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Greece women's national water polo team

Nickname(s) Galanolefki (The Blue-white)
Association Hellenic Swimming Federation
Confederation LEN (Europe)
Head coach Giorgos Morfesis
Asst coach Stefanos Leandros
Captain Antigoni Roumpesi
Olympic Games
Appearances 2 (first in 2004)
Best result (2004)
World Championships
Appearances 9 (first in 1998)
Best result (2011)
World League
Appearances 7 (first in 2004)
Best result (2005)
World Cup
Appearances 5 (first in 1997)
Best result 6th place (1997, 2006)
European Championship
Appearances 13 (first in 1989)
Best result (2010, 2012)

The Greece women's national water polo team represents Greece in international women's water polo competitions. Since the 2000s, Greece have emerged as one of the leading powers in the world, becoming World Champions after their gold medal win at the 2011 World Championship. They have also won the silver medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics, the gold medal at the 2005 World League and the silver medals at the 2010 and 2012 European Championships.


Gold medals

Silver medals

Bronze medals

Competition 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Olympic Games 0 1 0 1
World Championship 1 0 0 1
World League 1 0 3 4
European Championship 0 2 0 2
Total 2 3 3 8


Alkisti Avramidou, prominent member of the Greek team that was crowned World Champion in 2011

Olympic games

Year Position
1996  [a]4th[a]
2004 2nd
2008 8th
Total 2/4

World Championship

Year Position
1998 5th
2001 7th
2003 9th
2005 5th
2007 8th
2009 4th
2011 1st
2013 6th
2015 6th
Total 9/12

FINA World League

Year Position
2004 6th
2005 1st
2007 3rd
2009 7th
2010 3rd
2011 4th
2012 3rd
Total 7/9

FINA World Cup

Year Position
1997 6th
1999 8th
2002 7th
2006 6th
2010 7th
Total 5/15

European Championships

Year Position
1989 7th
1991 7th
1993 7th
1995 4th
1997 7th
1999 5th
2001 4th
2003 5th
2006 6th
2008 6th
2010 2nd
2012 2nd
2014 6th
Total 13/15


a. ^ The women had to wait for Olympic recognition by the IOC, and played their own "Olympic Tournament" with twelve competing teams, from May 29 to June 7, 1996 in Emmen, Netherlands.



  • FINA
  • HistoFINA Volume VIII (Edition 2004)

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