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Flora Malherbe

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Title: Flora Malherbe  
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Flora Malherbe

Flora Malherbe is a fictional character on the American TV sitcom The Andy Griffith Show and its successor, Mayberry RFD. She was played by American actress, Alberta Nelson.

Flora was Goober Pyle's girlfriend on the series. In her four appearances, she is shown to be a warm-hearted, slightly naive, young woman who works hard and strives to do a good job both as a waitress and at Wally's Filling Station. Her warm-hearted naiveté makes her a suitable match for Goober. She is depicted as unselfish as she volunteers to help Goober at Wally's and then steps down from a job she enjoys to save that relationship. She is always helpful; it is Flora who assists Emmett in shopping for a fur coat for his wife, Martha in "Emmett's Anniversary."


  • Flora first shows up in the episode "Eat Your Heart Out" (February 28, 1966) as the new waitress in Mayberry who has a crush on Sheriff Andy Taylor, while Goober has a crush on her. Flora's infatuation with Sheriff Taylor complicates his relationship both with Goober and with Helen Crump until he is able to convince Flora that Goober is the fellow for her. Perhaps Flora's most memorable scenes are in "Eat Your Heart Out" where she swaps plates on two occasions to give a better portion to Andy, but in the end does the same thing to give Goober the bigger portion.
  • Next Flora offers to take Goober's place at Wally's Service Station when Goober goes fishing in "Goober's Replacement" (March 28, 1966). She is seen at the station wearing slacks, a work shirt with oil rag hanging out the pocket, a service cap and a money changer on her belt, and the comment is made that she looks good in slacks. When Goober returns from his trip, he discovers that Wally and his customers are quite happy with Flora and in no hurry for Goober to resume his duties. He also discovers Flora is more interested in making improvements at the station than she is in romance. It is up to Andy to convince Flora to save her relationship with Goober by stepping down to allow Goober to have his old job back.
  • In "Emmett's Anniversary" (February 26, 1968) and in "Emmett's Retirement" (Mayberry RFD, Episode 23 March 10, 1969) Flora appears as a friend of Emmett Clark's.


  • The musical score heard when Flora appears on-screen is similar to the theme from A Summer Place.
  • Alberta Nelson also played the role of Barney Fife's admirer Nettie Albright in Episode 176, "The Return of Barney Fife" (January 10, 1966).
  • Flora's furrier friend in "Emmett's Anniversary" was played by Ronnie Schell.
  • At Mayberry events around the country, there is a Flora Malherbe tribute artist.

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