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Indian cricket team in Australia in 1985–86


Indian cricket team in Australia in 1985–86

Indian cricket team in Australia in 1985–86
Date 13 December 1985 - 9 February 1986
Location Australia
Result 3-match series drawn 0-0
 Australia  India
Allan Border Kapil Dev
Most runs
David Boon (323) Sunil Gavaskar (356)
Most wickets
Bruce Reid (11) Shivlal Yadav (15)
1980–81 Series (previous) (next) 1991-92 Series

The Indian national cricket team toured Australia in the 1985–86 season. They played 3 Test matches. The Test series was drawn 0-0.

After the Test series India also competed in a tri nation ODI tournament with Australia and New Zealand they won 5 of their 10 round robin matches. In the best of three final with Australia they lost 2-0.

One of cricket's most respected and important figures, Steve Waugh, made his debut on the Boxing Day test at Melbourne in second test of the series.

Test Series

First Test

13–17 December 1985
381 (149 overs)
Greg Ritchie 128
Kapil Dev 8/106 (38 overs)
520 (202 overs)
Sunil Gavaskar 166*
Bruce Reid 4/113 (53 overs)
17/0 (8 overs)
David Boon 11*
Ravi Shastri 0/0 (1 overs)
Match drawn
Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
Umpires: AR Crafter, SG Randell
Player of the match: Kapil Dev (IND)
  • Australia won the toss and decided to bat

Second Test

26–30 December 1985
262 (103.5 overs)
Greg Matthews 100*
Ravi Shastri 4/87 (37 overs)
445 (148.2 overs)
K Srikkanth 86
Bruce Reid 4/100 (38.2 overs)
308 (123.5 overs)
Allan Border 163
Ravi Shastri 4/92 (47 overs)
59/2 (25 overs)
K Srikkanth 38
Bruce Reid 2/23 (8 overs)
Match drawn
Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
Umpires: RA French, RC Isherwood
Player of the match: Allan Border (AUS)
  • India won the toss and decided to field

Third Test

2–6 January 1986
600/4 d. (169 overs)
Sunil Gavaskar 172
Dave Gilbert 2/135 (37 overs)
396 (179.3 overs)
David Boon 131
Shivlal Yadav 5/99 (62.3 overs)
119/6 (77 overs)
Geoff Marsh 28
Shivlal Yadav 3/19 (33 overs)
Match drawn
Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
Umpires: PJ McConnell, SG Randell
Player of the match: K Srikkanth (IND)
  • India won the toss and decided to bat

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