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Israel–Republic of Macedonia relations

Israel–Republic of Macedonia relations
Map indicating locations of Israel and Republic of Macedonia



Israel–Republic of Macedonia relations refer to the bilateral political relations between the State of Israel and the Republic of Macedonia.

Relations between the two states are close and friendly.[1]

The two countries established diplomatic relations on 7 December 1995.[2] The establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and Macedonia was done under the provisional UN reference for Macedonia - the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - however, Israel later changed its position and recognised Macedonia under its constitutional name Republic of Macedonia,[3][4] thus being one of 133[5] countries in the world recognising Macedonia under its chosen name.


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Jews in Macedonia

The existence of Jews in Macedonia dates back to antiquity.[6]

Today the Jewish community in Macedonia is a small, but highly respected community, which serves as a bridge of communication between Macedonia and Israel.[7] It numbers about 200 people, of which most of them live in the capital Skopje, but also in the town of Štip.[6]

The Jewish organizations of Macedonia have expressed on several occasions that there is no antisemitism in Macedonia.[8][9][10] After a meeting with the new ambassador from Israel to Macedonia at the end of 2009, they told him that Macedonia might be the only country where antisemitism cannot be noticed and that the Jews in Macedonia feel secure, having the feeling to live in a country that loves Jews and has very good relations with Israel.[9][10]

The Jewish community of Macedonia has a strong connection to the Jewish community in Serbia[11] and maintains long and close relations with the American Jewish Committee.[12]

In 2002, Macedonia became one of few countries that has settled claims against heirless Jewish properties, by adopting a resolution that resolved outstanding Jewish communal property claims.[12]

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia built a Holocaust Memorial Center in the Macedonian capital Skopje, which is one of the biggest Holocaust memorial centers in the world. The State of Israel highly appreciates that kind of nourishing the Holocaust memory and testimonies of the Jewish presence in the country.[13]

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