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List of Coronation Street characters (1963)

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Title: List of Coronation Street characters (1963)  
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List of Coronation Street characters (1963)

Coronation Street is a British soap opera, initially produced by Granada Television. Created by writer Tony Warren, Coronation Street first broadcast on ITV on 9 December 1960. The following is a list of characters introduced in the show's fourth year, by order of first appearance.

In April, outgoing series producer H.V. Kershaw saw the return of original cast member Philip Lowrie as Dennis Tanner after a year's absence. Kershaw vacated his position a month later, to be replaced by Margaret Morris — who in June secured a short return spot for David Barlow (Alan Rothwell), appearing in two episodes. Morris introduced two significant recurring characters in July, as Neil Crossley (Geoffrey Matthews) and Walter Potts (Christopher Sandford) made their first appearances, while Myra Booth (Susan Jameson) became the only new regular character to be introduced in 1963 when she arrived in September.

Myra's father Laurie Fraser (Stanley Meadows) began a five-month stint as a new love interest for Elsie Tanner in November. Jon Rollason also joined the cast as Dave Robbins in December.

Neil Crossley

Neil Crossley
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Geoffrey Matthews
Duration 1963, 1966
First appearance 15 July 1963
Episode 270
Last appearance 7 December 1966
Episode 625
Introduced by Margaret Morris (1963)
H.V. Kershaw (1966)
Classification Former; regular

Neil Crossley came to Weatherfield to take over as manager of Gamma Garments on Rosamund Street. He quickly caught the eye of Sheila Birtles, who was dating Jerry Booth at the time. Neil was unpopular with the locals, who believed he was no good, but Sheila was infatuated with him. After finding them together, Jerry fought with Neil and knocked him unconscious, prompting Sheila to dump Jerry, telling him she loved Neil. Neil however did not feel the same way and quickly dropped her, leaving the area soon after due to Emily Nugent reporting him to their boss Mr Papagopoulos for stealing from the petty cash. His exit sent Sheila into a downward spiral, and she attempted suicide. Luckily Dennis Tanner rescued her in time and she left the Street for her parents' house. Away from the Street, Neil and Sheila were reunited and married. They also had a baby, Danny, in 1966.

Walter Potts

Walter Potts
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Christopher Sandford
Duration 1963–64
First appearance 15 July 1963
Episode 270
Last appearance 22 January 1964
Episode 325
Introduced by Margaret Morris
Classification Former; regular

Walter Potts was Dennis Tanner's big discovery in his short-lived career as a talent agent. Walter was a window cleaner, who Dennis was determined to turn into a singing sensation. Using the stage name Brett Falcon, he recorded a song 'Not Too Little, Not Too Much' with help from a man from Dennis's agency, Laurie Fraser. Laurie soon sacked Dennis for incompetence, and the song proved a hit. Actor Christopher Sandford even got the song to No. 17 in the charts in the real world.

Myra Booth

Myra Booth
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Susan Jameson
Duration 1963–64, 1968
First appearance 4 September 1963
Episode 285
Last appearance 21 February 1968
Episode 750
Introduced by Margaret Morris (1963)
Michael Cox (1968)
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Typist

Myra Booth (née Dickenson) was the wife of Jerry Booth. Typist Myra stunned Jerry by planning their wedding just two weeks after they had met, and Jerry got too carried away with the idea to stop it. They married on 19 October 1963, and moved into number 13 after a brief honeymoon. Jerry and Myra had money troubles due to taking on a mortgage in the purchase on their house, and Myra, who'd been handling the finances, had got the couple into debt. After Myra became pregnant and gave up her job at Gamma Garments, their only choice was to sell the house, and the Booths moved away. Myra returned in 1968 to seek a reconciliation with Jerry but it was not to be, and they were divorced only days later.

George Dickenson

George Dickenson
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Stan Jay
Duration 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968
First appearance 4 September 1963
Episode 285
Last appearance 28 February 1968
Episode 752
Introduced by Margaret Morris (1963, 1964)
H.V. Kershaw (1965, 1966)
Michael Cox (1968)
Classification Former; recurring

George Dickenson was the over-protective father of Myra Booth, who turned up several times to sort out their problems, both personally and financially.

Laurie Fraser

Laurie Fraser
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Stanley Meadows
Duration 1963–64
First appearance 13 November 1963
Episode 305
Last appearance 8 April 1964
Episode 347
Introduced by Margaret Morris
Classification Former; regular

Laurie Fraser was a friend of Lenny Phillips, the owner of the theatrical agency of which Dennis Tanner was a representative. Laurie knew the business far more than Dennis, and made Dennis' only hope Walter Potts his own project instead. Elsie Tanner fell for Laurie, but the romance never lasted when Elsie discovered Laurie was married.

Dave Robbins

Dave Robbins
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Jon Rollason
Duration 1963–64, 1969, 1971
First appearance 4 December 1963
Episode 311
Last appearance 28 July 1971
Episode 1099
Introduced by Margaret Morris (1963)
H.V. Kershaw (1969)
Leslie Duxbury (1971)
Classification Former; regular

Dave Robbins was a colleague of Ken Barlow's, who moved into number 9 with Ken and his wife Valerie as lodger when he needed a place to stay. Valerie resented having to share her home, and had him move into the flat above Frank's DIY shop. When young Susan Schofield was knocked down and killed on Rosamund Street, in the exact spot Ken and Dave had been petitioning for a children's crossing, Dave broke down. While Ken took advantage of the situation by appearing on television to debate with a local councillor, Valerie felt compelled to comfort Dave. Valerie began to question her marriage to Ken and she fell deeper for Dave, with the situation coming to a head when Val packed her bags and left, only to turn up on Dave's doorstep. She felt humiliated when Dave turned her down and she was forced to call Ken to take her home. Dave left the flat soon after when Frank sold the property.


Character Date(s) Episode(s) Actor Circumstances
Johnny Alexander 7–21 January 216–220 Thomas Baptiste Bus conductor who fights with Len Fairclough. Len is prejudiced as Johnny is black, and refuses to pay his bus fare, though he swears he did. Len lodges a complaint and Johnny is sacked. Later, finding that his friends are disgusted by his actions, Len admits he had not paid and Johnny is given his job back, though he refuses to work at the company again.
Jim Baker 16 January 219 Derek Benfield
Mrs Alexander 21 January 220 Barbara Assoon Wife of Johnny Alexander.
Miss Welch 4–6 February 224–225 Rhoda Lewis Lucille Hewitt's teacher at school.
Mr Henshaw 13 February 227 Richard Jacques Representative of Newton & Ridley brewery, he reports Annie Walker for selling non-brewery goods.
Fred Hamilton 20 February 229 Donald Eccles Area manager for Newton & Ridley, he invites Jack Walker for a meeting. He has Jack under the impression that he is getting fired, before revealing he is just joking. Fred tells Jack that the regulars had written to him in support of the Walkers.
Policeman 25 March
28 October – 6 November
2 March 1964
9 September 1964
238; 300–303; 336; 391 Brian Steele Policeman who investigates a report of excessive noise. He returns in October after the Mission vestry is ransacked, and again the following year during a bomb scare. He evacuates the residents to the cellar of the Mission while the bomb is defused.
Georgina 1 April 240 Judy Cornwell
Mr Clegg 1 April 240 Geoffrey Hibbert A man who turns up at Elsie Tanner's door to collect the overdue rent. Elsie refuses to pay it.
Rita Spears 8–17 April 242–245 Elizabeth Valentine Fifteen-year-old schoolgirl friend of Lucille Hewitt who had a crush on their teacher Ken Barlow. Lucille promised to get Rita a picture of Ken, and she asked his wife Val if she could have one, prompting Valerie to believe Lucille had a crush on him. When it was discovered Rita was the one who lusted after Ken, he began to avoid her. This led to Rita flirting with local builder Jerry Booth, seven years her senior, and to make his on/off girlfriend Sheila Birtles jealous, he took her to The Rovers to show her off, unaware of Rita's age. When Ken recognised her, Jerry marched her outside and told her off.
Mr Riding 8–17 April 242–245 Jack McNaughton Bailiff who arrives at the Tanners to settle Elsie Tanner's debt.
Postman 8 April 242 Roy Maxwell
Van driver 17 April 245 Alan Hockey Driver of the van in which the bailiffs loaded Elsie Tanner's furniture into, before she gave in and paid up.
Mavis Fox 24 April – 1 May 247–249 Maureen Davis A girl who follows Dennis Tanner back to Weatherfield when he returns from London. Mavis' mother owns a chain of hotels and Dennis had told her he too was wealthy, making his money as a mill-owner. Elsie forces Dennis to come clean when she finds out that he had also told her he only came to Coronation Street to visit his grandmother, and her nurse (Elsie). Disillusioned, Mavis goes back home soon after.
Alf 24 April 247 Douglas Austin Van drivers who fool Emily Nugent and Doreen Lostock into believing they work for Gamma Garments and have come to transfer some stock to another branch. Without manager Leonard Swindley present, they succeed in stealing the stock.
Fred David Sumner
DS Shorrocks 29 April – 1 May 248–249 David Morell Detective who investigated the theft at Gamma Garments.
Ministry of Pensions Supervisor 6 May 250 Julian Somers Pension workers who deal with the case of Ena Sharples' missing pension book.
Ministry of Pensions Assistant Alison Morris
Michael Butterworth 8 May
11 November
251; 304 Roy Holder Schoolboy who stole Ena Sharples' pension book and withdrew a week's money. Michael returned the book, and was put on probation. Months later, Ena's vestry was ransacked and initially Len Fairclough was thought to be the culprit, but the police soon discovered it was in fact Michael, who was punished for his crime.
Jim Whitehead 15 May 253 Graham Rigby
Alan Mather 15 May 253 Alan Downer A cousin of Florrie Lindley, who accompanied her to a builders' dance in May 1963, where they bumped into Florrie's neighbours Elsie Tanner and Len Fairclough .
Mr Cresswell 22 May 255 Terence Cooper A buyer who came to Gamma Garments. Emily Nugent and Doreen Lostock take a liking to him, thinking he is their new manager to replace Leonard Swindley, and are disappointed to discover the truth.
Mr Battersby 27 May 256 Victor Tandy
Della Dee 27–29 May 256–257 Yvonne Walsh Chorus girls hired by theatrical agent Dennis Tanner.
Gloria Dee Sheila Fearn
Pop singer 27 May 256 Leslie Southwick A singer who auditions for Dennis Tanner.
Arthur Forsythe-Jones 3–12 June
25 December
258–261; 317 Ian Colin A friend of This Is Your Life-style show honouring Annie.
Ethel Tyson 17 June
16 September – 9 October
262; 288–295 Susan Field Lives in a flat on Victoria Street. She refuses an increase in rent when Jim. George threatens violence, and Jim ends up starting a fire in the shop. Luckily Frank manages to put out the fire and Ethel is left stunned that her family might have been the death of her. She leaves the flat the next day, still owing rent.
Miss Read 1–3 July 266–267 Nancie Jackson A lady from personnel at Miami Modes, she settles a dispute between Elsie Tanner and Christine Appleby by transferring Christine to another branch.
Delivery man 10 July 269 John Evitts A man who delivered a large amount of post to Dennis Tanner after he advertised in the local newspaper for new acts.
Marjorie Platt 15 July 270 Sandra Gough
Fred 15 July 270 George Betton
Pat Lynch 22–24 July 272–273 Loelia Kidd An acquaintance of Neil Crossley, who owes Pat £15. She refuses to leave until he has paid her.
Dr Aston 12 August – 16 September
27 April 1964
14–16 June 1965
20–22 December 1965
278–288; 352; 470–471; 524–525 Aleksander Browne Local Weatherfield GP between 1963 and 1965. His finest moment was rescuing Sheila Birtles from her attempted suicide along with Dennis Tanner.
First Policeman 26 August 282 Geoffrey Reed A couple of policemen who came across a broken down van containing the drunken Rovers darts team. The men did not take the policemen seriously following a warning to lower the noise, and ended up spending a night in the cells.
Second Policeman Roy Minton
Waiter 26 August 282 Ralph Broadbent A waiter at a restaurant on a lay-by, he ordered the Rovers darts team to leave.
Delivery man 4 September 285 Vincent Worth
George Pickup 23 September – 9 October 290–295 Paul Dawkins Brother and nephew of Ethel Tyson. She enlists them to help warn off Frank Barlow, but Jim goes too far when he sets fire to Frank's shop. Frank agrees not to report him if the family leave the area.
Jim Pickup Bunny May
Woman customer 23 September 290 Doris Wellings Customer at Frank Barlow's DIY shop.
Vincent 14 October 296 Geoffrey Hinsliff A friend of Jerry Booth's, who he asks to be best man at his wedding to Myra Dickenson, without the knowledge that Myra took it upon herself to ask Dennis Tanner instead.
Credit salesman 14–16 October 296–297 Derek Benfield
Barman 23 October 299 Bud Bennett Present at Jerry Booth and Myra Dickenson's wedding and the following reception.
Verger Eddie King
Drummer Anthony Wingate
Doctor 28 October 300 Geoffrey Alexander Doctor who tends to Ena Sharples upon returning home to find the vestry had been ransacked.
DS Bowen 6 November 303 Christopher Gover Detective investigating the break-in at the Mission.
Geoff Webster 11 November 304 David Burke
Viv 27 November 309 Bobbie Oswald Schoolgirls taking part in Ken Barlow's school play.
Beryl Margaret Lambert
Joyce Kate Allitt
Factory girl 2 December 310 Sandra Gough
Woman 2 December 310 Beatrice Nield
Mr Thornley 9 December 312 Alan Curtis Father of one of Lucille Hewitt's classmates.
Man 9–11 December 312–313 Denver Hall A man who steals Florrie Lindley's handbag.
Charlie Pimlott 11 December 313 Harold Goodwin
Barman 25 December 317 John Garrie Barman who covered for the Walkers when they were out for the night.
George Stubbins 25 December 317 William Wymar Old friends of Dennis Tanner.
Edgar Nuttall Michael Barrington
Norman Phillips 30 December – 1 January 1964
24 August – 7 October 1964
318–319; 386–399 Ray Brooks Nephew of Lenny Phillips, he is hired to take over the running of the talent agency locally when Dennis Tanner is sacked.
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