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Fourth Ponta Cabinet

Ponta IV

124th Cabinet of Romania
Cabinet meeting, 20 May 2015
Date formed 17 December 2014
People and organisations
Head of government Victor Ponta
Head of state Traian Băsescu (17–21 December 2014)
Klaus Iohannis (22 December 2014–present)
Number of ministers 22
Member parties PSD, UNPR, ALDE
Status in legislature Coalition
Opposition parties PNL, UDMR, M10, PMP, PNȚCD, PSRO, PRU
Opposition leaders Vasile Blaga, Hunor Kelemen, Monica Macovei, Eugen Tomac, Aurelian Pavelescu, Mircea Geoană, Bogdan Diaconu
Legislature term(s) 2014–16
Previous Ponta III

The Fourth Ponta Cabinet is the executive of Romania since 17 December 2014.[1] The Fourth Ponta Cabinet is supported by the Social Democratic Party, the National Union for the Progress of Romania and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats made of PLR led by Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu and PC led by Daniel Constantin.[2][3] Sixteen of the ministerial portfolios are held by PSD members, four by ALDE and three by UNPR.

Unlike previous cabinet, it contains only politically appointed ministers. The posts of deputy prime ministers were disbanded, with the exception of that occupied by UNPR leader Gabriel Oprea.[4] Likewise, eight ministers were merged in four portfolios:[5]

  • the Ministry of Scientific Research was absorbed by the Ministry of Education;
  • the Ministry of SMEs merged in the Ministry of Economy;
  • the Ministry of Water and Forests became part of the Ministry of Environment;
  • the Ministry for the Budget was included in the Ministry of Finance.

The reshuffling of the Third Ponta Cabinet came after coalition partners from the Hungarian-minority party UDMR decided to exit their respective governmental portfolios. Ponta decided to bust the cabinet's image, affected by his loss of the presidential elections in November and the scandal involving voting procedures in the diaspora, by naming new ministers, removing other ministers with insufficient results and replacing the ones who left the cabinet.

The Opposition, headed by the PNL, announced a possible motion of censure after 1 February 2015,[6] while President Klaus Iohannis mentioned in an interview for Digi24 that "there is a reasonable chance that through a motion of censure to change the government".[7] Likewise, he stated that would like to work with a PNL government.[8] A no-confidence motion failed in September 2015, on a 207-276 vote.[9]

During the ceremony of taking the oath, outgoing president Traian Băsescu criticized two of the members of the new cabinet – Liviu Pop and Sorin Câmpeanu –, accusing them that contributed to the destruction of educational institutions, agreeing to "a false in public interest", allusion to Victor Ponta's plagiarism scandal that was minimized during Ponta's premiership.[10]


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    • Facts and statistics 1.1
    • Party breakdown 1.2
  • References 2


Image Function Incumbent Party In office since Until
Prime Minister Victor Ponta PSD 7 May 2012
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Internal Affairs Gabriel Oprea UNPR 17 December 2014
Minister of Regional Development Liviu Dragnea PSD 17 December 2014 15 May 2015
Sevil Shhaideh PSD 20 May 2015
Minister of Agriculture Daniel Constantin ALDE 17 December 2014
Minister of Culture Ioan Vulpescu PSD 17 December 2014
Minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Aurescu Ind. 17 December 2014
Minister of Defence Mircea Dușa PSD 17 December 2014
Minister of Finance Darius Vâlcov PSD 17 December 2014 15 March 2015[11]
Eugen Teodorovici PSD 30 March 2015
Minister of the Economy Mihai Tudose PSD 17 December 2014
Minister of Justice Robert Cazanciuc UNPR[12] 17 December 2014
Minister of Transport Ioan Rus PSD 17 December 2014 11 June 2015[13]
Iulian Matache PSD 17 July 2015[14]
Minister of Health Nicolae Bănicioiu PSD 17 December 2014
Minister of Communications Sorin Grindeanu PSD 17 December 2014
Minister of Labour Rovana Plumb PSD 17 December 2014
Minister of Environment, Waters and Forests Grațiela Gavrilescu ALDE 17 December 2014
Minister of Education Sorin Câmpeanu ALDE 17 December 2014
Minister of European Funds Eugen Teodorovici PSD 17 December 2014 30 March 2015
Marius Nica PSD 30 March 2015
Minister of Youth and Sports Gabriela Szabo PSD 17 December 2014
Minister of Energy Andrei Gerea ALDE 17 December 2014
Minister for Relations with Parliament Eugen Nicolicea UNPR 17 December 2014
Minister for Social Dialogue Liviu Pop PSD 17 December 2014
Minister for Romanians Abroad Angel Tîlvăr PSD 17 December 2014

Facts and statistics

The numbers below refer to the composition of the cabinet as of 20 May 2015:

  • Number of ministers: 21
  • Number of women: 4
  • Number of men: 17
  • Average age: 46.2 years
  • Youngest minister: Marius Nica (34 years)[15]
  • Oldest minister: Mircea Dușa (60 years)

Party breakdown

Party breakdown of cabinet ministers:


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