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Sobieski family

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Title: Sobieski family  
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Subject: Andreas Schlüter, Lesser Poland, List of Polish monarchs, Szczerbiec, John III Sobieski, James Louis Sobieski, Dynasty, Koniecpolski family, Janina coat of arms, Sobieski
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Sobieski family

Ethnicity Polish
Current region Poland
Place of origin Sobieszyn, Poland
Connected families Koniecpolski

Sobieski family of Janina coat of arms, also known as House of Sobieski due to their royalty connections, were a notable family of Polish nobility.


According to the family's legend, disproved by modern historians, it traced its lineage to Polish duke, Leszek II the Black. The family reached height of its power and importance in late 16th and 17th centuries, when one of its members were elected King of Poland: John III Sobieski (Jan III Sobieski). The last male member of the branch of the family that begun with John's grandfather, Marek Sobieski, in 16th century, was Jakub Ludwik Sobieski (1667–1737).

Coat of Arms

The Sobieski family used the Janina Coat of Arms and their motto was: "Vel cum hoc, vel super hoc".

Notable members

Picture Name Born Death Parents Consorts Functions and Offices
Stanisław Sobieski c. 1450 1508/1516 Mikołaj Sobieski
Małgorzata Krzyniecka Szlachcic, owner of Sobieszyn
Piotr Sobieski c. 1460 after 1508 Mikołaj Sobieski
Unknown by Name heiress
of the village Bychawka
Szlachcic, owner of Lędo
Sebastian Sobieski c. 1486 1557 Stanisław Sobieski
Małgorzata Krzyniecka
Barbara Giełczewska Szlachcic
Jan Sobieski c. 1518 1564 Sebastian Sobieski
Barbara Giełczewska
Katarzyna Gdeszyńska Rotmistrz of Cavalry
Marek Sobieski c. 1550 1605 Jan Sobieski
Katarzyna Gdeszyńska
Jadwiga Snopkowska
Katarzyna Tęczyńska
Voivode of Lublin Voivodship
Sebastian Sobieski c. 1552 1614 Jan Sobieski
Katarzyna Gdeszyńska
Anna Zebrzydowska Court Chorąży of the Crown
Jakub Sobieski 1590 1646 Marek Sobieski
Jadwiga Snopkowska
Marianna Wiśniowiecka
Zofia Teofila Daniłowiczówna
Deputy of the Sejm
Aleksandra Sobieska c. 1590 1645 Marek Sobieski
Jadwiga Snopkowska
Krzysztof Wiesiołowski Wife of Great Marshal of Lithuania
Marek Sobieski 1628 1652 Jakub Sobieski
Zofia Teofila Daniłowiczówna
none Starost of Jaworów and Krasnystaw
Rotmistrz of the Crown Army
Jan III Sobieski 1629 1696 Jakub Sobieski
Zofia Teofila Daniłowiczówna
Marie Casimire Louise King of Poland
Katarzyna Sobieska 1634 1694 Jakub Sobieski
Zofia Teofila Daniłowiczówna
Władysław Dominik Zasławski-Ostrogski
Michał Kazimierz Radziwiłł
Wife of Deputy Chancellor of Lithuania
and Field Hetman of Lithuania
Jakub Ludwik Sobieski 1667 1737 Jan III Sobieski
Marie Casimire Louise
Jadwiga Elżbieta Amalia Sobieska Pretender to the thrones of:
Teresa Kunegunda Sobieska 1676 1730 Jan III Sobieski
Marie Casimire Louise
Maximilian II Emanuel Wife of Elector of Bavaria
Aleksander Benedykt Sobieski 1677 1714 Jan III Sobieski
Marie Casimire Louise
none Prince of Poland
Konstanty Władysław Sobieski 1680 1726 Jan III Sobieski
Marie Casimire Louise
Maria Józefa Wessel Prince of Poland
Maria Karolina Sobieska 1697 1740 Jakub Ludwik Sobieski
Jadwiga Elżbieta Amalia Sobieska
Frédéric Maurice Casimir de La Tour d'Auvergne
Charles Godefroy de La Tour d'Auvergne
Princess of Turenne
Duchess of Bouillon
Last surviving member of the family
Maria Klementyna Sobieska 1701 1735 Jakub Ludwik Sobieski
Jadwiga Elżbieta Amalia Sobieska
James Francis Edward Stuart Wife of a pretender to the thrones of:


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