List of Czech Jews

There was a large and thriving community of Jews, both religious and secular, in Czechoslovakia before World War II. Many perished during the Holocaust. Today, nearly all of the survivors inter-married and assimilated into the Czech and Slovak society.

Academics and scientists



  • Kurt Epstein, Czechoslovak national water polo team, Olympic competitor, incarcerated by the Nazis in Theresienstadt and Auschwitz[30][31]
  • Gertrude "Traute" Kleinová, table tennis, 3x world champion, incarcerated by the Nazis in Theresienstadt and Auschwitz



Psychologists and psychiatrists

Religious leaders


  • Heda Margolius Kovály author and translator[80]
  • Leopold Perutz (1882–1957) German language novelist and mathematician
  • Karel Poláček (1892–1945) writer and journalist[81]
  • Tom Stoppard (1937 – ) playwright, famous for plays such as The Real Thing and Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, and for the screenplay for Shakespeare in Love[82]
  • Hermann Ungar (1893–1929) writer of German language and an officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czechoslovakia[83]
  • Jiří Weil (1900–1959) writer whose works include the two novels Life with a Star (Život s hvězdou) and Mendelssohn is on the Roof[84]
  • Franz Werfel (1890–1945); Czech-born writer; married Mahler's widow[85]


  • Jacob Bassevi (1580–1634) Bohemian Court Jew and financier[86]
  • Hana Brady (1931–1944) Holocaust victim[87]
  • George Brady (1928 – ) brother of Hana Brady[88]
  • Salo Flohr (1908–1983) leading chess master of the early 20th century[89]
  • Petr Ginz (1928–1944) young boy who was deported to the Terezín concentration camp during the Holocaust[90]
  • Isaak Löw Hofmann, Edler von Hofmannsthal, (1759–1849) merchant [91]
  • Frank Lowy (1930–), businessman[92]
  • Frank Petschek, a Czech-German businessman whose properties were seized by the Nazis, and who financed the publication, after the war, of Raul Hilberg's pathfinding work of history, The Destruction of the European Jews (1961).
  • Richard Réti (1889–1929) chess grandmaster[93]
  • Wilhelm Steinitz (1836–1900) first World Chess Champion[94]
  • Yoshua Samuel Rusnak (also "Yehoshua Sh'mu'el Rusnak") [95] Diasporan Jew and Zionist based in Kosice, Slovakia. Spouse was Leonora Reisova Rusnkakova (1860–1937); children Paula (1881–1884), Adolf (1884–1913), Vilmosz, David "Dudus" (b. 1894), and Simon Rusnak (1896–1955), and Pepi Rusnkova Grinfeldova (married Zoltan "Zoli" Grinfeld (b. 1895)). All who lived during the Second World War but Simon (who immigrated to the United States) perished in the Holocaust on 17 May 1944 at Auschwitz.[96][97][98]

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