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Flight International

Flight International
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Flight International cover, 16 October 2007
Editor Murdo Morrison
Categories Aerospace
Frequency Weekly
Circulation 43,000 (June 2007)
Publisher Melanie Robson
First issue 1909
Company Reed Business Information Ltd
Country  United Kingdom
Language British English
ISSN 0015-3710

Flight International (or Flight) is a global aerospace weekly publication produced in the UK. Founded in 1909 as "A Journal devoted to the Interests, Practice, and Progress of Aerial Locomotion and Transport"[1] it is the world's oldest continuously published aviation news magazine.[2][3] With a team of journalists and correspondents around the world, it provides global coverage of aerospace manufacturing and aviation operations in the areas of air transport, business aviation, defence, general aviation and spaceflight. Features include the magazine's famous aircraft cutaway illustrations, flight tests of new aircraft, in-service reports and sector-by-sector analysis.[4]

Reed Business Information Ltd, a subsidiary of Reed Elsevier, publishes Flight International. Competitors include Jane's Information Group and Aviation Week.

In the mid-1920s Flight incorporated a related journal, The Aircraft Engineer & Airships[5]

Former Editors of, and contributors to Flight include Bill Gunston and John W. R. Taylor.


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As of February 2008, Flight International includes the following sections:


  • This Week
  • Air Transport
  • Defence
  • Business Aviation
  • General Aviation
  • Technology
  • Spaceflight
  • Business


  • Comment
  • Straight & Level
  • Letters
  • Classified
  • Jobs
  • Working Week
  • Job of the Week


In addition to traditional editorial content, Flight International has both job classifieds and recruitment sections.


Since the late 1920s, Flight International has become particularly well known for producing highly detailed aviation illustrations, known as Flight Cutaways and Micro-cutaways. These were pioneered by Max Millar, head of the artists department. Some of the best known artists in this field were Arthur Bowbeer, Frank Munger and John Marsden, who between them produced several hundred cutaways between 1946 and 1994.[6]

According to Flight, the goal of the cutaways is to inform aerospace professionals of developments in civil, defense aircraft and engine programs, and in uncompromising detail, worldwide. The Cutaways are a globally recognized product and benchmark for detail and accuracy.[6]

Within the Flight International archive there are more than 1,100 military and civil aircraft, space vehicles and aero-engines, ranging from the Zeppelin to the F/A-18 Super Hornet, and the Wright Flyer to the Airbus A380. Flight International's current Technical Artists are Tim Hall, Giuseppe Picarella and Tim Bicheno-Brown.

Flight Daily News

Representing Flight International during major aerospace conventions and air shows is the Flight Daily News. This daily publication covers the world's four main air shows: the Farnborough Airshow, the Paris Air Show, Asian Aerospace, and the Dubai Airshow, as well as Middle East Business Aviation.

In 2007, Flight Daily News was awarded the title of the world's best air show daily publication by the Royal Aeronautical Society and the World Development Forum for the third successive year – an honour held only by Flight Daily News.

Sister publication of Flight Daily News is the Flight Evening News. Launched at the 2004 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention in Las Vegas, it was a new concept in air show daily newspapers. Traditionally, show dailies have appeared in the morning, covering the happenings of the previous day. Flight Evening News published instead on the same day.

Journalists cover stories from press conferences, the exhibition floor and static display throughout the morning. The newspaper is designed and printed in a matter of hours, and handed delegates leaving the show late that afternoon. Flight Evening News is the only daily publication to follow this format, and it markets the information it provides as "today's news today".

Flight Evening News can be found at NBAA, as well as its European equivalent, the European Business Associations' Convention and Exhibition (EBACE).

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