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Field hockey at the 2000 Summer Olympics


Field hockey at the 2000 Summer Olympics

Field hockey
at the Games of the XXVII Olympiad
Venue Sydney Olympic Park Hockey Centre
Dates 16–30 September

Field Hockey at the 2000 Summer Olympics was held at the Sydney Olympic Park Hockey Centre.


  • Men's competition 1
  • Women's competition 2
  • Gallery 3
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Men's competition

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men  Netherlands (NED)
Ronald Jansen
Erik Jazet
Wouter van Pelt
Bram Lomans
Diederik van Weel
Stephan Veen
Jeroen Delmee
Jacques Brinkman
Remco van Wijk
Teun de Nooijer
Jaap-Derk Buma
Peter Windt
Sander van der Weide
Guus Vogels
Piet-Hein Geeris
Marten Eikelboom
Head Coach: Maurits Hendriks
 South Korea (KOR)
Kim Yoon
Ji Seong-Hwan
Seo Jong-Ho
Kim Chel-Hwan
Kim Yong-Bae
Han Hyung-Bae
Kim Kyung-Seok
Kim Jung-Chul
Song Seung-Tae
Kang Keon-Wook
Kong Keon-Wook
Hwang Jong-Hyun
Lim Jung-Woo
Jeon Jong-Ha
Jeon Hong-Kwon
Yeo Woon-Kon
Lim Jong-Chun
Head Coach: Kim Sang-Ryul
 Australia (AUS)
Michael Brennan
Adam Commens
Jason Duff
Troy Elder
James Elmer
Damon Diletti
Lachlan Dreher
Paul Gaudoin
Jay Stacy
Daniel Sproule
Stephen Davies
Michael York
Craig Victory
Stephen Holt
Matthew Wells
Brent Livermore
Head Coach: Terry Walsh

Women's competition

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Women  Australia (AUS)
Alyson Annan
Juliet Haslam
Alison Peek
Claire Mitchell-Taverner
Kate Starre
Kate Allen
Lisa Carruthers
Rechelle Hawkes
Clover Maitland
Rachel Imison
Angie Skirving
Julie Towers
Renita Farrell
Jenny Morris
Katrina Powell
Nikki Hudson
Head Coach: Ric Charlesworth
 Argentina (ARG)
Mariela Antoniska
Soledad García
Magdalena Aicega
María Paz Ferrari
Anabel Gambero
Ayelén Stepnik
Inés Arrondo
Luciana Aymar
Vanina Oneto
Jorgelina Rimoldi
Karina Masotta
Paola Vukojicic
Laura Maiztegui
Mercedes Margalot
María de la Paz Hernández
Cecilia Rognoni
Head Coach: Sergio Vigil
 Netherlands (NED)
Julie Deiters
Fatima Moreira de Melo
Clarinda Sinnige
Hanneke Smabers
Dillianne van den Boogaard
Margje Teeuwen
Mijntje Donners
Ageeth Boomgaardt
Macha van der Vaart
Suzan van der Wielen
Myrna Veenstra
Minke Smabers
Carole Thate
Fleur van de Kieft
Minke Booij
Daphne Touw
Head Coach: Tom van 't Hek



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