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Haruhiko Mikimoto

Haruhiko Mikimoto
Native name 美樹本 晴彦
Born Haruhiko Satō (佐藤晴彦 Satō Haruhiko)
(1959-08-28) August 28, 1959
Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Anime character designer, illustrator and manga artist

Haruhiko Mikimoto (美樹本 晴彦 Mikimoto Haruhiko, born Haruhiko Satō (佐藤晴彦 Satō Haruhiko), August 28, 1959 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese anime character designer, illustrator and manga artist. Mostly active during the 1980s, during that decade he rose to prominence and is considered one of the top character designers of his time.

He graduated from Keio University, and attended the university in the same years as Macross creator Shōji Kawamori and screenwriter Hiroshi Ōnogi. He joined the animation studio Artland while attending school, and was character designer in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross.


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  • Artbooks and collections 3
  • Illustration works 4
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Anime works

Listed in alphabetical order.


Artbooks and collections

Listed in alphabetic order. ISBN is for Japanese release unless otherwise noted.

  • Elverz, ISBN 4-8291-9107-4
  • Haruhiko Mikimoto Illustrations
    • ISBN 0-945814-52-6 (USA, hardcover)
    • ISBN 0-945814-51-8 (USA, softcover)
  • Hoshi no Kismet, ISBN 4-253-01066-0
  • Innocence, ISBN 4-04-853663-X
  • It's Artland, ISBN 4-88144-032-2
  • Michinoku Gashū, ISBN 4-19-669538-8
  • Mikimoto Haruhiko Cel Works, ISBN 4-19-669607-4
  • Movement, ISBN 4-8291-9102-3
  • My Time, ISBN 4-8291-9112-0
  • Quo Vadis Visual Book, ISBN 4-575-28720-2
  • Roman Album Series Haruhiko Mikimoto Illustrations
  • A Sherd of Youthful Memories Deep File, ISBN 4-901159-00-3
  • A Sherd of Youthful Memories Visual Works, ISBN 4-87709-359-1
  • This Is Animation: Chō Jikū Yōsai Macross Character-hen, ISBN 4-09-199521-7
  • Visualist Series: Haruhiko Mikimoto Collection (laserdisc, VHS, and CD-ROM)

Illustration works

Listed in alphabetic order. ISBN is for Japanese release unless otherwise noted.

  • Baby Birth (illustrator, manga written by Sukehiro Tomita)
    • vol.1, ISBN 4-06-349061-0 (Japan), ISBN 1-59182-372-2 (USA)
    • vol.2, ISBN 4-06-349102-1 (Japan), ISBN 1-59182-373-0 (USA)
  • Chō Jikū Seiki Orguss 02
    • vol.1, ISBN 4-09-440193-8
    • vol.2, ISBN 4-09-440194-6
    • vol.3, ISBN 4-09-440195-4
    • vol.4, ISBN 4-09-440196-2
  • Chō Jikū Yōsai Macross TV-ban Anime Novels vol.1, ISBN 4-09-198001-5 (cover, illustrator, novel by Toshiki Inoue)
  • Ecole Du Ciel
    • vol.1 (cover, inside illustration, novel by Kenichi Nakahara), ISBN 4-04-429801-7
    • vol.2 (cover, inside illustration, novel by Kenichi Nakahara), ISBN 4-04-429802-5
  • Gekijoban Chō Jikū Yōsai Macross: Ai Oboete Imasu ka, ISBN 4-09-440004-4 (cover, illustrator, novel by Sukehiro Tomita)
  • Gekijoban Chō Jikū Yōsai Macross 2
    • vol.1, ISBN 4-09-440011-7
    • vol.2, ISBN 4-09-440012-5
    • vol.3, ISBN 4-09-440013-3
    • vol.4, ISBN 4-09-440014-1
    • vol.5, ISBN 4-09-440015-X
  • Gunbuster Perfect Guide (character designer)
  • Hakkenden (cover, illustrator)
    • vol.1, ISBN 4-09-440261-6
    • vol.2, ISBN 4-09-440262-4
    • vol.3, ISBN 4-09-440263-2
  • Hayase Misa: Shiroi Tsuioku, ISBN 4-19-669519-1 (illustrator, novel by Hiroshi Ohnogi)
  • Live of Legend: Lynn Minmay/Mylene Jenius (character designer)
  • Marginal Masters
    • vol.1, ISBN 4-19-669615-5
    • vol.2, ISBN 4-19-669635-X
    • vol.3, ISBN 4-19-669639-2
  • My Inference And Her Reason, ISBN 4-04-428001-0 (cover, novel by Tsuguya Murase)
  • Mysterious Warrior Thief T.T. (cover, illustrator, novels by Eiichiro Saito)
    • vol.1, ISBN 4-04-164701-0
    • vol.3, ISBN 4-04-164703-7
    • vol.4, ISBN 4-04-164704-5
  • New Record of Lodoss War, (Introduction) ISBN 4-04-460426-6 (cover, inside illustrations, novels by Ryo Mizuno)
    • vol.1, ISBN 4-04-460424-X
    • vol.2, ISBN 4-04-460423-1
    • vol.3, ISBN 4-04-460425-8
    • vol.4, ISBN 4-04-460428-2
    • vol.5, ISBN 4-04-460429-0
    • vol.6, ISBN 4-04-460430-4
  • Oboete Imasu ka: Eiga "Chō Jikū Yōsai Macross" yori, ISBN 4-19-669544-2 (cover, illustrator)
  • Seishun! Tonari-gumi: Kimi to Hanashitai, ISBN 4-19-669585-X (cover, illustrator)
  • Titania (cover, illustrator, novels by Yoshiki Tanaka)
    • vol.1, ISBN 4-19-153817-9
    • vol.2, ISBN 4-19-154060-2
    • vol.3, ISBN 4-7575-1135-3
  • Tōsō no Eden, ISBN 4-19-669593-0 (illustrator)


Listed in alphabetic order. ISBN is for Japanese release unless otherwise noted.

  • Cherish, ISBN 4-04-852489-5
  • Macross 7: Trash
    • vol.1, ISBN 4-04-713105-9
    • vol.2, ISBN 4-04-713122-9
    • vol.3, ISBN 4-04-713142-3
    • vol.4, ISBN 4-04-713183-0
    • vol.5, ISBN 4-04-713198-9
    • vol.6, ISBN 4-04-713230-6
    • vol.7, ISBN 4-04-713293-4
    • vol.8, ISBN 4-04-713397-3
  • Marionette Generation
    • vol.1, ISBN 4-04-852221-3 (Japan), ISBN 1-56931-558-2 (USA)
    • vol.2, ISBN 4-04-852225-6 (Japan)
    • vol.3, ISBN 4-04-852480-1 (Japan), ISBN 1-59116-024-3 (USA)
    • vol.4, ISBN 4-04-852588-3 (Japan), ISBN 1-59116-055-3 (USA)
    • vol.5, ISBN 4-04-852803-3 (Japan), ISBN 1-59116-200-9 (USA)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam École du Ciel
    • vol.1, ISBN 4-04-713520-8, ISBN 4-04-713521-6 (special edition, bonus CD-ROM) (Japan), ISBN 1-59532-851-3 (USA)
    • vol.2, ISBN 4-04-713564-X (Japan), ISBN 1-59532-852-1 (USA)
    • vol.3, ISBN 4-04-713612-3 (Japan), ISBN 1-59532-853-X (USA)
    • vol.4, ISBN 4-04-713641-7 (Japan), ISBN 1-59532-854-8 (USA)
    • vol.5, ISBN 4-04-713687-5, ISBN 4-04-900768-1 (special edition, bonus figure) (Japan), ISBN 1-59816-209-8 (USA)
    • vol.6, ISBN 4-04-713723-5
    • vol.7, ISBN 4-04-713752-9
    • vol.8, ISBN 4-04-713802-9, ISBN 4-04-900780-0 (special edition, bonus figure)
    • vol.9, ISBN 4-04-713854-1
  • Reverb, ISBN 4-04-926186-3
  • The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: The First - Macross Ace Magazine


  • Aquarian Age Trading Card Game (card illustrations)
  • Chaos Gear Trading Card Game (card illustrations)
  • CM's Macross Figure Collection (cover illustration)
  • Gundam the Ride: A Baoa Qu (amusement park ride, character design)
  • Macross VF-X2 Original Soundtrack (cover, inside illustrations)
  • Macross 7 Trash (radio drama, illustrations)
  • Marionette Generation: Out of Ganchu (CD album + illustration book)


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