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Jordan national under-17 football team

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Title: Jordan national under-17 football team  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: 2016 AFC U-16 Championship qualification, 2013 WAFF U-16 Championship, 1990 AFC U-16 Championship, 2015 WAFF U-16 Championship, Jordan national football team
Collection: Jordan National Football Team
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Jordan national under-17 football team

Jordan U-17 national football team. This team mostly includes under-16 and under-15 squads.


  • Participation in Tournaments 1
    • AFC U-16 Championship 1.1
    • Arab U-17 and U-15 Championships 1.2
    • International Cups/Friendly Tournaments 1.3
  • Current Coaching Staff 2
  • Coaching History 3
  • Current squad 4
  • 2011-2012 U-16 squad 5
  • 2009-2010 U-16 squad 6
  • 2007 U-16 squad 7
  • Kit Providers 8
  • See also 9
  • References 10
  • External links 11

Participation in Tournaments

AFC U-16 Championship

Arab U-17 and U-15 Championships

International Cups/Friendly Tournaments

2014 IAST friendly cup(winner)

Current Coaching Staff

Managing Director Mo'ayyad Salim
Head coach Adnan Awad
Assistant coach Musa Shtian
Goalkeeping coach Wisam Hazeen
Team Doctor Mohammad Jarwan

Coaching History

Current squad

No. Pos. Player DoB/Age Caps Club
Omar Dardour Al-Ramtha SC
Hamza Quteish Al-Ramtha SC
Ahmed Al-Khub Al-Ramtha SC
Hamad Thiabat Al-Ramtha SC
Adel Al-Zubi Al-Ramtha SC
Ali Thiabat Al-Ramtha SC
Ahmed Salim Al-Wahdat SC
Mohammad Al-Maloukh Al-Wahdat SC
Alaa' Hammad Al-Wahdat SC
Ahmed Al-Tarifi Al-Wahdat SC
Mohammad Abwini Al-Wahdat SC
Ahmed Tannous Al-Wahdat SC
Baha' Al-Jafara Al-Wahdat SC
Yusuf Abdel-Rahman Al-Faisaly
Seif Al-Zubi Al-Faisaly
Mohammad Bassam Al-Faisaly
Ahmed Jamal Al-Faisaly
Abdel-Fattah Mohammad Al-Baqa'a SC
Hadi Mashayekh Al-Baqa'a SC
Mohammad Shafiq Al-Baqa'a SC
Bakeer Bakeer Al-Jazeera
Mahmoud Jamal Al-Jazeera
Mohammad Taha Al-Yarmouk FC
Mohannad Al-Jafari Al-Yarmouk FC
Jaber Shdifat Al-Yarmouk FC
Riadh Mohammad Shabab Al-Hussein
Karam Abdullah Shabab Al-Hussein
Suhaib Abu Hammad Al-Arabi (Irbid)
Doumi Bani Doumi Al-Arabi (Irbid)
Ghaith Tawalbeh Al-Hussein (Irbid)
Nourideen Ashraf Al-Hussein (Irbid)
Moteab Al-Takrouri Al-Ahli (Amman)
Awwad Al-Faouri Shabab Al-Ordon

2011-2012 U-16 squad

Head Coach: Bibert Kaghado

0#0 Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Goals Club
1GK Ra'fat Al-Rabiei
1GK Essa Nafesh Al-Ahli (Amman)
1GK Baha' Al-Abdat Shabab Al-Ordon
1GK Bashar Al-Rifaei Al-Arabi (Irbid)
1GK Raad Hammouqah Shabab Al-Ordon
1GK Ahmad Al-Khalayleh Al-Jazeera (Amman)
2DF Mustafa Kamal Shabab Al-Ordon
2DF Ad'ham Al-Qureishi Al-Wahdat SC
2DF Rafiq Al-Hmaidi Al-Jazeera (Amman)
2DF Anas Hijaz Al-Ahli (Amman)
2DF Mohammad Al-Tamimi Al-Jazeera (Amman)
2DF Ahmed Al-Tahrawi Al-Faisaly FC (Amman)
2DF Khaled Essam Shabab Al-Ordon
2DF Mohammad Al-Razem Shabab Al-Ordon
2DF Khaled Awaqleh Al-Ramtha SC
3MF Ibrahim Al-Khub Al-Ramtha SC
3MF Osama Sariweh Al-Wahdat SC
3MF Mahmoud Aqel Al-Wahdat SC
3MF Mohammad Ayed Abu Awwad Shabab Al-Ordon
3MF Ahmed Oudullah Al-Faisaly FC (Amman)
3MF Yazan Okour Al-Arabi (Irbid)
3MF Mohammad Attiyat Al-Jazeera (Amman)
3MF Marwan Abu Ghalieh Shabab Al-Ordon
3MF Hasan Zahrawi Al-Ramtha SC
3MF Anas Asouri Al-Jazeera (Amman)
3MF Yazan Musa Abu Arab Al-Jazeera (Amman)
3MF Mohammad Juneidat Al-Arabi (Irbid)
3MF Bilal Al-Theeb Al-Arabi (Irbid)
3MF Ahmed Jamal Al-Ahli (Amman)
3MF Wisam Abu Dayes Al-Baqa'a SC
3MF Samer Sawees Al-Arabi (Irbid)
3MF Younis Jarwan Al-Baqa'a SC
4FW Oun Al-Lozi Al-Ahli (Amman)
4FW Baha' Faisal Al-Wahdat SC
4FW Hamza Al-Laham Al-Ramtha SC
4FW Basil Shahin Al-Wahdat SC
4FW Alaa' Al-Marafi Al-Faisaly FC (Amman)
4FW Bashar Fatehullah Al-Arabi (Irbid)
4FW Khalaf Thiabat Al-Jazeera (Amman)
4FW Ismail Al-Khalidi Al-Baqa'a SC
4FW Khaled Dardour Al-Ramtha SC

2009-2010 U-16 squad

Head Coaches: Walid Fatafta and Jonathan William Hill

0#0 Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Goals Club
1 1GK Ahmed Khanjar Al-Jazeera (Amman)
12 1GK Mohammad Abu Nabhan Al-Wahdat SC
22 1GK Rabbia Ezzadin Al-Faisaly (Amman)
2 2DF Omar Al-Manasrah Al-Jazeera (Amman)
3 2DF Basil Abu Helweh Al-Jazeera (Amman)
13 2DF Ahmed Ghneimat Al-Faisaly (Amman)
15 2DF Yazan Nimer Al-Wahdat SC
19 2DF Shamel Dahshan Al-Ahli (Amman)
24 2DF Majd Ananzeh Al-Hussein (Irbid)
27 2DF Ahmed Farajallah Al-Baqa'a SC
28 2DF Salah Mustafa Akram Shabab Al-Ordon
32 2DF Hussam Abu Saadu Al-Wahdat SC
5 3MF Saleh Rateb Al-Wahdat SC
11 3MF Yaldar Soubar Al-Ahli (Amman)
16 3MF Samir Raja Al-Wahdat SC
23 3MF Ihsan Haddad Al-Arabi (Irbid)
3MF Ali Al-Daeefi Al-Wahdat SC
3MF Muawiyah Shatnawi Al-Arabi (Irbid)
7 4FW Laith Al-Bashtawi Al-Wahdat SC
8 4FW Hussein Obeidat Al-Baqa'a SC
9 4FW Tamer Soubar Al-Ahli (Amman)
10 4FW Ahmed Sariweh Al-Wahdat SC
14 4FW Abdel-Rahman Ghaith Al-Wahdat SC
17 4FW Omar Dweik Al-Jazeera (Amman)
18 4FW Omar Khalil Al-Hasani Al-Jazeera (Amman)

2007 U-16 squad

0#0 Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Goals Club
1 1GK Ahmed Salameh Al-Ghrouf
12 1GK Nourideen Bani Attiah Al-Faisaly
22 1GK Murad Shkukani
2 2DF Mohammad Al-Dawud Al-Ramtha SC
3 2DF Mohannad Mabrouk
4 2DF Abdallah Mansi
5 2DF Ali Al-Shboul Al-Ramtha SC
17 2DF Amro Shaban
18 2DF Diab Ghidyan Al-Faisaly
19 2DF Tareq Khattab Al-Wahdat SC
23 2DF Hisham Obeidat
9 3MF Ihab Arjah
11 3MF Mohammad Naji Al-Baqa'a SC
14 3MF Tariq Al-Qamamaz
16 3MF Zaid Abu Abed
21 3MF Mouatasem Nawaisheh
25 3MF Yusuf Abu Awad
27 3MF Hamza Al-Rahahleh
29 3MF Qais Al-Momani
8 4FW Issa Thalji
10 4FW Salah Abu Sayed Al-Baqa'a SC
20 4FW Alaa' Bataineh
24 4FW Ramadan Hasweh

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