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Hazara diaspora

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Title: Hazara diaspora  
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Subject: Afghan diaspora, Hazaragi culture, Persecution of Hazara people, Persecution of Hazara people in Quetta, Hazara diaspora
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Hazara diaspora

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Hazara people

The Hazara people, a Persian-speaking ethnic group originating in the Hazarajat region of central Afghanistan have established a large diaspora due to the various grievous incidents and problems that have taken over their homeland in Afghanistan in the last 30-40 years, which consists of many communities in different countries around the world as part of the later Afghan diaspora. There are currently over half a million Hazara who live in the Balochistan province of Pakistan (mostly in and around the city of Quetta),[1][2] a large number of whom have been settled in the country for generations and are now Pakistani citizens. A similarly large Hazara community is also present in Iran.[1]

Apart from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, a large number of Hazara have migrated to countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and in Europe, mostly due to an unstable political and economic situation prevailing back home as well as the ongoing persecution of Hazara people in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Overseas communities


The Hazara Council of Australia is an organisation formed by the Hazara community of Australia.[3] Arman Monthly is a Persian-language magazine distributed nationwide which is published by the Hazara community. The 2003 Australian documentary film Molly & Mobarak is based on a Hazara asylum seeker who enters Australia, falls in love with a local girl and faces possible deportation as his temporary visa nears expiration.


Mongolia's Tsahim Örtöö Foundation (Цахим өртөө сүлжээ) offers scholarships for Hazara high school graduates in Afghanistan and Pakistan to study for five years at the National University of Mongolia. Each US$52,000 scholarship is financed by charitable donations from Mongolian companies and professional associations, as well as individual Mongolian citizens living abroad.[4][5]

United States

Hussain Andaryas is a Hazara American who is a Christian activist and editor of the Afghan Times, an Afghan Christian news network.

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