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Juice Leskinen

Juice Leskinen
Juice Leskinen at his second to last concert in Tampere, Finland on August 2006.
Background information
Born (1950-02-19)19 February 1950
Juankoski, Finland
Origin Finland
Died 24 November 2006(2006-11-24) (aged 56)
Tampere, Finland
Genres Manserock
Years active 1973–2006
Juhani Leskinen as a child

Juhani Juice Leskinen (former Pauli Matti Juhani "Juice" Leskinen), better known as Juice Leskinen (pronounced , not like the English word juice; born 19 February 1950 in Juankoski – died 24 November 2006 in Tampere), was one of the most prominent Finnish singer-songwriters of the late 20th century. From the early 1970s onward he released nearly 30 full-length albums, as well as writing song lyrics for dozens of Finnish artists. Several of Leskinen's songs have reached classic status in Finnish popular music, e.g., "Viidestoista yö", "Kaksoiselämää" and "Syksyn sävel". His early records are considered staples of the so-called Manserock movement of the mid-'70s. In addition to Leskinen's musical work, he extended his focus to poetry and playwriting with nine collections of verse and seven plays published.

After moving to Tampere to study in 1970, Leskinen began his recording career in 1973 with the eponymous debut album of Juice Leskinen & Coitus Int. One more record, Per Vers, runoilija, was made under the same band name, but from then on he released records with several line-ups, most notably Juice Leskinen Slam and Juice Leskinen Grand Slam from the late '70s until mid '80s. Although concentrating more on poetry from the early '90s, Leskinen still released new music every few years despite his failing health caused by years of unhealthy life habits. After the longest hiatus of his recording career, L marked Leskinen's 50th birthday in 2000. His last record, Senaattori ja boheemi (released in 2004), is a collaboration with Mikko Alatalo, a return to their partnership of the early 1970s. He wrote Nuku pommiin in 1982 for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Juice Leskinen's most famous songs include "Viidestoista yö" (Fifteenth Night), "Musta aurinko nousee" (Black Sun Rising), "Marilyn", "Rakkauden ammattilainen" (Professional of Love) and "Norjalainen villapaita" (Norwegian cardigan).

He qualified 38th in the poll of the 100 Greatest Finns held during the summer of 2004.

Leskinen died in 2006 after suffering from renal insufficiency, cirrhosis and diabetes.[1] He is buried in Kalevankangas cemetery, Tampere, near the main gate.[2]

Leskinen has gained a considerable amount of posthumous recognition. A musical about Leskinen, titled Juice - taiteilijaelämää (an artist's life) is under production, and premiered in Tampere on 30 August 2011.[3]


  • Discography 1
  • Filmography 2
  • Literary works 3
    • Collections of poetry 3.1
    • Children's books 3.2
    • Other works 3.3
  • Plays 4
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  • 1973 Juice Leskinen & Coitus Int.: Juice Leskinen & Coitus Int
  • 1974 Juice Leskinen & Coitus Int.: Per Vers, runoilija
  • 1975 Juice Leskinen & Mikko Alatalo: Juice ja Mikko
  • 1976 Juice: Keskitysleirin ruokavalio
  • 1977 Juice: Lahtikaupungin rullaluistelijat
  • 1978 Juice Leskinen Slam: Tauko I
  • 1978 Välikausitakki: Välikausitakki
  • 1979 Juice Leskinen Slam: Tauko II
  • 1980 Juice Leskinen Slam: XV yö (Tauko III)
  • 1980 Juice Leskinen Slam: Kuusessa ollaan
  • 1981 Juice Leskinen Slam: Ajan Henki
  • 1981 Juice Leskinen: Dokumentti
  • 1982 Juice Leskinen Grand Slam: Sivilisaatio
  • 1983 Juice Leskinen Grand Slam: Deep Sea Diver
  • 1983 Juice Leskinen Grand Slam: Boogieteorian alkeet peruskoulun ala-astetta varten - lyhyt oppimäärä
  • 1984 Juice Leskinen Grand Slam: Kuopio-Iisalmi-Nivala (Live)
  • 1985 Juice Leskinen Grand Slam: Pyromaani palaa rikospaikalle
  • 1986 Juice Leskinen Grand Slam: Yölento
  • 1987 Juice Leskinen: Minä
  • 1990 Juice Leskinen: Sinä
    Juice Leskinen's grave in December 2006.
  • 1991 Juice Leskinen Grand Slam: Taivaan kappaleita
  • 1992 Juice Leskinen Etc.: Simsalabim Jim
  • 1993 Juice Leskinen: Haitaribussi
  • 1996 Juice Leskinen: Kiveä ja sämpylää
  • 2000 Juice Leskinen: L
  • 2002 Juice Leskinen: Vaiti, aivan hiljaa
  • 2004 Juice Leskinen & Mikko Alatalo: Senaattori ja boheemi


Literary works

Collections of poetry

  • 1975 Sonetteja laumalle
  • 1981 Sanoja
  • 1989 Iltaisin, kun veneet tulevat kotiin
  • 1990 Pieniä sanoja sinulle, jota rakastan
  • 1994 Äeti (luonnos muistelmiksi, runoja)
  • 1996 Jumala on
  • 1998 Maanosamme, maailmamme
  • 1999 Aika jätti (Runoja)
  • 2002 Ilonkorjuun aika 2002

Children's books

  • 1987 Satuinen musiikkituokio (with Matti Pellonpää, book and cassette)
  • 1992 Räkä ja Roiskis
  • 1995 Räkä ja Roiskis Suuvedellä
  • 1997 Räkä ja Roiskis naisissa

Other works

  • 1978 Kuka murhasi rock'n' roll tähden (diary)
  • 1984 Päivää (short stories)
  • 1993 Vaikuttajat korvissamme (essays)
  • 2003 Siinäpä tärkeimmät: edellinen osa E. Ch. (memoirs)


  • 1980 Valto
  • 1983 Isänmaan toivo
  • 1984 Ravintola Wunderbar
  • 1985 Kolme hanhea matkalla pohjoiseen (with Liisa Laukkarinen)
  • 1988 Harald Hirmuinen
  • 1990 Mikä ny
  • 1996 Soma rillumarei

See also


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External links

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