Station Design 7", 12" [375]
FAC-309 Hi-Nek t-shirt
FACT-310 Northside Chicken Rhythms Central Station Design album
FAC-311 Fourth Generation Notepaper Julian Morey stationery
FAC-312 Happy Mondays Loose Fit / Bob's Yer Uncle Central Station Design 7", 12", cassette, CD 1991-02 Remix FAC-312-R;[376] Shadowplayers dates release as 1991-03[377]
FAC-313 Joy Division Transmission Film video
FAC-314 Various Artists Palatine - The Factory Story Vol 1. 1979-1982: Tears in Their Eyes John Macklin LP, CD, cassette 1991-11 [378]
FAC-315 Cath Carroll Press kit Two press kit 1991-07 includes CD of "Moves Like You" 7" radio mix, VHS of "Beast" and "Moves Like You"[379]
FACD-316 I Fagiolini The Art of Monteverdi Bill Smith Studio CD, cassette, DAT 1990-09 [380]
FAC-317 Cath Carroll England Made Me John Macklin badge Promotional badge for FACT-210[381]
FAC-317 Various Artists Classics in Motion event 1990-09-07 Factory Classical showcase with I Fagiolini, Rolf Hind, Graham Fitkin, Red Byrd, Steve Martland, Durutti Column at Tramway Theatre, Glasgow, 7 September 1990[382]
FAC-318 Various Artists Classics in Motion event 1990-10-16 Factory Classical showcase with I Fagiolini, Rolf Hind, Graham Fitkin, Red Byrd, Steve Martland, Durutti Column at Haçienda, Manchester, 16 October 1990[382]
FAC-318 Classics in Motion Peter Saville, Brett Wickens T-shirt, poster, leaflet [383][382][384]
FAC-318 Flying Start Exhibition Stand event 1991-05 Stand displaying Factory artwork at Flying Start TV show exhibition[385]
FAC-319 Various Artists Classics in Motion event 1990-10-29 Factory Classical showcase with I Fagiolini, Rolf Hind, Graham Fitkin, Red Byrd, Steve Martland, Durutti Column at Bloomsbury Theatre, London, 29-31 October 1990[383][382]
FAC-319 The Adventure Babies Camper Van / Barking Mad // Lifetime at the Sink / Long Night Narrow Boat Central Station Design 12", CD 1991-09 [386]
FAC-320 Happy Mondays Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches Central Station Design LP, CD, cassette 1990-11 [387]
FAC-321 New Order The Perfect Kiss Jonathan Demme video clip 1985-05 promotional clip for FAC-123
FACT-322 Happy Mondays Live Central Station Design CD, 2×LP, cassette 1991-09 The Baby Big Head Bootleg Album bootleg recording was so popular the band released it as an official album[388]
FAC-323 New Order Untitled single, unreleased
FACT-324 Various Artists Palatine - The Factory Story Vol 2. 1981-1986: Life's a Beach John Macklin LP, CD, cassette 1991-11 [378]
FACT-325 Various Artists Martin: The Work of Martin Hannett John Macklin album 1991-08 [374]
FACD-326 Rolf Hind Country Music Bill Smith Studio CD, cassette, DAT 1990-09 [389]
FACD-327 Revenge Gun World Porn (Deadbeat / Cloud Nine / State of Shock / Little Pig) John Macklin CD 1991 [390]
FAC-328 Electronic Feel Every Beat 3a 7", 12", CD 1991-09 [374][391]
FAC-329 The Other Two Tasty Fish DM 7", 12", cassette, CD 1991-10 [392][393]
FAC-330 The Other Two The Other Two & You album not released on Factory, eventually released on London[394][395]
FAC-331 The Temporary Contemporary Design 3 table 1991-01 Floating boardroom table at FAC-251[396]
FAC-332 Happy Mondays Judge Fudge / Tokoloshe Man / Stayin' Alive Central Station Design 7", 12", CD, cassette 1991-11 [397]
FACT-334 Various Artists Palatine - The Factory Story Vol 3. 1979-1989: The Beat Groups John Macklin LP, CD, cassette 1991-11 [378]
FACT-335 The Adventure Babies Laugh Central Station Design LP, CD, cassette 1992-06 [398]
FACD-336 Red Byrd Songs of Love and Death Bill Smith Studio CD, cassette, DAT 1990-09 [399]
FACD-337 The Wendys I Instruct (Enjoy The Things You Fear / Newspaper Cows / The Pop Song / The Sun's Going To Shine For Me Soon) John Macklin EP 1991-09 [400][374]
FAC-338 Northside Want a Virgin single unreleased[401]
FACT-339 MTV Special: History of Factory documentary 1992-01-26 [402]
FAC-339 Palatine VHS 1992 Canada-only VHS of FAC-339[402]
FAC-341 Happy Mondays Pills ‘N’ Thrills and Bellyaches Launch event
FAC-342 Happy Mondays Charter Clinic idea
FACT-344 Various Artists Palatine - The Factory Story Vol 4. 1987-1990: Selling Out John Macklin LP, CD, cassette 1991-11 [378]
FAC-345 Palatine: The Factory Christmas Gift 1991 John Macklin booklet 1991-12 Christmas present[403][404]
FACD-346 Graham Fitkin Flak Bill Smith Studio CD, cassette 1990-09 DAT scheduled but not released[405]
FAC-347 The Adventure Babies Barking Mad / Captain Scarlet / How Mortal We Are (Mad Hat Mix) Central Station Design 7", 12", CD 1992-06 [406]
FAC-348 Electronic Disappointed single unreleased on Factory, released on Parlophone 12-R-6311 1992[407]
FAC-349 The Other Two Movin' On single planned second single from FAC-330, neither released by Factory[395][408]
FAC-351 Jon Savage The Haçienda Must Be Built! Graham Newman, John Macklin book 1992 Official history of the Haçienda[409]
FAC-352 Happy Mondays Staying Alive single, unreleased
FAC-354 Palatine Celebrations event
FACT-356 Eric Satie Socrate Bill Smith Studio CD, cassette, DAT [410]
FAC-357 The Adventure Babies Laugh / Catching Up 12", cassette Unreleased, though promos were distributed 1992-11. Cassette promo numbered FACD-357.[411]
FAC-362-7 Happy Mondays Stinkin' Thinkin' Central Station Design 7" 1992-09 [412][413]
FACD-366 Steve Martland Crossing the Border John Macklin CD, cassette 1992-07 [414]
FAC-372-7 Happy Mondays Sunshine & Love / Staying Alive Central Station Design 7" 1992-11 Chronologically the last ever regular release on Factory Records[415][416]
FACD-376 Piers Adams Handel Recorded Sonatas John Macklin CD, cassette 1990-09 [417]
FAC-383 The Vikings hardcore New Order fans
FAC-384 The Vikings Under Fives Sons of hardcore New Order fans
FACD-386 Walter Hus Muurwerk John Macklin CD, cassette 1991-01 [418]
FACT-396 Two Guitarists Still Life album unrecorded, unreleased[419]
FACT-400 Various Artists Palatine - The Factory Story 1979-1990 John Macklin LP box, CD box, cassette box 1991-11 includes error-prone Factory and Factory Benelux catalogues[420][378]
FACT-400V Various Artists Palatine - The Free Vid John Macklin VHS 1991-11 Free with initial copies of FACT-400 bought from HMV[378][421]
FAC-400 Joy Division Transmission video 1991-11 Promotional video for "Transmission" by Joy Division to promote FACT-400[421]
FAC-401 Michael Winterbottom 24 Hour Party People film 2002-04-05 fictionalised story of Factory Records[422]
FAC-401 24 Hour Party People Central Station Technicolour 12" promotional 12" for the film, issued to cast and crew[423]
FACD-406 Steve Martland Wolfgang: Martland plays Mozart John Macklin CD, cassette 1992-06 [424]
FAC-413 Jack magazine 2003-01 Jack magazine January 2003, featuring New Order interview[425]
FACT-420 Happy Mondays Yes Please! Central Station Design CD, LP, cassette 1992-10 [426]
FAC-421 website David Sultan website
FAC-424 Anthony H. Wilson 24 Hour Party People Peter Saville book
FACDVD-424 24 Hour Party People Peter Saville double DVD 2003-01-27 [427]
FAC-433 film website website
FAC-441 website David Sultan website
FAC-451 Jane Stanton Love Will Tear Us Apart: A History of the Haçienda documentary 1999-05 Documentary for Granada Television[428]
FAC-451 Haçienda (reconstruction for 24 Hour Party People film) set/event
FAC-461 Matthew Robertson Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album book 2006-07-13 [429]
FAC-471 A Celebration of the Haçienda Trevor Johnson event 2005-12-03 at Manchester Academy 1 with Haçienda DJs[430][431]
FAC-471 A Celebration of Madchester event 2006-05-13 at Manchester Academy 1[432]
FAC-473 Les Paul FAC-473 Peter Saville sculpture
FAC-481 Building magazine: Oh Manchester magazine 2006-01-27 Building 27 January 2006, guest-edited by Tony Wilson and Yvette Livesey[433]
FAC-491 Haçienda 25 exhibition/event
FACT-500 Happy Mondays Uncle Dysfunktional Central Station Design CD 2007-07-03 released by Sequel (SEQCD-012), not Factory,[434] but number assigned by Wilson[435]
FAC-501 Anthony H. Wilson's coffin coffin 2007-08 [436][437]
FAC-511 And you forgotten a memorial event for Rob Gretton Trevor Johnson, Peter Saville event/poster 2004-05-23 [438]
FAC-513 Craig Macnab's Cloakroom Cloakroom at FAC251 The Factory Nightclub



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