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For the television block, see K-Zone (television block).

K-Zone (commonly abbreviated as KZ or K-Z) is a magazine in Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines and Malaysia. It is aimed at children aged 8–16. It is published by Pacific Magazines and Summit Media in the Philippines.


The magazine is run by Daniel Findlay, Editor, Emily Howes, Deputy Editor, Cassie Steel, Features Writer and Sub-Editor, Glen Downey, Art Director, and the amazingly talented Cindy Dang, Designer. The magazine has been published monthly for several years now, and the first official issue of this magazine was published in 1999.

Each month, K-Zone features regular sections: Comics, Prank Patrol, GameZone, Jokes, Big Screen and more. The magazine also features the latest in music, TV, movies, books and DVD's. There are also temporary categories for special events, such as the Olympic Games, Australian Idol, Celebrity Idols, etc. In April 2005, K-Zone started the section 'GameZone. It contains reviews, news and cheats about videogames. Also, all of the competitions in K-Zone have a fair chance of play, with little or no competitions relying solely upon luck itself. In the October 2006 issue the magazine changed its style and logo. This also occurred in the January 2007 issue of the Philippine edition.

K-Zone's sister magazine is Total Girl, both sharing similarities such as competitions and attached freebies.


The K-Zone staffs also publishes books that are also for ages 7+ and each of them are titled as:

ALMANAC Books - is a book that contains facts. Some Filipinos complained about the book because of the pages are easily teared of the book.

BOREDOM BUSTERS Books - is a book that contains activities that readers can do.

Philippine Edition

The Philippine edition of K-Zone was first released in October 2002 and is published by Summit Media.

The content of the Philippine Edition is almost remarkably the same with the Australian version but more on gaming, anime, international and local celebrities. Changes will show upon every issue collected by the collector.

In mid-July 2004, K-Zone Philippines launched a forum called online forum for readers of the magazine. The forum is used to discuss the content for every issue of the magazine and contribute various content for the magazine.

As of May 8, 2010, KHQ experience database error, as well as other website forums from Summit Media. However, no word was heard from the K-Zone staff about what date it will be fixed. But the problem was fixed on May 11, 2010 as of the afternoon.

The Philippine K-Zone contains the following (as of 2012-present):

  • Your Zone – Where the readers can send drawings, tweets, text message, and also online messages.
  • Ultimate Showdown – Where readers or staff play a game or a challenge.
  • Calendar – Where events, and birthday of celebrities and also the readers.
  • KNN – A page of information relating places, events and other stuff.
  • The Heat List – A top ten hits after or before the monthly issue.
  • Game Zone - Where readers can check out brand new games or old games.
  • Art Fart - Where readers can learn how to draw different characters.
  • Animajor - Is a section which contains different anime shows.
  • Joke Zone - A section which contains jokes from different people.
  • Flick Pick - Where readers can read movie updates.
  • Foldabots - Where readers can rip out a page and make minifigures.
  • Comics - A section where readers can read comics which features (the current comics that are being shown in the newest layout of K-Zone) Foldabots, K-Zone in... and Batrisha.
  • Tune in – contains episodes of cartoons, new release of CD albums, new release DVDs and new release book.

Many other pages contains information in celebrities, anime and many more. On their August 2010 issue, K-Zone went 3-D. The magazine also has its own "robot-mascot", called K-LEB (K-Zone's Loopy Experimental 'Bot), who appears in his own comics in the Comic Section of the magazine. On the January 2012 issue, K-LEB was altered and is now called K-LEB 2.0.There are other robots, they are: KAYLA has a crush on K-LEB, EVIL K-LEB is the nemesis of K-LEB, CHEESE-LEB is a cheese K-LEB and MINI-LEB is K-LEB's sidekicks.

The Staff


  • Editor in ChiefMaggie M. Adan
  • Art DirectorRamona R. Gonzalez
  • Deputy Managing EditorLoraine L. Balita
  • Assistant Creative EditorGrace R. Marcellana
  • Editorial AssistantKaren M. De Vera
  • StaffwritterChris Martin P. Alarcon
  • K-Zone Kid Crew
    • Sean Abasta
    • EJ Gonzales
    • Thomas Goy'''

(Lio S. Mangubat, the Associate Editor, left K-Zone Philippines. His last edited K-Zone Magazine is the November 2011 issue.)

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