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Jerry White (socialist)

Jerry White
Born Jerome White
Nationality American
Occupation Journalist
Known for Socialist Politics

Jerome "Jerry" White (born 1959) is an American politician and journalist, reporting for the World Socialist Web Site. He is a member of the Socialist Equality Party of the United States. On February 13, the WSWS announced that White would be the SEP candidate for president in 2012 with running mate Phyllis Scherrer.[1]


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As a reporter for the World Socialist Web Site, White has written extensively on the US auto industry,[2][3] and has interviewed autoworkers in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois.[4][5][6][7] White authored a book, published in 1990, entitled Death on the Picket Line: The Story of John McCoy. The book, an investigative report, treats the killing of a militant coal miner, McCoy, as well as the history of the United Mine Workers (UMW) in West Virginia.[8]

Political campaigns

As a candidate for the [16][17]

White has been active in

  • World Socialist Web Site
  • Socialist Equality Party
  • Jerome White

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The White-Scherrer ticket is on the ballot in Wisconsin, Louisiana, and has write-in status for Michigan. White has visited Canada, Germany, England and Sri Lanka to campaign for socialism and an international working class movement.

White's campaign is based on the crisis that arose from the 2008 financial crash. Using historical and current trends, the call is for equal access to housing, retirement, food, and education. Among others is the call to defend workers rights that were gained with socialist struggle in the 1880s and the 1930s.

White's 2012 presidential campaign keeps five core components:

[19].workers at the expense of Wall Street for what he has described as its policies favoring Obama Administration He has criticized the [18]

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