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Jean-Baptiste-Henri de Valincour

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Title: Jean-Baptiste-Henri de Valincour  
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Subject: Nicolas-François Dupré de Saint-Maur, Louis-Benoît Picard, Jean de Dieu-Raymond de Cucé de Boisgelin, 1653, Jean Racine
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Jean-Baptiste-Henri de Valincour

Jean-Baptiste Henri de Trousset, lord of Valincour or Valincourt (1 March 1653, Paris - 4 January 1730) was a French admiral and man of letters. He was a friend of chancellor d'Aguesseau, Racine (who he replaced at Académie française and as official historiographer to Louis XIV) and Boileau (Valincour was the dedicatee of Boileau's eleventh satire, "On true and false honour", and also completed the publication of Boileau's works in 1713).


As a protégé of Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet, he entered the court of Louis-Alexandre de Bourbon, comte de Toulouse and became secretary of the fleet then secretary to the prince's commands. He was also made an honorary member of the Académie des sciences in 1721.


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