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Lakeside (electoral district)

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Title: Lakeside (electoral district)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Douglas Lloyd Campbell, Manitoba provincial electoral divisions, Teulon, Logan (Manitoba electoral district), Manitoba general election, 1999
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Lakeside (electoral district)

The 2011- boundaries for Lakeside electoral district highlighted in red

Lakeside is a provincial electoral division in Manitoba, Canada. It is located to the immediate northwest of the city of Winnipeg.

Traditionally a rural riding, Lakeside has become more urban in recent years (as a result of both electoral redistribution and changes in demography). All the same, agriculture accounted for 17% of the riding's industry in 1999. The riding is bordered to the north by Interlake, to the west by Portage la Prairie, to the south by Morris and to the east by Gimli. It also borders the city of Winnipeg to the southeast.

There are no major urban centres in the riding. Communities include Lundar, St. Laurent, Domain, Stonewall, Stony Mountain, Teulon, Warren, Woodland and Erksdale.

Lakeside's population in 1996 was 19473. The average family income in 1999 was C$49,774, with an unemployment rate of 6.10%. Eight per cent of the population is of a German background, and 8% are aboriginal.

Lakeside was created by provincial redistribution in 1886. It has traditionally elected representatives of agrarian interests, both of the Liberal and Progressive Conservative parties. From 1922 to 2003, the riding had only two representatives.

Lakeside's best-known Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), Douglas Campbell, represented the constituency for 47 years, first as a Progressive, then as a Liberal-Progressive, then as a Liberal—longer than anyone in provincial history. He served as premier from 1949 to 1958.


  • List of provincial representatives 1
  • Electoral results 2
  • Previous boundaries 3
  • References 4

List of provincial representatives

Name Party Took Office Left Office
Kenneth McKenzie Lib 1886 1892
John Rutherford Lib 1892 1896
James MacKenzie Lib 1896 1903
Edwin Lynch Cons 1903 1910
Charles Duncan McPherson Lib 1910 1914
John J. Garland Cons 1914 1915
Charles Duncan McPherson Lib 1915 1922
Douglas L. Campbell Prog 1922 1932
Lib-Prog 1932 1961
Lib 1961 1969
Harry Enns PC 1969 2003
Ralph Eichler PC 2003 present

Electoral results

Manitoba general election, 2011
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Progressive Conservative Ralph Eichler 5,043 65.64 +9.71
New Democratic Rosemary Hnatiuk 1,985 25.84 −7.24
Green Betty Kehler 379 4.93 +0.54
Liberal Jerald Funk 257 3.35 −2.79
Total valid votes 7,664
Rejected and declined votes 19
Turnout 7,683 57.12
Electors on the lists 13,451
Manitoba general election, 2007
Party Candidate Votes % Expenditures
     Progressive Conservative Ralph Eichler 4,448 55.93 $25,444.44
New Democratic Mitch Obach 2,631 33.08 $5,039.43
Liberal Ian Band 488 6.14 $340.29
Green David Carey 349 4.39 $39.55
Total valid votes 7,916 99.53
Rejected and declined votes 37
Turnout 7,953 57.63
Electors on the lists 13,801

June, 2003:[2]

Manitoba general election, 1999
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
     Progressive Conservative Harry Enns 4,426 48.51 $29,096.49
New Democratic Paul Pododworny 2,785 30.52 $8,817.00
Liberal Dave Harcus 1,646 18.04 $16,777.36
     Manitoba Party Marcel Van De Kerckhove 222 2.43 $200.00
Total valid votes 9,831 99.42
Rejected and declined votes 45
Turnout 9,124 68.02
Electors on the lists 13,413

Previous boundaries

The 1998-2011 boundaries for Lakeside electoral district highlighted in red


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