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List of French dioceses in the 19th and 20th centuries

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Title: List of French dioceses in the 19th and 20th centuries  
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Subject: Roman Catholic dioceses in France, France-related lists, History of Catholicism in France, List of Catholic dioceses (alphabetical)
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List of French dioceses in the 19th and 20th centuries

In 1790, Pope Pius VI entirely revised the ecclesiastical map of France to fit the new administrative map: dioceses were now to coincide with departments (the new administrative units), and consequently all Ancien Régime dioceses disappeared. Many former bishoprics remained heads of the new dioceses, but many cities lost their bishop. But the papacy did not accept those changes, and for more than a decade, the new French ecclesiastical hierarchy was technically in schism with Rome.

In 1801, following the Concordate First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte signed with Pope Pius VI, a compromise was found, but it was not before the late 1810s that a stable ecclesiastical organisation was reached, in which one diocese was more or less coterminous with one department. A few exceptions were retained, especially in departments where there was a particularly numerous population.

In December 2002, Pope John Paul II completely redrew the map of French ecclesiastical provinces: for this, see the post-2002 List of the Roman Catholic dioceses of France.

The following is a list of French ecclesiastical provinces and dioceses from 1825 to 2002. Except where stated, one diocese coincided with one department.


  • Province of Aix 1
  • Province of Albi 2
  • Province of Auch 3
  • Province of Avignon 4
  • Province of Besançon 5
  • Province of Bordeaux 6
  • Province of Bourges 7
  • Province of Cambrai 8
  • Province of Chambéry 9
  • Province of Lyon 10
  • Province of Paris 11
  • Province of Reims 12
  • Province of Rennes 13
  • Province of Rouen 14
  • Province of Sens 15
  • Province of Toulouse 16
  • Province of Tours 17
  • Under the direct authority of the Holy See 18
  • Overseas ecclesiastical provinces 19
    • Antilles-Guyane 19.1
    • Under the direct authority of the Holy See 19.2
    • Papeete 19.3
    • Nouméa 19.4

Province of Aix

Province of Albi

Province of Auch

Province of Avignon

Province of Besançon

Province of Bordeaux

Province of Bourges

Province of Cambrai

Province of Chambéry

Province of Lyon

Province of Paris

Province of Reims

Province of Rennes

(detached from Tours in 1859)

Province of Rouen

Province of Sens

Province of Toulouse

Province of Tours

Under the direct authority of the Holy See

Overseas ecclesiastical provinces


(province created in 1867)

Under the direct authority of the Holy See


(province created in 1966)


(province created in 1966)

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